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  1. Not at the present moment, but there's some parallel development going on on that front. there's a Github link in the description.
  2. Go to BDA+. If issues continue pursue help there instead.
  3. Well, originally it was a normal fragmentation shell, but I decided to have a little bit of fun… no one said the things I make have to be “performant” or “reasonable”
  4. The gun (.50 turret in this case) will draw resources from the ammoName line ammoName = 50CalAmmo whereas bullet type is set on the... bulletType line, so resource draw and shell fired are separate from each other ammoName = 50CalAmmo bulletType = 12.7mmBullet; 12.7mmAPIBullet So, if you set the .50cal to shoot nuclear ratshot it'll still draw from those nice little .50cal bins, as long as you don't change the ammo drawn to something more reasonable
  5. for even more fun BULLET { name = 18inchISIJN caliber = 25 bulletVelocity = 805 bulletMass = 1360 //HE Bullet Values explosive = True tntMass = 1 fuzeType = Timed projectileColor = 254, 185, 0, 160 //RGBA 0-255 fadeColor = False startColor = 254, 185, 25, 120 beehive = true subMunitionType = 18inchFRAGJN apBulletMod = 0 bulletDragTypeName = AnalyticEstimate } BULLET { name = 18inchFRAGJN caliber = 25 bulletVelocity = 1600 bulletMass = 4 //HE Bullet Values explosive = False tntMass = 1 fuzeType = Timed nuclear = true incendiary = True projectileColor = 254, 185, 0, 160 //RGBA 0-255 fadeColor = False startColor = 254, 185, 25, 120 subProjectileCount = 600 apBulletMod = 0.5 bulletDragTypeName = AnalyticEstimate } add this to a CFG, and then give your desired gun 18inchISJN nuclear ratshot
  6. For fun, pick any shelltype you like in bulletdef, and add this line nuclear = true
  7. You can, of course, just copy the part folders instead of overriding the CFGs if you want to have both parts available you would have to change the edited part’s name from say “bahaclusterbomblaser” to “verywittytitle” or some other unique title to prevent overwriting
  8. awoken is thee @Spaceman.Spiff Hulloooo
  9. Exports the paths of crafts out for use in 3D modeling stuff- pretty useless due to some of unity’s unique traits
  10. Minor “bug”, BDA update changed how weapons with multiple firetransforms work, so weapons with multiple barrels now don’t fire as fast as they should. For example the Challenger Marksman fires at a total of 550 rounds per minute instead of 550 RPM per barrel now.
  11. How do you implement transparency into a config? Could you give an example?
  12. While we’re necromancing a two-year dead thread, I’d like to add that that Pwings are incompatible with this mod for probably very good reasons
  13. Any way to make a part (a Pwing in this case) have a transparent texture?
  14. The chaos is also intended to make salvo firing rapid fire weapons look a bit more random and less robotic, so that's honestly an intended feature.
  15. It is in fact the most likely state of the BDArmory mod. Not only does dev team have to work with and around the spaghetti that is KSP, they also have to deal with the fact that the mod is what, the better half of a decade old now? The mod has seen four forum posts and changed hands three times, with dozens of contributors, not mentioning it’s various subsidiaries. The fact that it gets updates at all is something to be thankful for, even if devmans won’t add half my cosmetic ideas. On that note. SI said I can’t have “target random part” because it doesn’t make sense in the plane meta, but ships fight really stupid with the current options and tanks look really dumb, so can we have that? I know we had it at some point, maybe have it select a new part every few seconds. Also, some sort of reload rate randomization option for weapons in salvo would be appreciated for warship builders. I know barrage mode exists, but salvo mode is by far the more consistent firing mode when working with large weapon groups. A slider or something to randomly shift/offset reloads by a range of a couple percentage points or so would create a much more convincing “rippling” salvoes.
  16. tanks in field BVR duel Antishipping strike, inbound Hits scored Combined Fleet heavy cruiser sinking fast Light cruiser, lost in action
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