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  1. Let me start by saying thank you Galileo for this amazing pack It has made KSP more addictive than it already was. I have a question regarding the install of 1.2. I am running v1.1 with a ton of mods installed and everything is working. What is the procedure for installing 1.2 over 1.1 and what do i have to do regarding bundled mods? did anything change in the bundled ones that would require an update. (can i just replace the GPP folder with the new GPP folder?) thanks again
  2. Okay so i dropped it in the IR utility folder again and still the same problem. So then i made a new copy of base GPP with just IR installed and dropped it in and replaced the old DLL and it worked So now i was very confused why it didn't work on my main install. Long troubleshooting procedure later, It turns out that it was grabbing the wrong dll file vv I had renamed the original to IRSurfaceSampler(old).dll and left it in the folder and for what ever reason it wasn't using the new dll. all i did was delete the old dll that i had renamed and the damn thing worked
  3. That is a neat rover, also i will try again tomorrow when i get some play time.
  4. I grabbed your copy and replaced the dll in there but it still has the same problems. im testing off the runway to the left on Gael
  5. I am also using GPP and everything IR is working except the sampler. What was your solution to fix this? so far, finger crossed, this is the last problem i'm having with a heavily modded game that i'm shocked has run extremely smoothly.. minus giant red spear arrow things on some of my crafts some of the time that i can't duplicate at will.. Edit: In the midst of me testing my creation over and over the red arrow has reappeared. Does anyone know what this is? Does it have something to do with IR?
  6. I get only contracts that say "launch, run and return to kerbin [station science module]" but they all seem to work. if you can manage to get the big stuff up in orbit early on in career these contracts are quite easy to accomplish. Great MOD, Thank you for making this and hopefully for continued support.
  7. I made that edit mentioned in previous posts to KJR config. should i undo that and KJR is happy with IR now?
  8. Edit: I am using 2.0.8 in case that's the first solution So i'm starting to incorporate more robotic joints and extending parts into my creations on career and i've come across a strange bug that i can't reproduce every time. In my newest craft i have placed 3x 90 degree pivots to lower antenna and science packages outwards away from the craft. Works perfectly in VAB Works perfectly on launchpad Works on route to Mun However when i finally get it in the proper orbit of the Mun i click the go to next setpoint for the pivots and they instantly invert and flip into
  9. Do I delete the assetbundles folder from 2.0.8 prior to copying it to gamedata or do i let it replace as well?
  10. Cool thanks for the info. I have noticed that the plant growth experiment is in my parts list but i don't have any contracts for it. I do have contract configurator. perhaps something else has borked it though, gonna reinstall everything now that 95% of my mods are 1.2.1 ready.
  11. So sorry for wasting your time pellinor. I can't believe i missed that crucial problem lol. I use CKAN but i was duplicating my builds for my home and on the road PC. Somehow i didn't copy the dll file for MM but CKAN was reporting it was still there fully updated. I dropped the newest DLL in my gamedata and viola! tweakscale works perfectly again Thanks again for all your help and for making such an awesome mod! I couldn't play without it.
  12. Okay, hope this works. First time using dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xesn0yw2e93803v/output_log.txt?dl=0 If you need a list of mods i have installed let me know. Thanks
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