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  1. Any ideas how to hook up to the ModuleProceduralFairing.DeployFairing call? My FlightOperations mod needs to track fairing deploy and jettison events. They don't seem to fire any obvious global events. Any ideas? I suspect the answer for this will apply to a great many of the part events I need to connect to.
  2. I've been working on a redesign of my alpha FlightOperations mod. Currently I have the following events in my tracking subsystem: Rollout Launch Atmospheric: Mach, Max Q Stage: Booster Separation, Stage Separation Engine Cutoff: BECO, MECO, SECO, etc. Engine Start: Main Engine Start, Booster Engine Start, numbered starts Recovered Deorbit Burn Entry Interface Landed: Splashdown, Landed Still to do: Docking: Docking working, Undocking problematic due to relinking mission & flight Destroyed Orbit: Orbit, Transfer Injection, Capture completed, still need "named orbits" LKO, GKO, MTO etc. Separation burn Fairing Jettison Open Chutes Deploy Solar Panels Pitch & Roll Start Throttle Down Throttle At Soft Landing Burn Deploy payload/spacecraft separation Malfunction: Damage, Collision, Malfunction Loss of signal Acquisition of signal Crew: Transfer, EVA, etc. Happy to add more events to the tracking as required. I track the lifetime costs, science, contracts achieved for a flight. I display the events when they happen as a screen message as well as have a dialog window which shows them with their MET. I also store the events as an event stream stored against the vessel nodes so they can be "mined" for more data, in fact this is how I generate some of the "synthetic" events. My intention is to also raise them via an add-on accessible interface. Unfortunately I recently emigrated to a new country and started a quite challenging job so I went dark for quite a while. Started up again recently, but still have a lot of work to do for a releasable version. I can share more detail and chat as to how aligned these ideas are.
  3. Just a quick update. I'm working on a bug for the renaming when you revert a flight, and a couple related to displaying the events. I've also begun adding in flight events again. There's now an inflight popup where you can view the events, but they also appear as normal screen notifications as they happen. Mach and Max Q events Separation Events I distinguish between booster separation (radial), and core separation. Core separations get a number, and I count the number of boosters separate. Flight Events Popup Here you can see the popup of the flight events so far. This has a standard "hover over" behaviour.
  4. Yeah I did, that's where I found out about the move of some of the functionality to KRASH and HoloDeck.
  5. @Deimos Rast @evileye.x KCT support is going to be tricky. KCT doesn't have an API, and the simulation portion is getting moved to KRASH, which does have an API. So, it looks like I'll have to provide KRASH support rather than KCT support for simulations. Okay, it looks like I'm approaching stability on the Flight Naming feature. Here's the skinny: All flights are numbered based on the "underlying" vessel name A vessel name can include formatting for the numbering The formatting can be one or more hash signs, which indicate zero padded numbers, e.g. # becomes 1, ## becomes 01, etc. The hashes can be at the beginning or end of the name, e.g. "## AeroEquus" or "AeroEquus #". The formatting can also be a dollar sign, which indicated roman numerals. Only one dollar sign is supported. Can also be at the beginning, or the end, e.g. "AeroEquus $" becomes "AeroEquus IV" if it's the third. You can swap formatting without affecting the count. So you could have "AeroEquus 1", "AeroEquus-02", "III AeroEquus", all using the same "underlying" of "AeroEquus". If you have no formatting, the default naming format, controlled in Settings will be used. This will always be equivalent to either "AeroEquus #" or "AeroEquus $", depending on your setting.
  6. Hitting the Escape key should do it. Either that, or wait for the new version, I'm afraid :-( Working on it as fast as I can, but between packing up the house and critical work projects, time is a bit...constrained.
  7. Here's a view of the Settings page as I have it so far, with just the flight naming options in for now. I'm going to have a first re-release soon with basically just flight naming in place. I'll make sure it works with KCT before that release. I'll then extend the vessel view (hover over the FO icon) to include some event data, and then add the Flight History view, and finally include a full telemetry view. The next step will be to make telemetry "play nice" with mods that would be expected to impact telemetry feeds, e.g. MechJeb, Telemachus, RemoteTech etc. And yes, I have been inspired by the Kerbalism UI. Really liked it when I installed it a few days ago.
