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    Best way to prevent part amount creep?

    Oh come on, mine is not that pretty... I want it streamlined, but lego-y is enough... Yeah, pretty much doing this -- until you find some how it does not look pretty enough, and you throw in 4 parts here, and 2 parts there...
  2. When I first went it, I say myself: "Okay, part number, function, delta-V/TRW first, aesthetic be damned" Now I found myself starting to find some of my craft start to ignore that "rule". So how does everyone, especially those focus on low-part count, prevent oneself from going part count crazy?
  3. Introduction In other time and place, these ships may had occurred, yet somehow they didn't. Maybe too expensive. Maybe not yet. Could have worked but didn't; Should have been made but didn't. But now, they are here. JS Hangtian is here to bring about the could-be, should-be, may-be that are lost in the archvies of history. Key Features Will focus on by this forumla: "(part counts ~= functionalities) > appearance", in such order. In short, if the functionality benefit is not significantly high, part count reduction takes priority. However, appearance replication, though important, will be taking a backseat. But it will look good regardless. Based on Real-Life crafts and concepts S-series crafts are pure stock. No DLC needed Current Offerings Space Capsules Upriser Lix (Mercury clone) On Fogin YiCC1 (Redstone clone, Suborbital) Ananas (Apollo clone) Ananas CSM (LKO), launched on Butalae Octa Lehu (4-person capsules) (Orion clone) Lehu SiX-S with Fogin RX1 launcher (CEV 1.0 + Ares I) (Pure stock) Lehu ErX2.4 CR4, with Fogin RX2 Launcher (2x SRB) (DLC required)) (1.5 updated) Valentis (Voskhod clone) Dongmeng (Soyuz Clone) SaX Sax RL (No RW, pure RCS) <Blank for formating> Lander Herguer (DLC required) (Altair clone) on Fogin SaCC LV KL-700 (launched on Butalae 700S) (pure stock) (LK700+UR700 clone) <Blank for formating> Space Stations Test Station + Fogin SiCC1 (Skylab clone) Orbiter Derived Station 1.4 edition 1.4.4 DLC edition (Coming soon) RanGong (Mir clone) <blank for future expansion> Planned (made, untested) Herguer Munar Lander ErX (with Science package) Upriser series -- Mercury/Gemini Feel free to critique and comment!
  4. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Okay, this time I am lazy -- a Chinese-influenced project without the Chinese description. I present to you by Chang'e 3/4 clone, the Munfeelsor Compact: As I indicated in the page note, the Poster's description is heavily influenced by a song. Can you guys guess which one it is from? ;-)
  5. Right -- mine requires 4-person (or more) no matter what, so a switch from LEM + Cabin to Mk2 may make sense.
  6. Hey Raptor, do you expect yourself to at least try to use the Slim Mk2 Lander can, especially for LV-3A? (I know I will experiment with it for my Altair clone)
  7. Thanks for both answers. I will also experiment with airbrakes.
  8. To begin with: No mods. So right now I am trying to use landing gears as a pseudo elevator to raise and lower the payload. On Kerbin, it works as intended. On mun, it at best launch the payload up but with an okay orientation, and at worst it sommersault and proceed to ruin my payload. So refering to some of the older threads, I noticed the following: According to;page=0#comment-3347698 * Spring rate is what it sounds like. A higher number for spring rate will compress less for a given load, and will oscillate at a higher frequency. Perversely, this means you can have too much landing gear and will have to reduce the spring rate under light loads. * The damper rate, OTOH, is the percentage of criticality. 0% is undamped; oscillations will carry on forever. 100% is critically damped; oscillations will be eliminated by the end of the first cycle. A typical rough terrain suspension is damped around 30%, whereas a 60% damping is used for a smooth surface. Going beyond 100% damping tends to make it difficult for the wheels to maintain contact with the ground, jacking down the suspension over rough surfaces. But also, according to;page=0#comment-3398427 * Did you set friction control override? That thing also bounces and wobble. However, I am uncertain how the friction control affect it. So I guess what I want to know is: * Is there anyway to minimize the bounce/catapulting? * In addition, how does friction control affect the bounce? * And anythign else affect the bounce?
  9. Jestersage

    Gemini... Without Making History!

