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  1. I've got a black sky problem, kopernicus spammed a lot of NRE in ksp.log, like this [EXC 11:41:42.791] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Kopernicus.Components.SharedScaledSpaceFader.Update ()
  2. May I ask how could I scoop solar wind or interstellar matter, I tried to use magnetic scoop and it didn't work
  3. Have a question. While I have enough Solid Hydrogen and power to use bussard fusion engine, when I try to perform a timewarp trust, it says propellent depleted and stopped the timewarp.
  4. gotta delete the setting.cfg in ksp root directory while installing JNSQ
  5. Thats quite high-end,especially consider an overclocked processor would significantly increase KSP performance
  6. your computer is INSANE,with yellow - green MET clock in this condition!!! Whats your spec?
  7. I found out stock autostrut might cause performance issue, so I find this mod. Would it have better frame rate compare to using stock autostrut?
  8. Don't you think USI-LS would be a nice choice? RResource happens to have resources for USI-MKS.
  9. I can confirm that the re-entry flare disappearing issue is exclusive on dx11 ,even with clean stock install. This issue does not present on dx9
  10. After several days of not solving this issue, I have no choice but to go with re-entry particle effect mod.
  11. That "certain distance" in dx11 is much mulch much much closer, compare to that in dx9. I almost have to zoom the ship to my face to make the flare shows up
  12. Do you have an issue when you use dx11, the re-entry flare disappear at a certain distance? How do you resolve it?
  13. The sunflare looks strange, it looks like some weird lighting effect around the flare. Already disabled Ghost, so theyre not ghost. How to get rid of it
  14. I know there's a aero setting in graphics. I set it to highest. It still disappears on a very close distance. It doesn't happen on dx9. Now I've tried a fresh install on another PC, the issue persists
  15. Since it happens to me on stock, I think this might be a game setting/ graphic drive issue.
  16. I had Textures Unlimited all along, for the part icon issue. That doesn't help with the re-entry flare though
  17. Im afraid that's not working for me. Did you, or how did you resolve this issue while playing with dx11
  18. I can confirm it happens in a stock game, not caused by any mod What is KSPFixes, where do I find it??? One bug from BH: Lava Seas on Ash Cool ship down instead of heat it The ship will be cool down to 5K and being revert back to 200K and getting freeze to 5K again and again
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