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  1. I've got a black sky problem, kopernicus spammed a lot of NRE in ksp.log, like this [EXC 11:41:42.791] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Kopernicus.Components.SharedScaledSpaceFader.Update ()
  2. May I ask how could I scoop solar wind or interstellar matter, I tried to use magnetic scoop and it didn't work
  3. Have a question. While I have enough Solid Hydrogen and power to use bussard fusion engine, when I try to perform a timewarp trust, it says propellent depleted and stopped the timewarp.
  4. gotta delete the setting.cfg in ksp root directory while installing JNSQ
  5. Thats quite high-end,especially consider an overclocked processor would significantly increase KSP performance
  6. your computer is INSANE,with yellow - green MET clock in this condition!!! Whats your spec?
  7. I found out stock autostrut might cause performance issue, so I find this mod. Would it have better frame rate compare to using stock autostrut?
  8. Don't you think USI-LS would be a nice choice? RResource happens to have resources for USI-MKS.
  9. I can confirm that the re-entry flare disappearing issue is exclusive on dx11 ,even with clean stock install. This issue does not present on dx9
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