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  1. one 'thing' (ok its a cluster ;-) I would love for you to muse about if you ever have the interest or time is what might be able to be done with the Principia API: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/wiki/Interface-for-other-KSP-mods some other modders have requested improvement/expansion of the Principia API: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/issues/3132 at this point I am still way to early in the steep learning curve for LVD & KSPTOT in general to make any specific 'reasonable' suggestions or even know if something useful might even be possible with the current or improved Principia API recognizing that KSP mods are fun/learning/community/donation & not supported by development companies with revenue. In anycase, if you were to see some cool powerful use/interface that were to be reasonable to implement, my speculation is that with your experience & history that eggrobin & pleroy would likely eventually consider requests from you. (I, of course, am 'in the veil nebula supper nova remnat clouds' dreaming of some as yet 'who knows what' smooth user friendly interconnected workflow ;-) For my uses, mods like KSPTOT, Principia, RSS, (RO, Trappist-1) etc. will be why I continue to use KSP 1 to explore dynamics for years to come. And thank you for that detailed LVD walk through you provided in discussion with Tacombel above. I will also atempt that walk through as my next tutorial. I very much look forward to trying out KSPTOT's 1.6.9 pre-release 5 (especially since next months release of Principia should be a huge improvement). not that it matters except for searches, looks like a 5 got in the link text instead of a 6 since the file name is fine :-)
  2. @Arrowstar Is it possible to export a KoS .csv from your "lvdExample_L2HaloOrbit"? In LVD, when I select Simulation --> Create KoS Control CSV file & try exporting various parts (or all) I just get stuck at the "parsing state log data..." with no .csv generated (even with "Edit Event" closed...I just had that open in the screenshot as an example of looking at the details of a specific event). (I am currently still using the release 1.6.8 since I still have so much to learn...) (I was thinking I might try to visualize the example in KSP from the 700km sma LKO in a manner similar to your video.) Thanks!
  3. Yes, exactly, with the specific point to simply demarcate that space as different for a particular specific scenario. I agree with you & egg as right on target especially for smoothness of career game play. Thank you for clarifying & emphasizing the setup that is indeed best for users. In the case at hand, at the time I saw the post, I was musing about cubesats & microsats. Specifically the JAXA SLATS mission as a scenario discussion project to work on this upcoming foggy winter period in the Swiss Seeland...In one of my RSS configs I have included a very thin atm to ~250k to demarcate, for scenario purposes, that region of space as significantly subject to other dynamics. Dynamics which, as egg describes, make little sense to model in KSP. That 250km config works well (yes, I deliberately wanted, for this particular case, those normally annoying implications egg describes) for my particular SLATS scenario in KSP. It helps experientially emphasize some key points I plan to discuss (with my son in this particular case who finds microsats interesting & is the one who dragged me into KSP when he was age 3 & to my surprise has been unusually interested in mathematics & aero-astro since.) Thus I let a special use case sneak into my posting. Thanks for keeping things clarified. Some links with interesting info about SLATS for anyone interested: SLATS additional interesting SLATS links: https://global.jaxa.jp/press/2019/03/20190318a.html https://earth.esa.int/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/s/slats?hcb=1 https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/592663-lowest-altitude-earth-observation-satellite-in-orbit
  4. @OhioBob Thank you for this elegant & easy to use & adapt revision 2.0.5! One question from the tidally "Locked" planet sheet--just to make sure I have not missed something significant: looking at the Sigma Heat Shifter's github page, my understanding is that I do not need to make some type of additional config specifically for "Sigma Heat Shifter" (i.e. that it adjusts things based on the curve keys data provided in a given planet .cfg [e.g. designed in your worksheet then pasted into the .cfg])...is my understanding correct? While using v2.0.5, I found I needed to remind myself about KSP & inclination/axial tilt from your in depth discussion post on modeling atmospheres, so I have pasted an excerpt here in case anyone else also finds the reminder/clarification helpful: RE:
  5. a fyi update on #3064: The a.k.a 'flickers/textures' symptom that appears to manifest only on some machines, correlates with an as yet unexplained large (~ 1 MB/s) & constant increase in memory allocation by the KSP_x64 process only when the "Principia 'Flight Plan UI' window with an active flight plan" is Open on screen. To help understand who is & who is not affected (all machines to which I have access for KSP are badly affected ;-), I have created a short Google Survey (link) that you are welcome to fill out if you would like. You may easily observe if your machine has the effect by watching the size of KSP_x64 process memory as you alternately open & close the Principia Flight Plan UI window with an active flight plan. For example, on a windows machine: watch the memory value called 'Private Working Set' for the KSP_x64 process either from the 'Details' tab of Task Manager, or using Process Explorer. If your machines shows the effect, the 'Private Working Set' value will immediately start & steadily increase by on the order of 1024 KB/s = 1 MB/s = 1GB per 20 minutes ONLY when the Flight Plan UI window is OPEN on screen. Use the 'Flight Plan' button on the main Principia UI to close the Flight plan UI & after a few seconds the memory will stabilize. Repeat the process for reliable control of growth in the KSP_x64 process memory. The above method should be similar on MacOS & Ubuntu, etc...from my reading online the default memory reporting metric on those systems is basically similar to the 'Private Working set' value on windows. The reason remains a mystery. Current details at #3064. Thanks!
