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  1. [1.3.1] Hangar

    hi again is there any news about asteroid shape issue? .. since that one I'm uncertain about playing along with KSP 1.3.1 because I don't know what it affects beside the astro's. distorted asteroids are a very sure security issue for stability haha regards
  2. [1.3.1] Hangar

    only thing I found was full log maybe you can see more
  3. [1.3.1] Hangar

    I'm glad I could help .. well .. sad news is on my old career 1.3.0 savegame that i copied over to the new KSP 1.3.1 (both highly modded) included a sad borky one This one that has gotten the fix module while beeing an original potatoroid, but still looks very distorted MODULE { name = ModuleAsteroid isEnabled = True seed = 4.305785E+07 AsteroidName = Ast. TBG-132 prefabBaseURL = Procedural/PA_C currentState = 1 stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } } -- snip -- MODULE { name = ModuleAsteroidFix isEnabled = True seed = 43057851 stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } }
  4. [1.3.1] Hangar

    so far it looks awesome, the 'roids stay as they were. This one in my test save is containing "ModuleAsteroid" and "ModuleAsteroidFix" now!!! What seems to look strange to me is that the "ModuleAsteroidFix" seed is nothing, is that intended to be a temporary fill while load or so? MODULE { name = ModuleAsteroid isEnabled = True seed = -3.480688E+07 AsteroidName = Trojan Ast. DIV-988 prefabBaseURL = Procedural/PA_C currentState = 1 stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } } MODULE { name = ModuleAsteroidFix isEnabled = True seed = stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } } my modified ModuleAsteroidFix.cfg:
  5. [1.3.1] Hangar

    yup, somehow the module "ModuleAsteroidFix" doesnt apply but I possibly found out why ... I'm using custom asteroids and this one I was playing with was a part named "CaAsteroidIcy" I cannot find any "PotatoRoid" in my savegame tho LOL .. maybe I should try w/o custom asteroids EDIT: would it help I edit your fix file to add the custom asteroid types to have mod compatiblity?
  6. [1.3.1] Hangar

    very cool! gotta have to try out and see what's new ty for your awesome work! EDIT: according to my test savegame (sandbox) the old (1.3.0) astro seed -36795998 becomes -3.6796E+07 right after loading, and when I save (quicksave or regular) it throws in 4.812343E+07 I know this is not one of your mods causing it, its a KSP 1.3.1 bug and this shouldn't discourage you to keep on working! log shows "Invalid integer value! Field seed, value -3.6796E+07 on object of type ModuleAsteroid" but then it stays at this value "4.812343E+07" and throws "Invalid integer value! Field seed, value4.812343E+07 on object of type ModuleAsteroid" after another load
  7. [1.3.1] Hangar

    does this update include the temp fix for already attached asteroids from 1.3.0?
  8. [1.3.1] Configurable Containers

    basicially both, if I have a snacks radial container and fill it with pure soil it weights the same as with pure snacks, same weight applies with mixed mode (snacks and soil). I assume the concept is to have simple LS stuff applied, so implenting next to rather complicated other LS stuff is not easy, i understand that .. a possible solution is to have the soil from snacks at last type in the list. Alternately create a second Food tank .. just for soil, but then we could simplyfy it by creating a whole tank just for snacks/soil which doesnt interfer with existing tanks but might step out of the line with having food/soil categories. I'd appreciate any of your decisions, just wanted to state out Snacks' concept is basicly very easy but hard to impülent next to existing resources. Ty for your work!
  9. [1.3.1] Configurable Containers

    ty for merging my RP too (the snacks/soil one), finally they are able to be stored without having extra-extra-parts soil needs this values tho: @TANKTYPE[Soil]:NEEDS[Snacks] // has same values as Snacks - arb +{ + @UsefulVolumeRatio = 0.95 + @TankCostPerSurface = 2 + @PossibleResources ^= :$: Soil 1;: +} because from design snacks/soil weight the same Soil will get the UsefulVolumeRatio at 1.0 not 0.95 .. there is a discrepancy: name = Food UsefulVolumeRatio = 0.95 //cargo needs additional fixation and compartmetalization TankCostPerSurface = 2 //pressurized AddMassPerVolume = 0.003
  10. [1.3.1] Hangar

    I hope you don't mind I quote @allista's words from here (issue #191) I'm yet waiting patiently too, hope that's not taking too long and going to be awesome
  11. Everytime a new point release of KSP (i.e. 1.3.1 after 1.3.0) was out I have my routine to make a copy/paste of my KSP install and then looking mod for mod what's working and what's not. This way I have a stable/fallback KSP install and a new one. But I've seen modders releasing their mods only for the point release, might work too. hope this adds in help.
  12. [1.2.2] [0.9.5] KPBS/MKS Integration Pack

    np, glad you look into it! Yes, I believe it might just be good to have something equal like the "stock" KBPS containers. I would not mind you change the PR at your preference and idea but the current one if way too low tho. Idea: make it half the KBPS ones.
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    was a typo sorry LOL
  14. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    There we go: #1335