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  1. SO SKILLED GUY ! *trying now* Seem to be this because i saw the part was loaded and still not appearing. PS : You, modders pls agree all my excuses if I seem to not read bug reporting procedure, cause i read it
  2. Ok , it broke my heart but i'll uninstall Ven's to prevent any interaction with your model. I still confirm that i can have the H3 tanks avaliable Ven's : no influence. Trying with clean install. Try : It's due to another mod cause it's working with only kss
  3. @StarCrusher96 Your 3D model is the LV-N Nuclear engine ? @Krastynio : are you using Ven's stock revamp ?
  4. @StarCrusher96 There is my output_log : and : A screenshot of the FAMOUS GameData folder !
  5. Have the same issue. I'll provide log when i return at home 2-3 hours
  6. I directly jumped on the wiki right after @TheSpacePotato told me ^^ So , i read the topic on Hetoo (and still asking why animals are breathing oxygen instead of chlorine ?) (Are you ok after a day where you're constantly repeating the same thing and providing info because people don't know how to search and read ?)
  7. Isn't hard to build complex molecules with chlorine ? It has only one electron, and even with ion form .... Maybe its polarizability ?
  8. They call me "sniper" ... And what do you think about using an asteroid equipped with an autonomous base as a primitive interstellar spacecraft ?
  9. A planet with a chlorine atmo, and trees (is these trees ?) on the surface , anything to link with the story ?
  10. @StarCrusher96 : : you abused on pressure on Eve ... But it's fun XD
  11. Nope, no way to not destroy a save when installing a new planet pack ... So far i know...
  12. It is said in the wiki that it's a planned feature, but not supported for now Maybe upon the 1.0 release ^^
  13. I think i'm ready to fly but before, some addition in term of ... autonomous bases... procedures to ensure the reliablility
  14. I regret to inform you that following an engine related (space bar pressed too early XD) incident the probe you want to reach does not exist anymore, type # to reach anoher
  15. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/U8ODE"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> Direction , you have the choice between nova kirbani or nova kirbani ?
  16. Outstanding, as usual ! I'm jealous that I have never this quality in-game
  17. Yeah yeah I know XD Just want to help And for kopernicus, what i said was effectively about the "x" in 1.3.0 -x
  18. @Dragonwarp It is said in readme.txt that KSS work better with Kopernicus 1.3.0-8 if another version of kopernicus is installed, try to intall this one : Another question , are you using visual mods ? They have... conflicts... with the tracking station
  19. And I gave the engine's name... if i saw properly @StarCrusher96 Is your profile picture a representation of The All center ? Saw that was planned that the mod will be compatible with Sigma Dimension... I'm pressed to play on x10
  20. Warp in complete ! Maybe we should say that i'm back  ! Still some classes and at the end of this school year i'm FREE , so, to the stars and beyond !

  21. Jul, a magnificent planet, maybe an upgrade of the texture ?