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  1. What mode are you playing in? In my experience at least, the mod only works in Career Mode.
  2. I had this issue as well. I was using CKAN so I uninstalled it there and installed it manually. However I had issues that way too until I noticed unzipping the mod (from within the "GamaData" folder) resulted in nested "GamaData" folders, i.e. "/GameData/GameData/REPOSoftTech/ResearchBodies" So I simply copied the "REPOSoftTech" folder into the real "Gama Data" folder, and no more issues.
  3. Spacedock was down so the window just hung around forever and would not go away. Needs a simple "Cancel" button added to dismiss the window and stop trying to grab the version info.
  4. I created a config patch that will allow the dishes to work with RemoteTech, can find it a few pages back. It will also be included with the next version of RemoteTech.
  5. IR was the only change I had made, both in the upgrade and subsequent downgrade.
  6. Upgraded from Infernal Robotics 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 and this happened: Had to downgrade and go back to an older save in order to fix the ship back to how it is supposed to be.
  7. I had since uninstalled it cause it was making things unplayable, but I love the idea of the mod and would love for it to work, so I will reinstall it soon as I get a chance and get you that data asap. Would you like me to do anything specific before capturing the log file?
  8. I installed Persistant Rotation and then went to one of my interplanetary ships and set it to rotate relative to the sun. Now every ship I switch to or launch has the same setting by default and I keep having to disable Persistant Rotation everytime- even when switching back to crafts where I previously disabled it. Is this expected behavior?
  9. CKAN appears to be linked to the source code for this and not the release, all it downloaded was "ReentryParticleEffect.cs"
  10. I created a config patch that will allow the dishes to work with RemoteTech. Additionally I tweaked a few of the stats in an attempt to balance them better with the Stock/RemoteTech dishes. // RemoteTech Compatibility Patch For Ven's Stock Revamp // Author: Sandriell ( // Communotron 32 (Renamed: Communotron DTS-M2) @PART[LongDeployableAntenna]:NEEDS[RemoteTech] { @title = Communotron DTS-M2 @description = The bigger brother of the Communotron DTS-M1, the DTS-M2 is a deployable, power-hungry solution to most of your medium-range communications needs. Held together with extra-reflective ductape! @cost = 900 !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} %MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna] { %Mode0DishRange = 0 %Mode1DishRange = 1000000000 %DishAngle = 20.0 %EnergyCost = 0.95 %MaxQ = 3000 %DeployFxModules = 0 %ProgressFxModules = 1 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 15.0 } } } // Comms DTS-M5 (Renamed: Communotron DTS-M5) @PART[SmallFixedAntenna]:NEEDS[RemoteTech] { @title = Communotron DTS-M5 @description = The Communotron DTS-M5 is a fixed, medium-range dish with a very narrow cone angle and high electric cost. The fancy, totally not made of from one of Jeb's mother's good bed sheets, covering will allow higher temperature tolerances. @cost = 1000 @maxTemp = 2200 @mass = 0.55 !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} %MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna] { %Mode0DishRange = 0 %Mode1DishRange = 5000000000 %DishAngle = .05 %EnergyCost = 1.0 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 15.0 } } } // Comms DTS-M7 (Renamed: Communotron DTS-M7) @PART[mediumFixedAntenna]:NEEDS[RemoteTech] { @title = Communotron DTS-M7 @description = The Communotron DTS-M7 is a medium-range dish that offers a decent cone-angle at the cost of extra weight and electric cost. @mass = 1.10 !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} %MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna] { %Mode0DishRange = 0 %Mode1DishRange = 45000000000 %EnergyCost = 1.10 %DishAngle = .10 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 15.0 } } } // Communotron 88-X @PART[largeFixedAntenna]:NEEDS[RemoteTech] { @description = The Communotron 88-X is the chubby hotrod of antennas, fast, long-range communications can be yours in a bulky 3 meter package. @mass = 2.0 @cost = 11000 @crashTolerance = 10 @maxTemp = 2800 !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} %MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna] { %Mode0DishRange = 0 %Mode1DishRange = 500000000000 %EnergyCost = 3.40 %DishAngle = 0.0065 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 15.0 } } } Just need to create a plain-text file, I named it "RemoteTech_VensStockRevamp.cfg", and save it in "GameData\VenStockRevamp" or "GameData\RemoteTech". Update: This has been submitted to RemoteTech and will be included in the next version, presumably 1.7.2
  11. Is it intended to change the Nerv to only use Liquid Hydrogen? Sadly this breaks a lot of my existing ships that were, of course, carrying normal Liquid Fuel. I couldn't find anywhere in the original post where it talked about changing the existing engines, only about adding new ones. If it is intended, is it possible to add Liquid Fuel back in as an option so it can use both?
  12. Are you using the latest vev build from githup, build 554? It is updated for 1.1.3 and will probably become the next release version.
  13. I was having an issue with the camera losing focus during launch, where every 6,000 meters it would get further and further away from my ship. Nothing would show up in the debug log when it hapened. I was able to narrow it down to the Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2 that was causing the issue- removing it from my ship and all was good. So after systematically removing and tweaking many different mods I finally nailed it down to Ven's Stock Revamp that was causing the issue (or at least incompatible with some other mod, or combination of, I have). Removing this bit of code from "VenStockRevamp\Squad\Parts\Utility.cfg" got the lab working again: @PART[Large_Crewed_Lab] { @author = Ven !mesh = DELETE !MODEL {} MODEL { model = VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/Command/CrewStorage/ScienceLab } %rescaleFactor = 1 MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateGeneric animationName = CrewCanLight startEventGUIName = Lights On endEventGUIName = Lights Off } } In case it helps, a couple other things I noticed while it was bugged: While in the VAB Kerbal Engineer Redux would show the name/info of the part above the lab when hovering over the lab. When right clicking on the lab I would get a "Deploy" setting with a 0-100 slider. There was a "Toggle" button that didn't seem to do anything. After removing the above code, those issues went away as well. I am running KSP (x64) and my mod list can be found here: