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  1. @taniwha You're just amazing! Thank you very much for helping out! Shaders installed and the 2 other options is a very great help. Seriously .. I was searching for the 3 Buttons for 30 mins .. yes Blender is killing me LOL but the 2.80 interface looks WAAAY better! EDIT: I'm aware of this addon is not even alpha, tho I ran into this error when attempting to export mu file: EDIT 2: Hierarchy resorting helped! I had the RecycleField object/collider next to the main object, but should have been as part inside of the main mesh.
  2. First things first. I'm trying to figure out what you mean by using my example (without anims, just a basic part) of a new part I'm currently making. Blender Hierarchy: Part name as NULL object including "RecycleTarget" as NULL object "RecycleField" as mesh object does this now need an own ConvexHull collider? part model name as mesh object has a ConvexHull collider Also do I need to change the current config for KSP? current KSP config: So the RecycleField mesh now needs a collider that needs the name "RecycleField" or must have an extra key "RecycleField_name = RecycleField.collider" or is the key in the config file mandatory? Sorry for my few questions but thank you for the forum link for the texture topic, I haven't noticed this. EDIT: shader presets, yes now I can think of proposing parts or creating my own assembly hehe
  3. hiyas! I have recently updated KSP again (1.7.3) and noticed when I add any recycler in VAB/SPH the log is spammed with I don't know if this is currently known already (if yes --> sorry!) OT and not related to EL (except I try to make a small flat recycler ): Then I tried to add an own meshed part, apretty much easy mesh. I just start to understand Blender 2.80 but stuck with creating textures for that mesh with using your MU-add-on(latest). Is there any knowledge base I can use for how to handle textures for KSP? Otherwise I might get crazy by using Blender. Thank you!
  4. I did report already before the KSP 1.7.x -compatiblity (Snacks v1.12). Did you take my report into account?
  5. My mistake, I'm sorry! Next time I try beeing wiser.
  6. Hi there, I know you are playing with loads of mods (meaning your adopted mods) and therefore have little time. I hope this question is no bugger nor an issue. Is there any chance that Gitlab can also be used as source for KSP-AVC version files or does this need tinkering in the source? regards!
  7. is this a question? Indeed it works, even in 1.6.1 .. unsure if a recompile will appear or happen soon before any KSP main updates. *slurps coffee*
  8. There you go: PR #187 I hope this works out. changes: add general standard SoilRecycler to selected parts (rate = 1 snacks/seat/day, centrifuges using DeployedCrewCapacity) 50% boost for both greenhouses (10 snacks per day/double rate of stock lab) sspx-greenhouse-375-1: 30% boost EC usage and Snacks output in both modules (SoilRecycler, SnackProcessor) EDIT: I have no idea why the Travis CI failed, maybe it has nothing to do with the script I proposed. I'm new to that Travis CI.
  9. @Nertea I hope you don't mind I ask. Since the latest snacks-release the numbers changed, would you mind I propose a new cfg file for the recycler modules? I'm currently working on finding the right values for my recycler-configs (check my sig) so I thaught why not asking here.
  10. no worries, sounds good and ty for response EDIT: SoilRecycler rates update!! new finetuned standard rates for parts that use SoilRecycler modules 2 Snacks/Soil per seat per day (at 100% efficiency set) corrections grab the latest versions HERE | gitlab-repo | Feedback is always welcome! EDIT2 (another bug-report): I guess the math is basically incorrectly. Test conditions: 1 Snacks per meal, 1 meal per day 100% recycler & production efficiency ~4 Soil and 0 Snacks in the vessel Results using ARP (alternate resource panel): 0 Kerbals --> ~4 days 1 Sci Kerbals --> ~6 days 2 Sci Kerbals --> ~8 days This might just be another bug, in any case it breaks the recycler functionality! Also I notice a couple of these: I just assume the recycler-efficiency is not applying correctly at some place, regardless of setting the recycler efficiency at 10, 50 and 100% it always applies the same rate of conversation of Soil to Snacks. The above errors appear when I start a vessel at the launchpad. I guess I might just patch the conversation rate for now with snacks-recyclers instead modifying the RecyclerCapacity until there is a patch out. I hope this post is somehow helpful since I know it's abit cluttered.
