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  1. Ok, thanks to KSK the job is done. And the first episode is finally here!
  2. Hey, guys! For the last several months i've been working on my new KSP video. It would be action miniseries of 6 episodes, 20-25 minutes each. Here we go!
  3. Finally, I did what I had planned a few years ago: I dropped the plane into gas giant. And it didn't broke apart!
  4. Hi! Perhaps you've heard that according to some scientists, in the solar system there must be another planet, behind the orbit of Neptune? So i'm trying to add it into the Real Solar System mod. I've created giant Super-Earth iceball and placed it at the distance of around 600 a.u. from the Sun. It is about 3.5 times bigger and 10 times heavier than Earth, acording to astrophysicists calculations. And it works fine, but i've run into problem. My planet is almost absoluteley flat. So can someone help me to fix this?
  5. Пол ночи монтировал сегодня новое видео о полете к спутникам Сатурна.
  6. Hey guys, check out my new video i made this night!
  7. Hey gents! I've made it! Just like Macollo few years ago! Thanks for him for inspiring me! It was very hard, i think it's one of the hardest achivements in Kerbal Space Program! This mission took me a month of real time but it was totally worth it!
  8. Phobos is a most beautiful place in our solar system. In this game at least
  9. Finally, after many missions to different planets and moons of our solar system, i made it to Mars. Part 1 And Part 2
  10. Can i get previous version of this mod somehow? It seems current does not work with RSS+RO. I have same "no authority" issue like the guy above. Also i noticed intresting thing: when i enabeling TCA, engine's action menu shows me negative throttle and engine does not work. 1) TCA disabled, engines working. 2)TCA enabled, throttle negative, nothing works
  11. Yeah...Ion engines so huge isp, but so low thrust. Even using x4 time acceleration, in real life i had to spend about an hour for this burn.
  12. My computer would explode if i'll try to do something like this with stock RSS, without procedural tanks, hydrogen engines, nuclear reactors and other stuff. Stock means many parts, and many parts means low FPS. And also i dont like how stock game looks, i like to build nice, smooth, realistic rockets and beautiful spaceships, but not those huge ugly monsters like in stock game