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  1. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    yeah, most people see Snacks as a "drive-by" LS mod and I wanted an option to have Snacks and it's recycler-features going along with other mods (even USI-LS). It's true having multiple LS mods installed is a headache summoner, thatfor I use only Snacks myself (it's the easiest to handle for me pesonally) If there is any interference with parts, please let me know.
  2. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    I'd like to add that I guess it cannot harm to mention the stuff I wrote (check out my signature links) because having more recyclers is not a shame!
  3. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.1

    KeridianDynamics .. another mod that is built upon EL
  4. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.1

    ok, well KJR Continued is not KJR/L from @Lisias. These are sort of different forks but works both equally. For me personally KJR/L is working better but might not cause a solution for the lift of your vessels. I also use KD and it's large square launchpad connected via KAS 2.0 resource fuel transfer connection Hose-70 (yellow one in docked mode), after all parts connected I apply the ground tether from MKS and my base is nailed down and there's no floating stuff anymore. I also apply or re-tggle the ground tether after I exchange parts. Hope this helps.
  5. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.1

    @LastStarDust mind I ask: Do you use WorldStabilizer? As far as my memory goes WS lifts all vessels/parts from ground and gently sets them back down. What helps me with my vessels is uninstalling WS and using only @Lisias's fork of KerbalJointReinforcement (KJR/L) that nails everything together like a charm, even to the ground. Also MKS' feature of attaching a ground tether is a very useful tool (doesn't count for the survey stake). Regards, hope this helped.
  6. LatiMacciato

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    I abandoned WS when I used @Lisias's KJR fork, then I tried the ferram4 ("official" continued version supported from CKAN) and now I still don't need it while hopping on KJR/L version again. I noticed the continued KJR from CKAN is sort of not that benchmarked but KJR/L (from @Lisias) works like a charm still. Before hopping on KSP 1.6 I did try WS without having a stable release for it so my mod hopping sort of makes sense I hope.
  7. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    @TanDeeJay try keeeping ./TriggerTech/KerbalAlarmClock/Plugin/Data/Data/settings.cfg. I believe the rest is saves in the savegame file. OT: Happy New Year everyone!
  8. @Nils277 mind I ask, shouldn't the mod support - parts (e.g. KIS parts) have this tag? PART:NEEDS[KIS] { // stuff } .. instead KIS parts only have PART { // stuff } EDIT: I noticed (after looking through the cfg files) only these are lacking of ":NEEDS[KIS]" KKAOSS_KIS_FuelTank (FuelTank_g.cfg) KKAOSS_KIS_FuelTank_small (FuelTank_small_g.cfg)
  9. Why not try it after making a backup of your KSP? It works flawless as far I seen on KSP 1.6.
  10. LatiMacciato

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    I have tested both fork's on KSP 1.6 both work as a charm there .. I can now have vessels with 150 parts again, thanks to everyone who puts effort, time and nerves into KJR. I just assume it's a hell of a work!
  11. LatiMacciato

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    greatfully tested in 1.6 .. as far I seen .. works flawless, unless the usual bugs like completed orbital resource transfers borking the orbital logistics window and causing NRE's (easy fix edit the savefile and remove completed transfers or all transfers). All in all I saw only performance improvements in stock adding up to everything else while using about 130 mods.
  12. LatiMacciato

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.6.0]

    maybe something forgotten to edit before upload, unless there's something weird going on. (editing this temp fixes it I assume)
  13. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.1

    That's fair enough. Yes, the wildcard search is not required nor mandatory under the current circumstances. Since every maintainer should take care of their parts (functionality-wise and mesh-wise) it's perfectly ok you tag the EL parts only. I'm glad I could help out and agree with the current policy of EL. Let's hope KSP 1.6 is not causing too much of an issue, I haven't had much time to see it yet. As for KSP 1.5.1 (which I'm at now) things doing good, including KIS/KAS. Oh I just had another idea for the pollution, a filter part that filters the converter's output. I like collecting and recycling resources. Otherwise If at some point KSP has a climate system (or some mod adds this) then this pollution resources could interact with it.
  14. LatiMacciato

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.1

    First of all CONGRATS! (loved the landing hehe) Since I wrote the patch for optional support for non-tagged parts I love the update and how the tags are now sorted in a useful manner, also I love the new parts. Can't wait to see them in action! I'm also aware that modders/maintainers need to add cck-el tags to their parts that are designed to use EL or should the tags be EL only? One more question: will we be able to cover at least partially the pollution of remelting/smelting the mats? Oh and maybe playing with KSP's part collision system is a partial solution for the drop rocket issue at the end of your video. Maybe KJR is in the way or has some issues inbetween there too but that is all guessing. It's yet amazing to see how your functions add up to KSP and other mods that making use of EL. Great Stuff!!
  15. Hiyas! Mind I ask, what you guys think about adding Power Couplers and Power Distributors (modules from MKS) to some Lynx parts? My suggestion would be: Lynx_Bumper - Power Coupler (range 250) Lynx_FrontPiece - Power Coupler (range 250) Lynx_FuelCell_Roof (potentially cheaty) - Power Coupler (range 250) Lynx_Cockpit & Lynx_CockpitTruck - Power Coupler (range 500) and Distributor (range 500) An updated KerbetrotterLtd/FelineUtilityRover/Patches/MKS.cfg according to the list above could be: this way some parts can be saved due to the nature of the idea of having rovers and disconnected vehicles/bases/etc. standalone config: --- Also another idea came through my mind, what about adding USI_InertialDampener to all Lynx_* parts? A standalone config suggestion might look like: