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  1. P.S. I used minor footage from Squad's 'Asteroid Redirect Mission' and 'At The Kerbal Space Center' videos.
  2. Whoah, I was following Nassault, but I didn't even see that! Gonna check this thing out sometime. I am accomplishing some stuff by the way. I made some of the ship model parts myself (I may not need already-done models at all!), and my voice-Kerbaliser-ish-sound-alterer thing seems to work (I think it will basically be Kerbalised gibberish with subtitles). I also found some nice music...
  3. Yup, it is right. I'm planning to make an animated KSP movie. (Now you read the first sentence, please don't yell "WHEN IT WILL COME OUT!" I have the general idea of a story: Years after (actually, 100 000's of years after) Voyager 1 """somehow""" ends up in a trajectory towards Kerbol as Kerbals discover it. Having no idea what it is, Mission Control will suspiciously redirect an "asteroid redirect" mission secretly to find out about the alien device, which will cause some rumours to spread through Kerbals. It will be a little like 2001, but, er..., in a Kerbal way, monolith replace
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