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  1. Hello, I was wondering if and how this will work with the Real Solar System mod? I tried changing the .cfg file to read "Io" and "Jupiter" but it seems to not do anything! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Oh I know Yuri! It's just for my own visualization! Speed unit changer now won't work on KSP 1.1.3. Boohoo!
  3. @sarbianSame here no throttle up after warp to circularize. Same issue in maneuver planner, all was fine until 1.1.3 update for Kerbal Using Mechjeb 2.5.8 build 599 dev. Sandbox mode  I install through Ckan compatible setting https://www.dropbox.com/s/vm52didja5oh5bb/output_log.txt?dl=0

    I have completely uninstalled KSP, deleted the old directories and re-installed. Same issue even with Mechjeb as the only mod I have this issue. I love your mod and really appreciate all the hard work you do for us!

    I am not trying to be a pain in the ass, I am just new here and not sure you are seeing my post! Sorry if I have annoyed you!

  4. Thanks all especially SSgt Baloo ! Speed unit changer did exactly what I wanted! It will actually help me learn metric better! Now I can see BOTH measures on screen! Thanks! I realized I don't really need to change everything, just speed and distance.
  5. Is there a mod or a way to switch the program (I don't call it a game it's too awesome for that!) to the imperial (feet/miles etc...) system? I already know metric is considered to be superior so I'm not interested in a million comments to that effect! I was born and raised in the Imperial system and it's my "native" system. I can't mentally picture Earths atmosphere extending 135000 meters, but 83.8 miles I can relate to. I know this is my handicap but almost every other program you use has both systems built in. I would like to try to create this mod if anybody can guide me to do this! Thanks.
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