  11. Some things that came through my mind: Is there any documentation about the new SnackConverter part modules or are they basicialy SnacksProcessor (for snack production) and SnacksRecycler (for soil recycling)? Is it a bug, that Soil beeing converted even if Snacks is full and AutoShutdown is set to true? I'm going to update my recyclers repo when I tested the new numbers. other than that, awesome update!
  12. yeah, most people see Snacks as a "drive-by" LS mod and I wanted an option to have Snacks and it's recycler-features going along with other mods (even USI-LS). It's true having multiple LS mods installed is a headache summoner, thatfor I use only Snacks myself (it's the easiest to handle for me pesonally) If there is any interference with parts, please let me know.
  13. I'd like to add that I guess it cannot harm to mention the stuff I wrote (check out my signature links) because having more recyclers is not a shame!
  14. KeridianDynamics .. another mod that is built upon EL
  15. ok, well KJR Continued is not KJR/L from @Lisias. These are sort of different forks but works both equally. For me personally KJR/L is working better but might not cause a solution for the lift of your vessels. I also use KD and it's large square launchpad connected via KAS 2.0 resource fuel transfer connection Hose-70 (yellow one in docked mode), after all parts connected I apply the ground tether from MKS and my base is nailed down and there's no floating stuff anymore. I also apply or re-tggle the ground tether after I exchange parts. Hope this helps.
  16. @LastStarDust mind I ask: Do you use WorldStabilizer? As far as my memory goes WS lifts all vessels/parts from ground and gently sets them back down. What helps me with my vessels is uninstalling WS and using only @Lisias's fork of KerbalJointReinforcement (KJR/L) that nails everything together like a charm, even to the ground. Also MKS' feature of attaching a ground tether is a very useful tool (doesn't count for the survey stake). Regards, hope this helped.
  17. I abandoned WS when I used @Lisias's KJR fork, then I tried the ferram4 ("official" continued version supported from CKAN) and now I still don't need it while hopping on KJR/L version again. I noticed the continued KJR from CKAN is sort of not that benchmarked but KJR/L (from @Lisias) works like a charm still. Before hopping on KSP 1.6 I did try WS without having a stable release for it so my mod hopping sort of makes sense I hope.
  18. @TanDeeJay try keeeping ./TriggerTech/KerbalAlarmClock/Plugin/Data/Data/settings.cfg. I believe the rest is saves in the savegame file. OT: Happy New Year everyone!
  19. @Nils277 mind I ask, shouldn't the mod support - parts (e.g. KIS parts) have this tag? PART:NEEDS[KIS] { // stuff } .. instead KIS parts only have PART { // stuff } EDIT: I noticed (after looking through the cfg files) only these are lacking of ":NEEDS[KIS]" KKAOSS_KIS_FuelTank (FuelTank_g.cfg) KKAOSS_KIS_FuelTank_small (FuelTank_small_g.cfg)
  20. Why not try it after making a backup of your KSP? It works flawless as far I seen on KSP 1.6.
  21. I have tested both fork's on KSP 1.6 both work as a charm there .. I can now have vessels with 150 parts again, thanks to everyone who puts effort, time and nerves into KJR. I just assume it's a hell of a work!
  22. greatfully tested in 1.6 .. as far I seen .. works flawless, unless the usual bugs like completed orbital resource transfers borking the orbital logistics window and causing NRE's (easy fix edit the savefile and remove completed transfers or all transfers). All in all I saw only performance improvements in stock adding up to everything else while using about 130 mods.
  23. maybe something forgotten to edit before upload, unless there's something weird going on. (editing this temp fixes it I assume)
  24. That's fair enough. Yes, the wildcard search is not required nor mandatory under the current circumstances. Since every maintainer should take care of their parts (functionality-wise and mesh-wise) it's perfectly ok you tag the EL parts only. I'm glad I could help out and agree with the current policy of EL. Let's hope KSP 1.6 is not causing too much of an issue, I haven't had much time to see it yet. As for KSP 1.5.1 (which I'm at now) things doing good, including KIS/KAS. Oh I just had another idea for the pollution, a filter part that filters the converter's output. I like collecting and recycling resources. Otherwise If at some point KSP has a climate system (or some mod adds this) then this pollution resources could interact with it.