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  1. This quote is so perfect. Here I was, expecting an amazingly detailed work of art that only a few people would download- And all it was is a truss adapter and a command seat. Elegant.
  2. Oh my. These are still a thing... I agree though, I haven't seen too many lately. Might be dying off. Only the creative designs survive. Natural selection.
  3. Its beautiful... *tear* Except re-entry. That was disgusting.
  4. Looks great! What mod did ya use for the colors? I'd like to see a hatch on the top... maybe with a lander can or something? I can remember entering from the top from playing Metroid Prime Hunters (DS... spinoff?)
  5. Take a bunch of those, stick em on each other, put it into the default orbit, and make a super mine >:) Destroys your ship, and your frames!
  6. I'm impressed. Usually ultra light crafts look kind of messy, but that looks sleek.
  7. Love the use of the inline cupola. Very creative. You do know you can turn the vector engine gimbal down, right? It is almost always too excessive when I use it.
  8. Yes, is is absolutely possible to use structural fuselages. I used it for my stationary cannon. However, my crew cabin was no where near the barrel, I just had then walk up the entire length of the barrel, and jump in, or put a really long ladder to climb up. Both are equally impossible on a plane. The barrel is the perfect size to shoot a kerbal, but cargo bays tend to be too big. (I tried a shotgun w/ mk 3 cargo bays. It failed). I think I might still have the craft, might post pics if I don't forget. Pretty underwhelming though, but very simple design.
  9. Oh, great. Now I actually have to make one! Ima probably go with wing mounted cannons. I might make it look nice and just use structural fuselages just because they look nice. Maybe, I'll go shotgun Style, can't decide.
  10. I've made Kerbal launcher quite a while ago, but never on a plane. Ima make on now. >:)
  11. I keep my gosh-darn promises. Twenty days later: The Arcmana Class Command Pod (Similar function to yours, but designed as a primary command pod for my first mun mission). My attempt at an all-in-one reusable and compact command pod. MAN does this thing suck more than I remember... I hadn't taken it out for a spin in quite a while... It flies horribly, has a painfully high cruising velocity, and weighs a ton... However, it was only meant to re-enter from orbit and land, so it half worked for what I needed, especially because you start with very high speeds, so gliding is easy. I would increase the wing mass, but then it can't fit in a fairing to take off. (Otherwise, the COL is extremely high and the rocket flops over). Been meaning to make a post for it, but I think I'm going to redo a lot of it. Brief Summary of features: Fully functioning abort system. With fuction LES. Landing legs and parachutes for emergency vertical landings. Jet engines for atmospheric flight Solar panels reaction wheels probe cores etc. etc. RCS for rendezvous (Actually used a beta craft of this for my first rendezvous ever.) Docking port on front & back. ...and my logo. Yay...! Welp. Back to the drawing board... I just hope I will be able to get this thing perfected sometime.
  12. Sure, pretty busy with school and such, but I will bring it up eventually. Keep in mind, I put aesthetics before performance in some areas..
  13. Comparatively that glides very well. My actual touchdown speed was at like 80 m/s, with 4 juno engines on low throttle. I think I just need to back and make a few modifications. I was prioritizing aesthetics too much.
  14. I made a similar return shuttle, but a little smaller. My main issue was with landing speeds. It was unable to do an unpowered landing because of it's low wing mass, without anything breaking. (Usually the cockpit survives though, so not a bad emergency landing) I think it was at least 80 m/s for a hard landing, haven't played with it in a while. Might be 60. So that raises the question- how well does your shuttle land? What is the minimum landing speed? From looking at the pictures, my gut says it wouldn't, but my shuttle was a fully equipped mission pod, so it might be heavier.
  15. But if there is no danger of breaking the game, where is the fun in doing it?
  16. My suggestion, until Snark replies, (and for any future file editing questions that aren't easily answered) Back up the file you want to change, and then just start poking around and guessing what to change. (Hopefully you have a fast hard drive, because you are going to have to boot up the game quite a few times) Started doing this a while ago, you learn a lot about programming and how the game is built in the proccess. I actually started it trying to resurrect Bill after he "accidently* crashed his jet fighter, and went from there.
  17. I absolutely love all the part descriptions in the game. It is a small detail, but it really made the game more interesting to play. Every part has it story, it really added to the game. Recently however, the new parts they have been adding have had 2 sentence descriptions that look like they had minimal effort put into them. One of my favorite part of Indie devs is their attention to the little things, and I am a little disappointed that they haven't added anything fun with the new parts. What do you guys think?
  18. Stupidest thing I've done? Installed the freaking game. 500 hours I will never get back. Ever. ... No but seriously- I prioritized aesthetics over functionality. So much lag... This is why I still haven't landed on the mun.
  19. Why don't you go into the files and edit the roster? You can switch their jobs and call it a day. I do it all the time to revive kerbals I "accidentally" killed. (I personally like Bill and Bob the way they are. (Engineers are most useful imo and Bill is my favorite anyway.)
  20. Jeez that Helix How long did it take to make? Seems like it would have been a while.
  21. Freaking stop doing crazy stuff like this! First the steam engine, now this. Making me feel bad about my own crafts...