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  1. Hi ,  little config question :D and not so realistic tho...

    I downloaded next and OPT/OPT legacy (both of them) and the wings (those two , not my ship https://imgur.com/RU8c5wm) are wobbling so i run

    into the config file and gone from 5*10^12 to 5*10^84 for the angular drive spring and from 25 to 25000 for the angular drive damper and they are still wobbly... (this method worked in the previous version of ksp , 1.4.5 to be precise)

    Have I missed something ? What are the option I should modify to make those wings stable at high speeds and avoid this https://imgur.com/TJXnrXX

    EDIT : I'm in 1.7.3 with Breaking Ground

    Thank you for for even reading this. And pls forgive my terrible spelling :S

  2. Hey beloved ship makers ! I was wondering about Infernal robotics for 1.4.3 and found this topic :

    who advised me to download this specific version of KJR especially customised for infernal robotics  :

    https://github.com/meirumeiru/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement/releases (link on the topic)

    I then modified the value in the config file from 5e12 to 5e32 just to be sure (kerbal logic)

    And now my ships have these line overlaying them and ruining the visuals;.; :


    I already tried tu delete the [...]. ksp file in the Assetbundle folder and it do nothing. 
    If you could help me or enlight me i'll give you a free hug :D
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