  6. While Principia itself does not directly model decay from atm drag as Al2Me6 clarified, Principia does work nicely with FARc & RSS, especially after all the great work that was done associated with the "Spin-up on reentry under physics warp with FAR #2519" issue. Prompted by your query, I looked more carefully at data from the FARc "Flt Data" log & KerBalloons flight recorder log. Interestingly, the current RSS Earth atm model registers at a lower altitude than I expected (see data images below). Looking at the numbers from the FARc "Flt Data" log, FARc will at least apply drag & lift for atmosphere pressure on the order of E-08. So if you wanted to experience decay drag starting around 160km for example, you could make your own revised custom atm model using @OhioBob's "Make your own Atmospheres for KSP (automatically)" spreadsheet and paste the values into your copy of the RSS Earth.cfg for Kopernicus, replacing the atm keys for the default model in that .cfg...in which case also make sure to also delete the Earth.bin in the Kopernicus cache so that it rebuilds the model of the Earth at next KSP load. I'll probably tinker a bit in this area of the atmosphere model this fall/winter as well.
  7. Below are links to two KSP 1.12.2 saves that provide a flight plan example to explore the stable equilibrium region Earth-Sun L4. Challenges: create & share a similar flight plan to the stable equilibrium Earth-Sun L5 point Make a Trojan asteroid: Move a 'potatoroid' into an Earth-Sun L4 or L5 with a >100+ year stable trajectory For further insights, NASA WMAP outreach wrote this concise non-technical page regarding L points (link)...based on this technical PDF that has the math equations (link). This excellent 'topographic' view below from the WMAP page at the above link conceptually shows the rather large L4 & L5 regions for long term stable capture of a KSP craft or 'potatoroid'. Saves made in KSP 1.12.2: Orbiting Earth-Sun L4 with plane change example flight plan: Required Mods: Principia, RSS L4viewPlaneChange.sfs A flight plan to Earth-Sun L4: Note: this save Requires these Mods: Principia, RSS, RealScaleBoosters, SMURRF L4EarthSunFlightPlan02.sfs Other Suggested missions to make & share in this thread: create a similar longterm (not ejected for at least 50 years) stable flight plan to the "Closest to Earth" part of the L4 or L5 "hill" find an interestingly shaped or timed stable 'orbit' around the L4 point Earth-Sun L4 Enjoy!
  8. for people like me who tend to leave UI windows open (makes it easier when working with younger people), if you encounter lag while right click dragging the KSP flight or map view scenes with the new reference frame selector UI open, minimizing it returns the normal smoothness (and to clarify, pinning just the celestial you are working with & using the '+' to collapse the full list helps a lot as well...which, If I interpret correctly, is what pleroy suggested in the change log)...I really like the revamped UI...thanks egg & pleroy!
  9. I also encountered the reflection errors & buttons not responding: I installed today via RSS CKAN which pulls from the RO github repository version, currently at 1.10.1: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RSSTimeFormatter Since I am unclear where discussion helps the most, I have opened KSP-RO/RSSTimeFormatter Issue #17
  10. @Mythos me as well !! just used your great tool to remove some KerbalEDU specific parts from some vessels in a KerbalEDU 1.4.5 save & loaded it in regular KSP 1.12.2 Thanks!
  11. I would be grateful to know which version of KSP & Principia you were using when you experienced this, for example, by any chance the new Grossmann? The tests take quite a bit of time so I have only used Gröbner so far in KSP 1.11.2. Also, per discussion over at Discord, issue #3064 has been opened to help track this symptom cluster...much more detail is over there. Hopefully after having time to review the current data, @pleroy will advise us with what further data may be useful.
