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  1. for me things are fine after the latest update! check the B9PartSwitch version, I'm using v2.16.0
  2. so far my script works just fine and was just made to evaluate the issue. I might need to check out the parts USI_Nuke_*, FTT_Service_375_01 and FTT_Reactor_500_01 but I assume they behave line the Duna/Tundra parts. my small script: I raised Issue #122 for this.
  3. HI! unsure if this is already mentioned or is issued already. the current version of MKS includes the Tundra and Duna PDU's (Power Distribution Unit's). These have an output of additional Xenon which is ok in first place, but then I saw 2 reactor controls in my equivalent parts ingame and checked out the NFE-configs. I saw there has some module name change happened in MKS, it's not called "ModuleResourceConverter_USI" but now I saw "USI_Converter" instead. I'm also not sure if there will be a change, if MKS ever will be compiled for KSP 1.9.1. EDIT: possibly all other reactors are effected aswell, having other converter module names, just FYI. NFE is version (built for KSP 1.9.99 max) MKS is version (built for KSP 1.8.9 max) I have "manually" removed the modules "USI_Converter" by an own script and hope there will be adjustments for one of the next releases of NFE. Thank you
  4. I haven't, but regardless created a new one in your repo here ty for your work!
  5. well I manually erased the old duplicates and took the new ones, unsure if that will bork any updated version. well it does work properly so far, one thing I still notice: If the ARP is bound to stock resources button then the GUI is visible if it were visible on last scene. I guess it should just hide if bound to KSP resource button and on scene load.
  6. Thanks for keeping up the work with ARP!
  7. @taniwha You're just amazing! Thank you very much for helping out! Shaders installed and the 2 other options is a very great help. Seriously .. I was searching for the 3 Buttons for 30 mins .. yes Blender is killing me LOL but the 2.80 interface looks WAAAY better! EDIT: I'm aware of this addon is not even alpha, tho I ran into this error when attempting to export mu file: EDIT 2: Hierarchy resorting helped! I had the RecycleField object/collider next to the main object, but should have been as part inside of the main mesh.
  8. First things first. I'm trying to figure out what you mean by using my example (without anims, just a basic part) of a new part I'm currently making. Blender Hierarchy: Part name as NULL object including "RecycleTarget" as NULL object "RecycleField" as mesh object does this now need an own ConvexHull collider? part model name as mesh object has a ConvexHull collider Also do I need to change the current config for KSP? current KSP config: So the RecycleField mesh now needs a collider that needs the name "RecycleField" or must have an extra key "RecycleField_name = RecycleField.collider" or is the key in the config file mandatory? Sorry for my few questions but thank you for the forum link for the texture topic, I haven't noticed this. EDIT: shader presets, yes now I can think of proposing parts or creating my own assembly hehe
  9. hiyas! I have recently updated KSP again (1.7.3) and noticed when I add any recycler in VAB/SPH the log is spammed with I don't know if this is currently known already (if yes --> sorry!) OT and not related to EL (except I try to make a small flat recycler ): Then I tried to add an own meshed part, apretty much easy mesh. I just start to understand Blender 2.80 but stuck with creating textures for that mesh with using your MU-add-on(latest). Is there any knowledge base I can use for how to handle textures for KSP? Otherwise I might get crazy by using Blender. Thank you!
  10. I did report already before the KSP 1.7.x -compatiblity (Snacks v1.12). Did you take my report into account?
  11. Hi there, I know you are playing with loads of mods (meaning your adopted mods) and therefore have little time. I hope this question is no bugger nor an issue. Is there any chance that Gitlab can also be used as source for KSP-AVC version files or does this need tinkering in the source? regards!
  12. is this a question? Indeed it works, even in 1.6.1 .. unsure if a recompile will appear or happen soon before any KSP main updates. *slurps coffee*
  13. There you go: PR #187 I hope this works out. changes: add general standard SoilRecycler to selected parts (rate = 1 snacks/seat/day, centrifuges using DeployedCrewCapacity) 50% boost for both greenhouses (10 snacks per day/double rate of stock lab) sspx-greenhouse-375-1: 30% boost EC usage and Snacks output in both modules (SoilRecycler, SnackProcessor) EDIT: I have no idea why the Travis CI failed, maybe it has nothing to do with the script I proposed. I'm new to that Travis CI.