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  1. You're welcome :), no the launchtowers are normally included in the FASA pack. Just search for tower in the searchbar and you'll get it if I'm right
  2. @kurgut, the launchtowers I use are from FASA. You can also download the FASA towers standalone if you dont feel the need for using any other FASA parts.
  3. DrLicor

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    indeed, the link is also in the spreadsheet from RO.
  4. DrLicor

    [Mod Request] Modular engine mod

    The only 'engine' thats modulair, are the SRB's from SSTU and Procedural Parts. Maybe you could try with those
  5. @hypervelocity Thanks!. The shuttle itself is around 15-16 tons. Without the RCS it has a delta-V around 800 m/s. So its more than enough for transporting to the space station, even from a bit relative inclined orbit. Mostly I calculate a 200m/s for finishing a parking orbit so all the rocket pieces fall back to earth, and 120 m/s for a reentry burn. The rest is for manoeuvres which will be plenty. I decided to strap the rocket on top of a rocket instead of on the side. I might a maiden flight with it and everything did go well, however, I did make some changes to the first stage of the rocket. I decided to get 9 Merlin-1 engines and 6 SRB's for liftoff. 2 will burn out in 60 seconds, the other 4 burn out 30 seconds later. I was ably to achieve a much more stable TWR this way. The second stage staayed the same and is powered by 4 RL-10's. Sadly I dont have pictures uploaded from that flight yet, but I'll do that later this day. Here are some pictures of the maiden flight:
  6. DrLicor

    cant use more than 2x symmetry

    As @Gargamel said, you've two modes for placing parts, toggleable with 'R' or by clicking the icon on under the parts tab. Mirrored. comes in very handy when building planes, and radial, that lets you use more then 2x symmetry. Mirrored-mode is default in the SPH and radial-mode in the VAB.
  7. DrLicor

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Thanks! Yep, I this is a 1.2.2. I actually tried a RSS/RO build on 1.3.x. But its not stable enough for me (visuals and gameplay). Also, RP-0 doesnt work fully yet on that version, so I'll stick with 1.2.2 for a while.
  8. DrLicor

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Haha okay thanks. Yeah those are the wonders of rss highest textures, scatterer and rssve.
  9. Well, quite some time since I posted something 'craft'ish here, so here we go: At the moment I'm developing a MK-1 space shuttle for crew missions only. I got space for 2 astronauts in the cockpit and for in the back, but most of the time only 3 people in total will be flown with this I think. At the back it got 2 Astris engines that are running on NTO and Aerozine50 as usual. In the bay it got a structure with a docking port on it so it can dock with the station. There are also some solar panels and some fuel tanks for the RCS installed there, however, I didnt install any RCS-thrusters yet. The rudder is equipped with a split rudder for a smooth reentry and airbrake where needed. I only did one test run and it went quite well. The vehicle is stable and able to land very nicely, here are some shots of it. More coming soonTM And ofcourse, if you have any suggestions, let me know.
  10. DrLicor

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Nice duna shot. (PS: those are some KSP shots I got there, but I assume you're joking right?)
  11. DrLicor

    ANOTHER how to load KSP faster (1.4.3)

    I got 44000 MM-patches, KSP installed on a SSD, when it doesnt load the patches from the cache, its about 10min to load and with loading the patches from cache, it will load in within the 5 minutes... Thats on a new build. My old laptop did it in twice the time, max. + how big is your KSP, when it needs to load more files than it has avaiable in RAM, it will use the HDD or SSD for storing, which are way, way slower... So that effect will kick in when you have too many mods. How long does it take to load a stock vanilla KSP?
  12. DrLicor

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Here's a station in LEO around 400km. With a CrewReturnVehicle and a StationSupplyVehicle docked to it:
  13. If I'm right, that bit comes with the tank when you attach it to something.
  14. @DylanSemrau, the new version of RO fixed the problem Thanks (again) @raidernick and the RO-team for keeping up the good work.
  15. I got the same issue indeed. But saw that theres a new version of RO available. I'll test that first, it the issue remains, I'll post some further logs/proper bug report.