  12. @linuxgurugamer fyi...CKAN is pulling from SpaceDock which is the version that does not work with Principia, rather than the latest version on GitHub = which we discussed & verified earlier in this thread that does work fine with Principia. Would be great to have CKAN manage the version. Thanks.
  13. @theleg fyi...in case of interest to you, I've added a Principia, RSS, Real Scale Boosters save in the post linked to via the image below (see the save "Flight Plan to make the "Moon Square" link under objective 4 ) that also serves as a decent practice for a launch into a Lunar plane since there is a vessel already in the plane in LEO...you can also use the save to visualize the planes in the different frames...e.g. this save was made simply by 'eyeball' in map view using a 1 day history length in ECI & time warping until the circular Moon path was over our launch latitude...then I just picked a time (of night in this case) where an East launch lines up with the lunar plane lines which are visible if you increase history length say to 30 days & scroll out far enough in map view...also the flight plan for the transfer to the "Square(-ish) Retrograde Moon" orbit is visible in the save if you switch to the vessel which is already in orbit... @scimas & @hypervelocity, you might also find these saves interesting to drop into one of your KSP 1.11.2 Principia RSS folders for tinkering. Also, posting of additional interesting saves over on that thread is very much welcome. Image below links to the full thread...Enjoy!
  14. In the provided save, with a single less than 10s burn, turn the "Moon Square" orbit into a "Moon Pentagon" orbit. Inspired by the @maccollo "Principia Mun Retrograde Square Orbit" during the afternoon of an 'at home from school not so well day', my son & I decided to see if a related "Square Retrograde Moon" orbit could be created in Principia RSS. Indeed, we found something similar that we could also manipulate purposefully with a single small burn at a specific time: In this 1st case, turn the "Moon Square" orbit into a "Moon Pentagon" orbit as shown in the images with a single less than 10s burn like we did (yes, that's a hint, & improvements welcome). We share this as an introduction of a thread to explore, discuss & share refined versions of this orbit as well as new saves of other intriguing orbits with the 'flight plan' of burns to reach them... Discovery either by blind fortune dragging Principia maneuver burn sliders or intricate use of KSPTOT 1.6.8 welcome! KSP version: 1.11.2 or 1.12.x Required Mods: Principia, RSS Optional Mods: RealScaleBoosters, SMURRF, KOS To load: download the "Moon Square Orbit" save create a KSP 1.12.x GameData with Principia, RSS load KSP & create a new save game, find the folder with the name you gave to that newly created save game on your hard drive & copy into that folder the "MoonSquare.sfs" Load the MoonSquare save as normal from the usual in game menu (e.g. from the Space Center screen) Find the craft in the Tracking Station & select it to fly. if you are unfamiliar with Principia here is a link to a post with some visuals & suggestions. Metrics: Orbit Uniformity & Stability (both improved revisions as well as your own original orbits welcome) Quality & Ease of the flight plan (the easier/simpler to execute the better) in the save you share discovery of a simple regular maintenance maneuver(s) would be a nice plus most importantly -- the fun factor: how much fun we all have exploring what you improve/create! Objectives: 1) Fun (with Principia RSS ;-) 2) hands on play with fascinating orbits, one barely new existed, with saves someone else took the effort to make 3) improve a save: create & share Principia 'flight plans' of maintenance burn(s) that make a given orbit more uniform & stable 4) make a new save (with a simplified mod list): and share your own flight plan for some type of cool orbit... Flight Plan to make the "Moon Square": requires RealScaleBoosters added to GameData in addition to Principia & RSS Here are some further suggestions: Some examples of additional orbits to explore: Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit (NRHO) "KSPTOT LVD: Added Halo Orbit Constructor tool (Tools -> Halo Orbit Constructor menu)" Arrowstar's post with details about this new tool (link) Lissajous orbit WMAP at Sun–Earth L2,[7] Earth-Moon L points Visual Data Mission ideas: place a station, gravitational wave 'telescope' (link), or comsat(s) at the stable Earth-Moon L4 & L5 Note: L3 is an unstable L point = requires small periodic maintenance burns. Images: source source source
  15. I've not seen the issue before Gröbner, is that the version of Principia you are using?...what I saw occurred in one of my minimally modded KSP GameData folders...only Principia, FARc, Craft Manager...are you using either FARc or Craft manager? If not, then we might coincidentally have a similar hardware/driver related issue (my installs run on windows 10 with nvidia cards) or the newest Principia might actually be having/revealing some type of interaction...I'll be curious if the symptom ends up showing up in some way on a regular/predictable basis. example of odd nav ball perimeter (along with flickers symptom)
  16. I saw something similar the other day,,,after at least the same amount of time...I think with KSP 1.11.2...we first noticed a 'funny' navball area (sort of like the 'Cheshire Cat' with disappearing parts...lol) and various flickering that progressively gets worse...but I have no idea of the origin of the flicker at this point so only made a note to look out for it again...did something suggest to you that it is related to Principia?
