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  1. Well, that's what you get from hitting near escape velocities. I dislike the Mk2 Expansion scramjet because I can never get enough speed to use it properly, and when I do the plane explodes because I forget the radiators. I'll try Aeroworks and see if their engines can produce enough thrust.
  2. I designed, created, and (for the most part) adequately compensated design flaws on my first thing in a long time, the RQ-888 Valkyrie, which is basically a more modern SR-71. It works surprisingly well.
  3. Yes, those are Mattock engines. I know I could probably get this into orbit, and push the top speed much higher, but I wasn't thinking of that at the moment. If I remember, I might put a modified version in with oxidizer as a separate download.
  4. After a lengthy absence, I have finally created something that I feel will really take off in the community (i'm not sorry). Now presenting the RQ-888 Valkyrie, a more futuristic take on the famous SR-71 Blackbird. Featuring a large tailless delta wing, 3 powerful engines, a small payload area, a new tail integration, remarkable fuel efficiency, and enough fuel to get it nearly all the way around the world, this plane is well suited for almost any role. If you're careful, you can even get this plane can hurtle through the sky at a little over 1300 m/s before something explodes. Its
  5. Thank you, you're a lifesaver. Now I just have to find an engine that can replace it...
  6. Are you still working on this or is this a dead project? I hope it's not dead.
  7. OBSOLETE As of version 1.1.3, OPT has not yet been updated, so this no longer works. If (and hopefully when) OPT gets updated, I'll remove this. EDIT OPT has been updated (yay) but the engines are still broken. Please remain patient for V 1.1 redesign. So it's been a while, and that's because I've been working on this beauty, the FS-404 Peregrine. The first thing to notice is it's nose, which I originally thought would keep the design from flying. But that doesn't stop it, just throw some SAS into the mix and it flies like a dream. But honestly, it's more of an interceptor
  8. This missile is now mounted to a plane if you haven't seen yet!
  9. Thanks, there will be more soon (I hope to update every day but there's no way I can build a creation a day [maybe once summer starts]) so stay tuned!
  10. So about that cruise missile I released yesterday; After several hours of frustration and even more cups tea (coffee is too bitter for me) (no I'm not British), I finally made a bomber capable of carrying it to, say, a location and dropping it to fly to its target. The best part is, the missile can be removed to put practically anything else you can cram into the bomb bays. It's a little finicky on takeoff but other than that it flies pretty smoothly (in my opinion) Mods are the same as last time, but I'll list them anyway: *Near Future Electrical *Near Future Propu
  11. That would be awesome, but I work more in aerodynamics rather than making big changes to the game itself. This guy here made something like you're describing.
  12. Mass driver is the first thing that came to mind. Also, I mean to mount this to a plane, but I'm still working on the 'plane' part really. It'll be here soon.
  13. I decided to make this on a whim, a cruise missile launched by a rocket powered mass driver. For those of you who need to knock out an enemy base on the far side of the planet without the use of an ICBM or whatever, this is your best option. (Full album here) (The album also has more information in it) Craft File: Dropbox Autodownload Mods Used: *Near Future Electrical *Near Future Propulsion *B9 Aerospace *Community Resource Pack *ModuleManager *OPT Spaceplanes Note: Not all of these mods are all in use on any one ship (most of the t
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