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  1. [1.3.x] Contract Pack: Tourism Plus [v1.5.2] [2016-12-14]

    Technicially (for the game) your owning this Kerbal/vessel at that point you "fly" it from KSC view, which is made by design because as part of any Space Program you really don't own any visitors/tourists etc. Makes sense to me hehe. Glad it works for you too!
  2. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    You can build every saved vessel through EL. (assuming the new parts aswell)
  3. [1.3.x] Contract Pack: Tourism Plus [v1.5.2] [2016-12-14]

    well I completed both contracts because this is repeatable, thankfully hehe I suggest, right after you accepted this contract drive some ground rover kind vessel to the spot where they stand, switch to KSC view, there you have the 2 Kerbals shown up as vessels(?) hotspot in your view, pick one of them and enter your rover with him/her. Then show off a KSC tour I also installed waypoint manager as suggested in the OP, very very helpful! Regards
  4. [1.3] Hangar

    Hiyas again! Unsure if that is a new bug or something already known but I have CustomAsteroids installed, having a asteroid hatch attached and fixed permanently, then I attached a Mining Factory which will not activate the Harvester feature (I have tanks for resources attached!). potatoroid part: AsteroidDrill part: If I want to activate the harvester it shows 5% for a milisecond then like instantly turns off, is there anything I can do about it? NOTE: One thing I forgot to mention. when I first encountered this asteroid I grabbed it with a stock grapple to re-orbit it and have this asteroid hatch attached. After that I detatched this orbit-arrangement-vessel, but now I cannot mine it EDIT: I figured I need another engineer to tickle the activation. I built this Asteroid Drill vessel via EL where many engineers are available, then i brought that to this asteoid and it did not see the engineers somehow. However, bringing an engineer to this vessel tickled it. I forgot to activate the tanks, silly me! I can now mine it!!!
  5. If you are using MKS, attach any part that can toggle MKS' feature "ground tether" (maybe the 6k battery, square one) .. maybe that helps not having dancing bases Regards
  6. I haz a question for NFS! this line has still "", why is it not ""?
  7. KSP resolution fix for Linux

    Hi folks, I hope you don't mind if I share a working script that sets a certain resolution in settings.cfg via bash (should work on mostly all Linux OS'es). This is just a small snipped but I'm not sure where else to put that Feedback is welcome! Regards
  8. [1.3] Configurable Containers

    ok I'm sorry again, I really tend to edit my posts to prevent double-posts/spam. the mod I spoke about --> Snacks! Continued v1.8.0 - Friendly, Simplified Life Support If we find a solution how Soil can get the attribute/value UsefulVolumeRatio = 0.95 inside the Soil Category then I'd say I'm fine with the second way I was showing As far I seen Snacks and Soil are equally the same stats, weight, density .. I could be wrong tho. Means putting them in a seperate category (the first/easy way) might just be a solution for implention for now unless we figure how to set this UsefulVolumeRatio = 0.95 as special attibute for it unlike the other soil which is at 1. Hope it does make sense anyhow. Regards EDIT: There we go, hope that works too
  9. Hiyas @Angel-125 ! I assume I found a typo! The S-500 (1.25 round snack tank) should not contain 500 units of each, instead it should be 250 of both resources (Snacks and Soil). BTW: I'm working on a sorta patch for Configurable Containers to implent Snacks there (including a splitted version for Snacks/Soil) like your idea with the stock-Snacks-tanks. CC-Snacks-sorta-Patch Ty!!
  10. [1.3] Configurable Containers

    I'm trying to trace down Snacks and it's values to have that as indice for implentation in containers. so far the resource definition is Snack and Soil (waste which is deactivateable): density = 0.001, unitCost = .5, volume = 1 (I assume it is 1u/L too but I'm not sure tho) source Snacks also adds 50 Snack capacity per Kerbal for every crewable part (yes even the Spaceport :D), but no Soil Now .. how to determine if Soil is present and activated through Snacks so CC can show-off in any configurable container? (maybe I'm thinking too far .. possibly its just ok to add Soil likewise) Some Snack-containers have the option to have Snacks and Soil in a 1:1 relationship. Possibly its good to have 3 options on a Snacks category, like Snacks (10u/10L), Soil (10u/10L), or Sacks & Soil (5u/5L). I hope this makes sense EDIT: Ok, I cannot remember when I restarted KSP the last time so often just to test "some" values there are 2 ways to properly implent Snacks and Soil first idea --> give SnackLS an own category (the easy way) second idea --> give Snacks and Soil a place to be without an own category (the more appropiate, proper, but still fitting-the-idea-of-this-mod-way) I personally prefer the first method because it doesn't interfer with any other LS tho (plus it's shorter code). Sorry for stealing off your work @allista, but I just wanna help improving Regards
  11. [1.3] Hangar

    still a good workaround for now since not using ART so 'roids are small eg: it's ok to have 1 hatch per astro I'm thankful you look into it! right, I forgot .. if you wish I can try to calculate for snacks, unless there's some volunteer (I might reply to CC thread cuz this is Hangar)
  12. [1.3] Hangar

    I has a smaller minor "bug" (not quite an issue tho!) I guess an asteroid is not supposed to have two hatches. At least what happens is if you have the Asteroid Hatch and the Structural Grapple Device both fixed, go somewhere else (KSC or anywhere else) then going back to that experiment the asteroid starts wobbling and finally break apart (the Asteroid Hatch went off first). I assume somewhere on the line the physics are just partying hard then .. so an easy advice: 1 hatch per asteroid might be safe oh and one more thing: I love how i just need about 1 part of so many different resources!! Really enjoying KSP again! ty @allista !!! EDIT: I forgot to make a request .. mind I ask, would it be possible and/or is this fitting your idea of Hangar to store Snacks/Soil (waste product if it is activated through options config)?
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    ty for clearance, I'm testing the Rock output of an astro without having ART. Yes that 'roids massively grow is 1 point why I prefer @allista's Hangar which also saves ALOT parts! Instead of having 16 parts I have 1 now.
  14. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    possibly all MKS parts that outputting Rock might need that hook too. (eg. Tundra Refinery, etc) What me surprized was to see even the Nuclear Fuel Plant outputs Rock LOL EDIT: Wait .. I just checked .. the drills don't say Rock as output!! Does it mean that I will get Rock from asteroids and/or capable parts anyways? I start to believe that I can ignore that resource unless I wish to get extra-funds unless I install/use ART. Is that correct?
  15. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    The editor/VAB description tells me that, yes. Also all logistics containers can contain Rock, untested in field yet. I'm very relieved this resource is added by mistake (sorta) without having ART.