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  1. So i have been playing KSP for Years on and off and i have landed on Minmus a lot. But now that i have started again i can't seem to get into Minmus Orbit. And i am not sure what i am doing wrong. So it goes like this: 1. Start from Kerbin 2. Reach 75 km and then Circularize. 3. Use Mechjeb to "Hohmann Transfer to Target" to Minmus, about 950 m/s seems fine. 4. Wait till i am past Mun and then use Mechjeb "Fine Tune closest approach to Target" to get to 10km around Minmus. So far so good (there are probably some things already i could have done for the sake of efficiency though) but now this happens: I tell Mechjeb to circularize at next periapsis and he tells me some ridiculous number like 2800 m/s whereas it should take only 160 according to My only guess is that i do something very wrong from the beginning. How do i do this correctly ? (Also, yes i know Mechjeb is frowned upon. But apparently i am even to incompetent to use Mechjeb) P.S: I am using the newest Versions of KSP and Mechjeb. Thank you for your help!
  2. ISRU is less more?

    I have heard this one multiple times. 1. Does everybody has to plant flags or just one guy for the whole mission ? 2. What does it take to "Hop out of Kerbin SOI"? What is the Ap so it gets recognized ? (I never went further than Minmus)
  3. Yeah, i am still a noob when it comes to Interplanetary Travel. In fact i was never farther than Minmus. I've been stuck in the Super-SSTA building cycle for far too long. Thx for the link. The diagram seems familiar i think i even have a launch window calculator mod. The problem is basically the Umbra Life Support mod. It depletes no matter if you fly or wait so if a wait for a perfect launch window that's just as bad as just flying. Of course it saves fuel, though.
  4. Ok, i will try this tomorrow. One more question. Is there a fast way to get from Minmus to Mun ? I tried returning to a Kerbin Orbit of 12k km (same as mun) and then rendezvous with mun. It works but it takes very long. I don't have a lot of supplies left (life support mod). Is there a way to start from minmus and directly intercept mun, maybe top it of with a suicide burn. That would be awesome.
  5. Ok, i tried it again with a more powerful Engine. Now it worked, thx for the help. Still it is very baffling. What is the point of having very efficient engines if the resulting burn times make them completely useless and anywhere where i can use them and get <4min burn times i don't need them.
  6. Well, I use 4 NERVs, so my burn time is around 15 minutes. But shouldn't mechjeb account for all of that ? He seems to be spot on the marker the whole time. I tried it with or without mechjeb, with or without physical timewarp. Every time the same thing happens. Obviously i am not hitting the target but what exactly are the maneuvers for if they are not correct.
  7. Hi, i have a problem: I want to go from LKO to Minmus. So i plan the maneuver and start the burn. Everything *seems* fine until about 80-90% of the Burn then the m/s countdown slows down, stops (or even reverses slightly) and that keeps up until i have no more fuel. I tried using mechjeb in case it was some mistake i made but the same thing happens. The only explanation i can come up with is that Minmus is somehow "running away" from me, but 1. Minmus is in a stable orbit it is not getting faster and 2. even if that were the case, that should have been accounted for in the maneuver and not happen out of the blue. I can't imagine that this is some kind of bug. I think i would've heard something by now if it were impossible to get to minmus. Especially since i was there before and i didn't have that problem. What i do is basically get into LKO (75x75) and then go to the map, set minmus as target, set a maneuver at the Ascending (or descending) node and pull the prograde vector until i get an encounter. Then i finetune that until i have a minmus periapsis of <100k and start the burn. According to the map i should arive at minmus and then start a circularization burn. Only i never get there.... Thx in advance for any Ideas.
  8. More Delta-V on Orbital Lifter ?

    Thank you for your answers
  9. More Delta-V on Orbital Lifter ?

    Ok I enlarged the Tank by 50% and cut the payload by half and i still run out of fuel before circular orbit is achieved. Not sure how i am going to do the engines. I dont have a mounting bracket that can support more than 7. The boosters i use are procedural, not tweak scale. And that didn't work either. From my experience there is a limit with booster size, at which point they simply lift themselves, if that. I tried adding 4 50m x 7m Boosters. It was ridiculous and even that didn't help. (Apart from the fact that the whole point of the craft is to have one reusable stage.) Edit: Ok I added some ramjet engines and changed the ascent so that i am longer in the upper atmosphere. Its not elegant and the ramjet run for all of 90 seconds but it saves enough fuel so that i at least reach 80km circular orbit..
  10. Hi, I have a problem. I have build a huge Rocket that i want to use to lift other things into Orbit, because i am tired of having to over engineer my deep space vessels just so they can get out of Kerbin atmosphere. I used tweak scale so the Rocket is positively massive, which it must be since it has has to carry whole spaceships inside. Preliminary tests seemed promising. But since i added actual payload i can't seem to get into LKO before my fuel runs out. Which makes since, because now i am lifting more mass then before. But nothing i do seems to have any real effect, getting to about 70k Apoapsis and then my fuel is gone, not enough for circularization let alone deorbit burns. I tried adding Boosters, adding engines to get higher TWR, removing engines to get closer to 1.2 TWR and most importantly doubling and tripling the tank. But nothing seems to work. What can I change so the thing does its job ? I dont think i can getter better ISP, its 315 and everything with more isp has to too little thrust.
  11. Docking Port -> No Stabilization

    Yeah that is all really not practical in the sense that it creates more problems than it solves. I will probably just have to accept that it is a bug that is not fixable. I am trying other solutions now. Thx for trying to help though!
  12. Docking Port -> No Stabilization

    Thx for pointing that out. I totally missed those BUUUUUT if i don't connect it directly to a docking port the glitch is exactly the same: So at this time i just accept that this isn't working. Maybe somebody has an idea to accomplish the same goal (getting the Lander clear of the bay prior to undocking and into the bay after docking) by different means.
  13. While all of these sound like very helpful tips, sadly none of them made any difference: As you can see, not only swings it freely it also distends quite a bit from the joint. That is with KJR and as you can see i put parts between IR and the docking port. Active struts sound amazin, only they dont help with something like that because I can only activate them when/if/as long as the part is inside the cargo bay. Now admittedly this is at full Kerbin gravity but it just shows the problem. If it would work correctly the joint would at least try to lift the Lander and then break. Since it is obviously bugged, is there any other known way i can accomplish the goal (move the Lander in and out of the Cargo bay for Start/Docking) that would work as intended ?
  14. I posted this under general gameplay questions: So while this more general question is hopefully answered elsewhere, what I want to ask in this thread specifically is: How exactly are those Robot Parts supposed to work, if they can't keep whatever is attached to them steady ? Am i missing something here ? Here is a screenshot of what it should do. Only it doesn't do it instead it swings the lander around like a wrecking ball. The movement of the arm works flawlessly but the Docking port swings freely around that "one point connection" with the folding arm.
  15. Docking Port -> No Stabilization

    Sadly that doesn't really help because even if i strut the Lander to the cargo bay (which at least would prevent it from thrashing around the rocket during flight), as soon as i move the arm and the struts break the whole thing just swings around the pivot point. Same goes for docking. How am i supposed to strut it in place if its completely out of control and swing around like a wrecking ball. (No collision once docked, and i am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing in this case).