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  1. will their be an update for 1.3?
  2. but how do you fix it i am having the same problem
  3. I get the beta and i take it off and go back to regular, and now I AM GETTING THIS TELLING TELLING ME I CANTPLAY BECAUSE OF emptysteamdeport, WHAT IS THAT!!! someone help me
  4. exactly, also to that note that their should have programs like super sonic jets for airports like the Concorde
  5. KSP Making History

    I am saying that in the first three month of it release of any game are the people who are wiling to take a risk and buys it and deserve the free dlc
  6. KSP Making History

    I think anyone who got the game before july 30th 2015 should get the dlc for three, because this is the 3 month when the first game released on steam making it the time when pole waited to get the game for steam
  7. nasa uses Russian rocket to do mission so we could do transportation mission to their own space stations
  8. I had an idea of adding building that would be in the game usually used for the career mode. Like for tourism you could actually do fight to city and airports to get cash, and you need to do it in a certain time to get cash. and adding cities to show kerbal has a population at least
  9. Threads Of The Month April!

    get me a free expansion for the new update if i am right about this, that your going to do April fool joke on us and say it comes out today or all get free and you give us a big joke with alien chicken or something
  10. KSP Making History

    i got this game on July 2013 dose it make me not eligible to get it for free? it was the third game i got on steam i started my account on steam in late June, i got steam just to get the game at the time. i hope you expand your free by at least July