    Well, let's hope they would not really depreciate the Mark1-2 capsule
  10. So it's already 1.5.1, and so far, the DLC service bay have two technical issue: even with advanced tweakable, you can always stage its panels Once you stage it, and then get out of its view, and upon return, the service bay only have the appearance of being popped open. This is especially problematic with the SM-25, as it's designed to have its panel popped open to exposed payloads as needed -- so it become difficult to click on the parts within the two compartments. Wondering if they will be fixed?
  11. Jestersage

    Recreating Real Spacecraft

    Most of my stuff are stock (+DLC) replicas, or replica of paper projects. I will say the most "full on replica" is my Soyuz Clone, since it does not even have reaction wheel, but utilized RCS for the reentry guidance. For other stuff, click on my signature.
  12. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    I will be honest -- not sure how many Chinese players will be on this forum or KerbalX, seieng there's the steam community... In any case, I had uploaded the only known RTG powered manned spaceship that gone past paper plans, the Soyuz VI clone "Dongmeng Vincat SaX CR2 Roc + Ladle N". Technically it was a combination of 2 paper/prototype project: The Soyuz VI itself, and the YARD Nuclear Core Stage Soyuz launcher. Also, just like any crazy soviet military plans, it comes with missiles. (original name had an unfortunate meaning -_-) No, I will not be making a Buran with Nuclear Bomb. Not that I am against putting weapons on it, but it's just useless in stock game. If you manage to stuff any of my proposed Buran Clones (or Buran derived station) with simulated warhead(s) all the power to you.
  13. Damn, I better hurry up with my clones before you make them! True to be told, the beauty of Soviet Space program is that many are paper project and or prototype that got scrapped or remixed. Eg: Almaz APOS split into VA capsule and Salyut. The challenge is to decide what the size you want to use. For example, the VA capsule is a conical capsule at 2.9m. So is it best represented by the Mk1-3 capsule (for shape) or the KV-3 (for size)? I've been experimenting on both, and I still can't really decide (so my TKS and Almaz APOS cloen is actually sitting in my folders). And if you want to keep consistency, then suddenly you are not designing one project, but a bunch of related one: VA capsule is used in TKS (originally actually manned) and the LK700 (which my clone use the Mk1-3; on hindsight maybe not so good idea)
  14. As long as there is a fully covered mount (so I can hide the tanks that may stick out), I am good.
  15. Depends on how they work, that may or may changed my Altair clone from requiring DLC to fully stock.
  16. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    As I promised, I had released the Chinese Space Station/tiangong 3 analogue, as well as Shenzhou in its best iteration (When its orbital module can fly and be redocked instead of being a Soyuz clone)
  17. Hey Raptor9, How did you manage to get KVV take the photo from the same angle of your craft everytime?
  18. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Ok, Quick update to bump it back to first page: First, I had updated My single-SRB Orion CEV and the "Fully protected Altair" to 1.5.1 about a month ago. Then within the last two weeks, as a challenge -- and continuation of my Soyuz Clone, I had completed the Kerbal analog to Shenzhou, Long March 2 and 5, Tiangong, and Chinese Modular Station. So in order to have new designs out, Long March -- named as Xinhai (辛亥); and Tiangong 1/2 -- named as HuiMu (會幕), is released first: As stated in the craft page, the tiangong clone is actually overbuild, but I never feel good to just place a lab module into orbit, even if it has a service/propulsion module. So what comes next: aside from the Shenzhou clone, is the Chinese Modular Space Station, which unlike the HuiMu, is a no-DLC build. Once the Chinese builds are done, I will work on releasing another stock station, before turning my direction to make the poster for my workhorse. Because of that, I will unlikely release Orion MPCV (note the versions above are closer to the CEV), due to significant overlapping with my workhorse -- except I consider it a replica of something else. Along with it, I will release my workhorse rocket that I uses for my career. Edit: regarding what will be stock in the Chinese analogues: The Shenzhou and Tiangong will require DLC, as with the Xinhai YiWCC (LM-2 clone). The Modular Space Station, the LM-5 clone (Xinhai ErCC) and a few others will be attempted to not need DLC.
  19. While I know there's Kerin side, I want to keep my mod in the folder to a minimum. So is there a drop in mod that will just enable selecting Baikerbanur launchpad?
  20. I figure this is more of an opinion question then gameplay question, so... In short, I am trying to make a Tiangong clone, along with the Chengzheng rocket. Problem is that I intepret to be best expressed with the 1.875 diameter parts, which are DLC. I had done a test using non DLC parts, which isn't too bad looking. So I am curious: should a shareable craft be made of DLC parts, or not? How does everyone decide if they will purposely scale back on using DLC?
  21. A certain poster on KerbalX had once again plagiarized a craft. Unlike last time however, I no longer see a desire to downvote it and report it, seeing each downvote costs 5 points. I also do not know if I remove the downvote, whether those 5 points are refunded. Even if it's likely to be identified as "based on someone's craft", those points are gone. I am also curious how effective the report system is. Even if the creator of KerbalX did confirm it's based on someone's craft, that blue banner is blue in color (so it doesn't serve as a warning) and at the bottom, out of sight of most people. It should be at the top, in bright red to catch people's attention. So overall, I do not feel confident that KerbalX actually care about the plagiarization. Then in that case it's no different than Steam Workshop, which have far greater reach. EDIT: Right -- solution suggestions While a downvote remove 5 points, rescind of the downvote should refund the points. If a craft is checked and confirmed to be likely plagerized, the banner should be in bright red, at the top. Color may be changed to accommodate color blinded (optional) If it's checked and confirmed to be likely plagerized, downvotes should not cost 5 points. May be 1, up to 3.
  22. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    My "Test Station", aka Skylab: Not the most creative naming scheme. Then again, "Skylab" and "Space Lab" or even "International Space Station" is plain when compared to Salyut, Almaz, and Mir.... but that still hold nothing to Tiangong (Heavenly palace).
  23. Jestersage

