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  1. Considering that you might not be able to recover with the current KSP version (v1.11.x) for funds you could dump the rare resources into the planetary depot for later usage. That's what I do atm instead of trying the Nth resource to recover but ending up broke again.
  2. that was not my point, I think 'better' is a choise of taste. KIS/KAS is not maintained by RD
  3. Well, it would be cool to have a toggle option for the BlacklistedHomeworldResources (found in the WOLF.cfg) or I have misunderstood the existing options. EDIT: after digging deeper and catching up on stuff I've found USI_Core issue #118 maybe that is connected tho. I also noticed that all expensive resources with high "unitCost" values (RefinedExotics, ExoticMinerals, RareMetals, even ColonySupplies) are getting the "+-" values when recovered. (I possibly should ask that in another spot) Is that intended to be a feature of USI or am I missing something?
  4. I really would wish for an option to toggle or choose resources that are allowed or forbidden to recover on homeworld so any player can choose a "cheaty way" or not for the career gameplay. Regardless of that I like big parts that combine steps without having too much parts after all. Ty for the new features! That's just my 2 cents after considering to uninstall MKS but decided to keep it anyways.
  5. Heyas, my persistence.sfs contains a Snacks section and there I have noticed a typo where I'm not sure if it's a big issue or hassle tho. I have found the corresponding part in your source: .. /Snacks/SettingsAndScenario/SnacksProperties.cs I'm just trying to drop constructive critics
  6. The original mod from @Shadowmage has a great spirit to control how Kerbals are spawned when they are distressed, I also enjoy seeing this is kept alive by this follow up. Regardless of that is is essential to rescue Kerbals from space I'm trying to focus on other things in my career game so I've limited the allowed pods to easy MK1-sized via this script: On a side-note diversity in pods that can be rescued can be fun too! (it's yet a hassle IMHO)
  7. I guess having a log file would be helpful in any case so we can verify what happened when and what is installed etc.
  8. nobody said that .. maybe things just did not went well because the one or another mod installs or overwrites the B9PartSwitch mod to a previous version .. it's a wild guess. Making sure having the latest verions of the dependencies is the first I would try. Oh and I'm using KSP 1.9.1, maybe that diffe4rs from your version. All I can say is that I do not have this issues and I have a heavyly modded KSP.
  9. for me things are fine after the latest update! check the B9PartSwitch version, I'm using v2.16.0
  10. so far my script works just fine and was just made to evaluate the issue. I might need to check out the parts USI_Nuke_*, FTT_Service_375_01 and FTT_Reactor_500_01 but I assume they behave line the Duna/Tundra parts. my small script: I raised Issue #122 for this.
  11. HI! unsure if this is already mentioned or is issued already. the current version of MKS includes the Tundra and Duna PDU's (Power Distribution Unit's). These have an output of additional Xenon which is ok in first place, but then I saw 2 reactor controls in my equivalent parts ingame and checked out the NFE-configs. I saw there has some module name change happened in MKS, it's not called "ModuleResourceConverter_USI" but now I saw "USI_Converter" instead. I'm also not sure if there will be a change, if MKS ever will be compiled for KSP 1.9.1. EDIT: possibly all other reactors are ef
  12. I haven't, but regardless created a new one in your repo here ty for your work!
  13. well I manually erased the old duplicates and took the new ones, unsure if that will bork any updated version. well it does work properly so far, one thing I still notice: If the ARP is bound to stock resources button then the GUI is visible if it were visible on last scene. I guess it should just hide if bound to KSP resource button and on scene load.
  14. Thanks for keeping up the work with ARP!
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