  8. @genericeventhandler One of the main things the rewrite is addressing is the save system. I now create a "Missions" folder under the save folder location that contains the telemetry, event, and flight history records. I also want to add a setting that allows you to control how long to keep the detailed data for (flight history summary would be kept forever), as well as an UI mechanism to "purge" old data. @Filigan Can you provide some clarity on exactly what you mean by "and consider to replace "launch numbering" with this, since you provide more options aka roman nubmers"
  9. Hi, thanks for the report. Currently I do not test against any other mods, but KCT is one of the main ones I want to be compatible with. I'm going to try and have an updated release as soon as I can, but RL is intruding quite a lot I'm afraid, emigrating to a new country.
  10. @Aperture Science Employee I didn't see anything. Did you send it to my gmail account? As for transparent or not, I'm not sure. I'll give it a try transparent and let you know. Thanks!
  11. Okay, I've got a few of the events onto the telemetry feed. The following flight events are being captured: Rollout - RolledOutDate, DryCost, FuelCost, DryMass, FuelMass, TotalCost, TotalMass, Pilot, Crew, Passengers Launch - LaunchDate Orbit Achieved Stage Separated - Stage, StageMass, StageCost I still need to add: Contract Completed Destroyed Recovered Stage Destroyed The telemetry feed is sampled every second, or at flight events. The feed contains the following data points: MissionTime, VesselID, Acceleration, Altitude, AngularVelocity, AtmosphericDensity, DynamicPressure, ExternalTemperature, HeightFromTerrain, Latitude, Longitude, OrbitalVelocity, SurfaceSpeed, SurfaceVelocity, TerrainHeight, VerticalSpeed, ReferenceBody, RelativeVelocity, Periapsis, Apoapsis, TimeToApoapsis, TimeToPeriapsis, Inclination, Eccentricity, Epoch, OrbitalPeriod, ArgumentOfPeriapsis, TimeToTransition1, TimeToTransition2, SemiMajorAxis, LongitudeOfAscendingNode, MeanAnomalyAtEpoch, TimeOfPeriapsisPassage, TrueAnomaly, Throttle, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, PitchTrim, YawTrim, RollTrim, X, Y, Z, FuelFlow, Thrust, Available, Consumption, Flight Event Lots of data, but it does take some space. 184KB for a launch to orbit. I do have some plans to reduce this size, but not going to worry about it too much for now. But basically, once a flight is "finished", the telemetry data will be deleted, or archived (based on settings), and summarised into flight history.
  12. Yeah, sorry guys. RL intruded a touch. I've got the telemetry capture going, and am busy adding the flight events to the feed as well. Once that's done I'll move back to showing flight history, including in progress flights. Sorry for the delay!
  13. Hi all, since this was my first mod ever, I'm going back to the drawing board on some stuff. I'll release the "updated" version in a new GitHub project for now, until it's reached feature parity with the current release. The "updated" version will focus on telemetry to start, and THEN progress to flight history, which is really the proper way to do it. I also want to have a better view of "in progress" flights. Shouldn't take long to get back to parity though. And because I love giving myself too much to do, I've also been working on an associated mod to help organise your craft files as well, but that will be an optional mod for Flight Operations, they'll just do some things better together (naming for example). Will add the link once it's ready for testing too.
  14. Yeah that's what I tried, but nothing. I think there must be some step that maybe Mac Unity developers know but isn't in your instructions. Because I followed your instructions to the letter, and it does not work.
  15. Yeah I did. Just to be clear, the UnityPlayer renamed to KSP_x64_Dbg.app will not run AT ALL. So it doesn't actually matter about the the PlayerConnectionFile, since I don't even get a UI. Nothing happens. You execute, and the app flashes and closes. No logs, no messages, nothing. This happens no matter what I try and do with the UnityPlayer.app