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  1. is there any dev build for 1.2? or is it 1.2 compatible? I have a lot of mods that rely on 1.2, so I can't play on 1.1.3 So I just found that you have a 1.2 on GitHub, oops me.
  2. Thankyou, the rockets work now!
  3. so now that I'm launching rockets, the Orion service module's decoulper likes to bend and snap during launches, so when the G's get to high (even with throttle adjustments) or I start to gravity turn, the CM snaps off, and the entire rocket explodes hitting it. I've tried installing ferram aerospace, but that isn't compatible with ksp 1.2
  4. so I was looking at some other craft, and had to install realchute, after I did that, it fixed the problem. I didn't know that realchute was needed. anyway, thanks.
  5. For some reason, the "Orion CM Parachutes SW-PC-01" don't work. they don't even appear as something to stage with.