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  1. Ooh, scary scary. So you are one of those kind of old people.
  2. The limitations are unlimited! Anyway, let's hope this new change works the way I want it to.
  3. Trump- Why not? My past self My future self Jesus Ben Shapiro
  4. I shouldn't have clicked on this...
  5. Not a "drawing", but it is still fun running an image through filters in Krita, based off of my most recent craft: https://kerbalx.com/Core/AAA-Judgement
  6. EZ Gif. The things you can do with that site... http://c-0-r-e.deviantart.com/art/Talking-to-a-Leftist-Preview-679838081
  7. "Core" is the name of an android in a story I want to make, and my pic is one of my creations that was based off of my mech design in Armored Core V.
  8. Spicy Italian. Whole wheat, mustard, pepper jack, olives, banana peppers. Good extras to go with it.
  9. Too bad I have an interest in the cartoon stuff. And when I am not doing that crap/stuff:
  10. I think some of my text just got censored... "Pedant" just doesn't have the same effect as saying I was an enthusiastic 1940s German soldier.
  11. I had a dream that I was a pedant soldier and saw our demon-possessed pedant commander was getting exorcised by his soldiers
  12. Thanks, the wheel groups function did the trick.
  13. Are there any shortcut keys to turn on all the repulsors at once? I must have missed that in the documentation. Anyway, it is tricky and a bit time consuming when I try to turn on 12 repulsors, one at a time. Or shut them down so I can quicksave.
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