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  1. @Ravenchant any chance you still have any interest in the RO/RP-0 patching? Took a hiatus from KSP and this was the first thing I thought of when I got back . If not I'll give it a crack myself and try and get a polished patch working, just thought I'd ask first as your work is basically guaranteed to be better than mine . Keep up the great work guys!
  2. Lol . Fantastic mod, Keep up the tremendous work .
  3. I would suggest both RealChute and StageRecovery, AFAIK they are both currently working, but I haven't loaded up my KSP in a couple of weeks. RealChute will give you modifiable parachutes and far more options of deployment, and StageRecovery will tell you roughly the touchdown speed of a stage if the parachutes are deployed correctly (NOTE: If you're burning your parachutes up it is most likely you are deploying them too early, when the air density is too little for them too work, but high enough that friction with the air molecules causes the re-entry burning). Hope I've been able to help
  4. New stuff looks absolutely magnificent, can't wait to try them out, keep up the outstanding work!!
  5. @Guswut Awesome stuff man, really appreciate your work . Downloading now.
  6. Love the new descent engines, they look amazing :).
  7. Is there a more appropriate place to post suggestions for this mod (If I may be so bold )? I had an idea about surface samples, but don't want to clutter the thread if it's meant for bug fixing and info. Is there a dev thread somewhere?
  8. Awesome! I'm excited, I love little engines haha. If you're not aware of it already (I'm assuming you are but just in case) Astronautix is a great site for looking up engine info .
  9. Of course! @NathanKell thanks a lot man , didn't think of that, I just assumed turning a mod off in a sim might have some consequences . You're a fantastic help as always .
  10. I figured there would be something like this, awesome! . There you go @MockingBird, shouldn't be too hard, let me know if you need someone to help do some research and get some values, I'm not the most savvy coder, but I'll help however I can .
  11. I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the KBO's or minor moons to make that kind of call, although the only one that jumped out at me was, as you mentioned, pluto's satellites immediately looked strange, but 2 months ago I wasn't aware Pluto had satellites, or that it was a binary system, so there's that . I'm just excited to have all the stuff in the right place finally so that I can use it, although someone mentioned earlier in the thread that some of the satellites in this mod had SOI's smaller than the planet they were associated, so were basically useless (as you couldn't orbit or land
  12. I second this, I've had some slight problems with it (certain test payloads not lasting quite as long as they did in real life, such as vanguard-1 which was more due to the way it maps surface area IIRC) but on the whole my test payloads have decayed at pretty close to the real life decay date, Whitecat has done fantastic work .
  13. 1.1.3 added an option to stock KSP to 'freeze' orbits (to stop the orbit wobble bug), it's activated by default and needs to be de-activated for Orbital Decay to work AFAIK. I'm not 100% on the name or location of the option but it's in the options of the main menu. Sorry if this doesn't help, both of those sound like problems with that though just from a quick glance and I thought there might be a small chance you could fix your games quickly .
  14. @Guswut I hope you're not offended if I say I love you. Gonna give it a look now, but you've made me quite happy .
  15. Wish I could help, but it's a little out of my ballpark. Perhaps @NathanKell could help? Having a limit on burn time is actually surprisingly fun to work around haha. P.S. Sorry if the tag is bothersome, I'm not particularly familiar with the forum etiquette yet .
  16. @Phineas Freak Yeh I figured as much, I remember reading somewhere that KCT was removing simulations also so I thought I'd check just in case. Generally it isn't too huge of a deal, but if I'm testing a design that uses engine clusters the chances of one of them failing is pretty high, generally the flight isn't ruined from a single engine failure, but my testing of launch profiles and rocket performance definitely is . Anyways, thanks for the info, you're a great help as always mate .
  17. Anyone have a decent alternative to KCT for running simulations without TestFlight failing parts? Love the mod, but I'm playing a no revert game, and kinda need to know how a rocket will perform if everything goes right, simulating a launch 5 times because the same engine failed get's tedious and rather time consuming given most of the time it's an engine I've not flown and so the failure rate is through the roof while simulating. Or is there a way to manually temporarily disable part failures?
  18. I'm playing an RP-0/RO install, and I'm wondering if anyone has a fix for the "Disable Part Failures" button not working, I'm playing without reverts and sims are kinda essential, but simulating the same launch 5 times because an engine keeps failing is a little annoying. Anyone know how to get it working again with the latest TestFlight (assuming that's what it was made for), or failing that anyone got an alternative they use they could point out .
  19. Always on the look-out for more RO engine parts . These look awesome, totally agree this would be perfect to mix with Forgotten Real Engines, only need to decide who has the better Rutherford . Great work on the mod! Will definitely be adding this to my install , love little lightweight insertion engines . Is TestFlight configs all this needs for RP-0?
  20. Really? Come now, 4 posts up isn't that far to go Also would I be correct in assuming this mod is most likely no longer being developed by the OP of this thread? Or am I missing updates elsewhere?
  21. Exactly what I was thinking. I can certainly see the value in the larger one, have more like a return craft instead of just a return pod, if that makes any sense . I wrote a config for the RO-RCS on the capsule, it should apply it only if RO-RCS is installed (pretty unlikely because I'm terrible at coding and this is literally my first patch), but it works AFAIK and I think the values should work somewhat well for both the large and small versions (untested), if you wouldn't mind having a look @Ravenchant, I'm fairly certain there's probably a lot of errors, I grabbed parts of it from the RO-R
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