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  1. BeardyPenguin and TAPE Gaming's Kerbol Rising? They were having the battles in geosynchronous orbits because of the problems of fighting anywhere else.
  2. Gets gloop Inserts gloop
  3. But the tellytubbies were Kerbin, and Kerbin was the tellytubbies- and Jeb xtill had no tacos!!
  4. recieves a small, floating button. Upon it are these words: "Revert to 0.17" Inserts chicken
  5. This cess-Jool of a forum has too many Jools, im too Joo-lish to come up with any Jool ideas. however, I do know that I Jool over Jool. Im my treasury are many sparkling Jools, in my factories the workers use the finest Jools, to produce the finest reactors which create peta-jools of energy. My children enter the Jools, Jools of all kinds, and take field trips to the Great Whirl-Jool, super Jool! I am not a Jool leader, I am benevolent, but when my enemies come my fleets Jool up their Jool tanks, Jool up their Jool railguns. they Co-jool-inate their strikes, firing with the precision of a sharp-Jool-er. In this way, they make my kingdom safe of any threats, and bring under my Jool-t. Let my enemies be bam-Jool-zeld, and let the Jool-ns they send fall. For my Jool is eternal, and I shall penetrate the everlasting g-Jool-m whew that took a while
  6. Dawn of War 3 is the best one HOTS had the best story out of all the SC2 campaigns Terraria is a ripoff of minecraft Roblox is a ripoff of minecraft Roblox Skyblock ok maybe most of these don't trigger that hard
  7. so i suppose our OP did have fringe elements of Making History involved, he's not so dense after all!
  8. Compressed Soylent Green dust what did you think happened to kerbals when they went poof
  9. I would be most grateful if you could create a version for 1.8, yes.
  10. i dont fly my ships into space with rockets
  11. Ooooooooh! The Sidean Hegemony wants in! Time willing, I'll have a few naval and air force units propped up and ready. Haven't done this in some time.
  12. Thx for joining, mafia approves thx for leaving, mafia doesn't care CMERE MATE WE WANT YOU @GRS
  13. We shall bring him back from the grave @GRS
  14. No mention! no guess! You've ended it all! @GRS
  15. And you forgot to quote anyone. It's over. ... ... ... ... ... @Dirkidirk
  16. I havent died yet. Jebaited. Did you purposely create that name just for the sake of unmentionability? @Servo
  17. Starsector. Pretty great, mount and blade in SPESSSSS also cheap (may as well be free with the lack of drm cuz dev is a legend), getting updates, and generally not talked about enough. And the dev cares about the community. I'm creating an advertisement. I don't care.
  18. Return to not dead! Then I'll die again, leaving my name here as guess bait. @Dirkidirk
  19. It's a different corporation, making a new game with a new investment. KSP2 is not being coded with funds from KSP1 DLC.
  20. Veteran player here, I don't think we should get the game for free. More money to the devs to improve the game, no? Discounts are interesting though. My brother bought Spintires, and when the next game in that series came out the new devs gave all the old Spintires players a permanent 50% discount on Mudrunner. Not that I'm saying that that should apply to KSP but it is an interesting thing to think about.