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  1. I like build non-replica from "real" parts . I do not know why but ervery small craft i build end up mostly made from BDB parts
  2. I landed on the Moon , and returned both Kerbals to Earth
  3. Everyone build Apollo replicas and i am here sitting and making direct mission I present you "The Fatman" . Currently undergoing trials in simulations to eliminate all design flaws. It is RSS + SMURFF , ~20 tons , 2 seats , still around 700 dV left after landing in descent stage so i will add solid science package and a rover
  4. Ok thx , liked those engines when i was running RSS with SMURFF , your real plume configs are amazing
  5. This is very BIG WIP moon orbiter codename PIEROT . I play RSS with SMURFF and with cryogenic moon transfer stage it should get easly to Moon orbit and back , without cryogenic transfer stage it should do Moon fly-by . Main tasks are maitenance of satelites in Moon orbit and carrying tourist willing to pay for Moon flyby . Total mass ~11 T , DeltaV a little above 5000 , ~3600 without cryo stage. There is high chance Cryo transfer stage will grow a bit as i might need more fuel for orbital maneuvers around moon. So after some time PIEROT evolved , vessel was too small to make it multi-stage , not worth it . In current state it has 5000 dV , it gains up to 500 additional dV when draining RCS tanks . Enough to get to Moon orbit and back . 3 Succesful missions , 2 tests and third was recovery of data from unmanned Moon lander that was stranded in Moon orbit thanks to some mistakes during staging . Whole craft and rocket build using mainly BDB parts , all engines are BDB , tanks procedural . For some reason BDB parts and engines work very well with SMURFF . They just fit perfectly
  6. Works perfectly fine, it disabled any configs that BDB had and allowed SMURFF to kick in and rebalance weight of everything. Thank you .
  7. Any chance to get SMURFF config for BDB ? It has some nice engines but they weight at least twice as much as stock engines with SMURFF
  8. 9.5 km/s dV is enough for stable orbit when you launch your rocket erfectly , if you need more it means you go to steep or to shallow losing speed to gravity or air drag
  9. Hello i have little issue with mechjeb . I use RSS with a bit lighter my own version of realism and it uses "Mandatory RCS" mod . This mod disable tourque in reaction wheels making them useless as a tool to turn the vessel , they only provide some degree of stabilisation. Now the problem. When i make maneuver node and press "execute" mechjeb properly use rcs to point vessel towards maneuver node , then it start time warp but it does not stabilise vessel and in warp it keep spining so it is not pointing at the node . Then it leave time warp start turning vessel again , when it point towards node it start warping but again vessel keep spining so it repeat and repeat warp , turning , warp turning warp turning making usage of mechjeb pointless. With single maneuver node it is not very big issue as i simply manually activate SAS , point at the node use "warp to next maneuver" then execute maneuver in mechjeb just before the node , but when i make several nodes before using mandatory rcs i could just execute them all , go make coffe and come back seeing vessel in proper orbit. Now i need to manually warp to every node and usage of mechjeb is very limited . Any ideas how to teach mechjeb to use SAS during maneuvers so it stop vessel spin when pointing in to the right direction? Seems like Mencjeb have issues controling vessel without reaction wheels , it is perfectly fine during the burn when it is using only engine gimbal but when i turn on RCS it keep oversteering more and more as it is unable to stabilise the vessel using only rcs and engine gimbal
  10. Question about RSS . Should i change some settings in .cfg file to use all Kerbalism features with RSS? everything is 10 times bigger than stock and i wonder if rates of resources consumptions are not going to be too high.
  11. If you use 10x scale then atmosphere rescaling is a problem. Check some posts earlier about AtmoToplayer . Sigma gave there some nice examples how atmosphere is rescaled using this If you rescale Atmosphere , to be realistic so 100km it means ~1.42 then at the moment you hit it it is like a wall , your HS start deplete like crazy even barely scratching the atmosphere . I play in a 10x scale and made setings: Atmosphere 1.2 atmoToplayer 1.2 Looks not bad , no more "wall" when you get into atmo , heat and drag is now growing slowly when i get deeper in atmo. I am still not sure is it best setting cause i had not enough time to play so i didn't go beyond LKO
  12. The problem is that i cannot recreate it now First attempt was just fast built plane without "proper balancig" and it flew very good untill fuel run out around mah 15-16 . Now when i balance CoL and CoM try building proper plane fastest i got was mach 13 and planes lose stability . I use SMURFF set to 1 so it makes everything lighter and add some more power to engines so that might be the case , plus my atmosphere is 20% higher so a little more air on higher alts . About heat , yes plane started to build up heat but it could go a little more . No hax , maybe FAR is the cause I just started new career and build most basic planes to really learn how to make them fly properly so maybe later i'll make a spaceplane .