    KerbalX, plagiarization, and Downvoting

    I am just typing this quickly in the mean time to say that is quite a lot. That warning thing is actually more than enough. And I understand about busyiness -- I am actually typing this at work. My apologies for laying on this hard. Now that I have some time to mull over, we also need to be not overly zealous. While some poster may disagree, I think one who actually attribute the craft should get a pass -- in fact, AeroGav had known to have improved/resolved a lot of SSTO issues of interesting designs. Plus, rocket designs are limited. For example, many Soyuz clone involves "a Pomengenade half-wrapped by a fairing" Yet I know they are not copies.
  24. Jestersage

    KerbalX, plagiarization, and Downvoting

    I understand that. However, downvoting is not only heavily penalized, but unless the message was not explain otherwise, a downvote will always cost points with no refund. The moderation is sufficient for now, for what it's worth. All he need to do is to fix point 1, with point 2 be next step, and point 3 is "nice to have"
  25. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    So after refining the Craft, here it is: My Apollo Clone, "Ananas": Name comes from how in Chinese, Apollo is 阿波羅, and since 波羅 is "pineapple"... My greatest decision regarding this build is whether to use the Jr-port or the Standard Size port. Based on MH parts -- as well as referencing many MH Saturn-V builds-- I decide to go with Jr-port, since the Apollo docking port is built for LEM -- which in MH, is represented as a Jr-port. Plus, the whole exercise is to eventually lead to a standalone station that allows my Lehu stock-type to connect to.