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  1. It is gorgeous... and so clean. Nice job.
  2. People have put jet engines on cars, rocket engines,... but never turboprop engines.
  3. You got the trumpet to fly? Nice, I remember your first post showing this on the spacecraft exchange. Never thought it would actually be a usable craft. Thought it was just a design craft. I guess you can get anything to fly if you add enough wings and boosters. This is KSP after all.
  4. Probably just needed oxidizer for the rapiers...
  5. If it hovers that is great. Nice job.
  6. How well does this thing fly, and how much fuel does it have?
  7. Now someone is going to make a super crappy base with minimal requirements, but still win because he redocked a plane...
  8. My goodness that part count... How does it handle time warp?
  9. I usually have a custom launch escape system. I work with a reusable spaceplane cockpit, kind of like a small, specialized, dyna-soar, mounted on a rocket. The only issue is... it is heavy compared to a command pod. The stock LES kind of just tapped my pod off the rocket, so it could fall onto the launch pad I abort near the ground. (Which happens more than you would think when I am testing rockets...) Had to put a crap ton of sepratrons on some empty mk 0 jet fuel tanks. Looked horrible, but worked pretty great. Sometimes it could even give the pod enough velocity to start sea level flight. I'll post pics later. Imgur is blocked on the internet I am using right now :l Also, look at that aerospike, The comic is old. Where did you get it?
  10. Where did you put all the fuel? Oh... You dirty part clipper!
  11. -_- Ugh...
  12. I need to pull a .craft file from my home save, and put it into my school's EDU save. (Which is in 1.0.4). My process was as follows: Obtain .craft file from 1.3 save. Edit .craft as txt Change version from 1.3 to 1.0.4 Drop into 1.0.4 save. From what I have read earlier, it seemed like it should work, but upon booting the game, the .craft file did not show up, and the file was deleted. This might be because of the way the school computers are set up, but I cannot test that. EDIT: (As far as I know) No parts were used that were not in 1.0.4. Also, in my home save I had collision effects, hyper edit, and vessel mover installed.
  13. Well I mean... You can attempt to land. and it would be pretty fun...
  14. I like the landing gear cage in the back, looks really cool. I might start doing that with Mk2 Cargo bays on my planes now.
  15. Kerbol isn't a planet though...