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  1. Once again, the all-mighty mod-god-emperor linuxgurugamer takes over another mod.
  2. Is the current version compatible with KSP v1.3?
  3. On v1 of the community edition are two planned features. Are you planning on resuming these planned features? Planned Features: Scaling of the marker custom Markertexture
  4. I've got my internet back. As always, if you have suggestions, then please send them my way.
  5. I still don't have proper internet (long story), but my free time hasn't been entirely wasted not on KMAP. I'm trying to build a system using .json files that acts as a database for planet and moon data, which KMAP can extract info from, and so far its only usage is for the comboboxes (the textboxes with dropdown menus) for masses and radii. The system almost entirely works except for this one bug I can't figure out, which is going to delay the next release. Note: The .json database is also being used so that users can enter in their own data if they're using mods which modify, add, or remove, planets and moons. This also means that I no longer have the burden of dealing with mod compatibility because it becomes trivially easy for the user to pop into the tracking center, write down the info that's needed for a complete database entry, and then edit the file. I won't release until I can fix this issue, and when I add another tab with some calculation stuff. I have added a Misc tab, and followed g_BonE's suggestion for decimal to DMS (and vice versa) conversion, but that's just extra and I don't count it. No idea how long it will take for v0.4 to come out. Note2: The decimal-DMS thing doesn't come built for latitude and longitude, but I left a note in the tab that explains how to figure out if it's north or south and stuff. It's probably wrong, though, because I don't ever work with latitude and longitude, but oh well. I didn't want to build it only for latitude and longitude in case there were any other purposes for decimal-DMS conversion.
  6. Version 0.3 is out on spacedock. I had to leave one or two things a bit incomplete since I'm running out of time (moving and all that, and I won't have internet for a while). Hope you guys enjoy. I tried to add as much useful additions as I could with this update.
  7. I took a fairly long break from development (partially due to some stuff that's been happening around me). I resumed work a few days ago, and I've done quite a bit since then. Presently waiting for either discovery, or community input, on what other calculations I should add to the program. I want to add one new tab with a working calculator with each .1 update. So that's what's been going on. Sorry I went a little quiet on the forum (although I've been pretty active on a KSP Discord server). I can't really give an ETA on when the next release is. Maybe within the next week? Don't hold me to it, though.
  8. I didn't mean places to put the code, but rather, ways of exporting the code. Were you suggesting that I put the project files on Github?
  9. I'm making a program in Visual Studio using C#. I need to be able to export the source code as per the rules of the forum. Can anyone help me?
  10. Alright. No problem. I need to put that stuff inside the download files, then. You also missed the Mediafire links contained in the changelog spoiler, but I removed those while I was doing this. While I'm at it, I'll see what I can do about the source code. There's a .pdb file in the folder that I'm pretty sure contains the source code, but it's unreadable in Notepad and Notepad++, so I'll have to figure something out.
  11. What do you mean include the source in the download? I edited my post. How does it look? EDIT: So in the zip file that people download, I need to include like a readme that lists the spacedock website source, and the license it's using?
  12. I was thinking I could use spacedock, but I wasn't sure if it'd be okay to use it for applications instead of mods.
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