  17. yes...how you guys keep up with & manage all the details amazes me... & an update for my prior post, apparently I did not notice the engine model changes apparently from the era of1.6, oh dear...lol...despite editing it in 1.11.2 before making the save I just shared in my recent post...appears that 1.11.2 still supported a deprecated model version (heck...I liked the version with the glittery gold insulation) that is no longer found in 1.12!...arghhh...I just revised the craft & updated it in the folder as Principia2MunV5.craft. I will also need to eventually remake the save again for it to also look proper in 1.12.x...oh well, now at least KSP 1.12.x is the 'final' major KSP version. So, apparently, a 1.12.x word of caution to anyone else who liked the glittery gold terrier in their older crafts... interesting that time warp hides the gap... old craft rebuilt in KSP 1.11.2, looks like somehow I still applied a deprecated version of the LV-909 "Terrier" Engine model that no longer appears in KSP 1.12
  18. For the present KerbalEDU 1.4.5 using Principia Fatou, (or regular KSP 1.11.2 using Principia Green) the "square orbit" save provided at the older KSP post above is fun to explore (one can also think of it as a special elliptical orbit around the Kerbin that results in a "square" retrograde path around Mun...really...fly it & enjoy the KSP tourism experience). Also, I've provided a KSP 1.11.2 Principia & FARc save to help people new to Principia explore eggrobin's tutorial mentioned earlier in this topic thread...my prior saves had a ship that only loaded in KerbalEDU...I revised the ship to work fine in KSP. For now the save only works in KSP 1.11.2 until Principia & FARc update to 1.12.x . (I also made this new save in part since KSP 1.12 is stated to be the last major update to KSP & with the hope that Squad/TT eventually makes a final update of KerbalEDU to 1.12.x... since the 'final original' KSP & the huge mod & tool contributions for it built by the community is more perfect than ever for education...) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iByh94S72yX3Ynxo1WapKtI_YZSdhUCI?usp=sharing I've also written some further suggestions for people new to Principia to help with 'learning by exploring, studying numbers in pictures, & just plain clicking & sliding the Principia buttons & sliders on your own' at the following post on the Principia thread: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162200-wip181-191-1101-and-1110–2-principia—version-gröbner-released-2021-06-10—n-body-and-extended-body-gravitation/&do=findComment&comment=3995239 As mentioned in the post at the above link, making & using 'new bodies files' with KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool built with MATLAB & its KSP plugin is quite helpful with Principia especially with the pre-release version 1.6.8 (read especially KSPTOT pages 179 & 178 for key details on the pre-release version):
  19. Since you already did a Mun flyby, this post has some additional things with which to experiment & also serves as a few suggestions for anyone else new to Principia... I find it helpful to use pre-created saves & click all the buttons & sliders in various combinations & see what they actually do (and how they affect performance on a given machine). Here are links to two pre-created saves: 1) The first save has a pre-created flight plan with ~18 minutes until ignition that helps with tinkering with the various transfers in @eggrobin's tutorial at the following link. I find it to be a good way to get familiar with the dynamics of how the Principia maneuver sliders, plan length slider, & various 'steps' settings change the trajectory plot in the various reference frames: eggrobin's tutorial: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/wiki/A-guide-to-going-to-the-Mun-with-Principia Here is a link to a folder with a KSP 1.11.2 save made with just Principia Gröbner & FARc. The save starts in 80k circular equatorial Kerbin orbit. I also included in the folder the full FARc craft in case anyone ever wants to launch to the parking orbit. I use it for practice myself, as well as with others. Practice using RCS translation to adjust the flight path as well as try out Principia time warp physics & spin stabilization along the way. 2) The second is an interesting save posted by @maccollo & is a bit old...I loaded it in KSP 1.11.2 with Principia Green but get a crash when trying to load it with Gröbner. The save is found at the following thread...yes the ship really does "see" the Mun from a square like path around it...worth loading & flying it just for the view: Also, While learning & especially if using older CPUs like I do...it helps to fly one vessel at a time & remove the *potatoroid* folder found at \GameData\Squad\Parts\Misc\PotatoRoid since asteroids are "vessels". The Principia orbit analyzer can be useful to help you adjust the orbital plane of a parking orbit (link to an archived concise description of which Keplerian elements define the plane), for example, a Minmus or a Jool transfer: KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool : use its "Create New Bodies File From KSP" while your Principia save is loaded in KSP with the KSPTOT plugin then load that bodies.ini into KSPTOT for your 'near future' analysis. Also, load the resulting 'bodies file' in a text editor to see the orbital elements (especially the inclination & Longitude of ascending node (raan)) for each of the celestials which can help with 'close enough' plane alignment like mentioned above (for more complex investigations make sure to use the KSPTOT pre-release 1.6.8.x & read especially KSPTOT pages 179 & 178 for key details): Example Duna & Minmus Transfers: see dates & dV as example ballpark starting points for practicing & experimenting with approximations of such transfers...
  20. no (in game) KSP crashes for two weeks ;-) @pleroy thank you very much for implementing a way ( #2922 ) to ignore those trouble causing debris 'vessels'. Thank you both for all the improvements especially the past year. And to clarify, is it expected that all the enhancements up through Principia Gröbner will apply to any 'older' save created post "del Ferro" (which is the last time I recall it being mentioned that a new save was needed) the same as if I recreated what I was working on in the 'older' save(s) in a new Gröbner save?
  21. That indeed sounds like it matches well the "looks like KSP in purgatory"...lol...symptom I am seeing...& from what you wrote it sounds like from the user side there is not much I could do on heavily modded installs to mitigate the chance of that 'catch 22' occurring?
  22. for anyone else who encounters this, I'm going to emphasize the above possibility since I have a 1.10.1 install that loads just fine 1/2 of the time & but has this hang on "Running Post Patch Callbacks" during the other half of loads with 'no changes'...so far rebooting the offending machine & deleting the MM cache in GameData folder seems to help in my case...(my gut feel observation on this machine is that it is related to memory instability/corruption induced by an occasional driver or AV conflict since, despite my maintenance efforts, I still occasionally see an IRQL or related BSOD on occasion...)
  23. @scimas created a very useful set of Principia initial states for use with Real Solar System (RSS). To make it easier to find, below is the link to the relevant post in the Principia thread that has the link to the actual files & why they help make Principia more manageable: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162200-wip181-191-1101-and-1110%E2%80%932-principia%E2%80%94version-green-released-2021-05-11%E2%80%94n-body-and-extended-body-gravitation/&do=findComment&comment=3883817 Basically, if you want to recreate past real missions, try your hand at real near future missions, or do planetary astronomy in KSP or KerbalEDU, etc. you will want to delete the GameData\Principia\real_solar_system\initial_state_jd_2433282_500000000.cfg and replace it with one of scimas' Principia "initial state" files that has an epoch just before your launch date, astronomical event, etc. Further details regarding the purpose of the Principia "initial state" file may be found at this link: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/wiki/Principia-configuration-files#the-principia_initial_state-configuration These files will also work with Fatou which was the last Principia version to support KSP/KerbalEDU 1.4.5. KerbalEDU 1.4.5 was the final version released & also was the last KSP version to support x32 operating systems. Sadly, TG development & sales of KerbalEDU shutdown in May 2021. At least today, I was able to login to TGdesk & KerbalEDU. I really hope TG shares their work with the KSP community & Squad/TT so that their excellent flight recorder, formula tool, & force arrows mods continue and that some TGdesk login like form of EDU licensing may continue in the KSP community.
  24. I would be grateful to know whether or not you also use Principia with FARc In KSP 1.11.1. Thanks! I have found that I can create a fatal crash for Principia with FARc version for 1.10.x = "Mader" under some circumstances...specifically dropping boosters apparently near the KSC shoreline (so at the moment I speculate it may be related to whatever is driving the 'water' issue some reported in some of the posts above experiencing with FARc in 1.11)
  25. Ok, thanks! I will create an issue at GitHub & attach the journal that I just added to the same google drive folder...I can reproduce it immediately by just adding FAR & dropping those boosters...FAR appears to not have yet been released yet for 1.11 so I am hopeful that team will be willing to look into whatever is identified....so will be grateful for you taking a look when you have time.
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