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  1. Just so you don't lose hope: I'm going to try to replicate your issue and find an answer over the next couple of days. First attempt: built a medical ship with 3.75 medical bay, 1200 colony supplies, 1 scientist. Rendezvoused my engineer and pilot who have reverted to Tourists. As soon as I dock the engineer's ship, the Engineer and Pilot return to duty (perhaps because of the extra habitation in the Medical Bay?).
  2. The way I've handled bootstrapping is to send a small amount of Food, Oxygen and Water (5 of each) to orbit around the new body, then use those resources to fill in for life support requirements until local life support can be brought online. So for example: Import life support abundance (Food, Oxygen, Water) Find a biome which can support local production of MaterialKits (metal ore, substrate, minerals) and use the imported life support to establish that base Find a biome which can produce life support materials given the import of Material Kits from that first depot, transfer the material kits as required Now send the life support to the first base and cancel the import of that abundance, making the local depots more-or-less self-sufficient You can also go the other way around: Import Material Kits Find a biome which can support local production of life support materials (Food, Water, Oxygen) and establish a life support base with the material kits providing the maintenance materials Find a biome that can produce Material Kits given the exports of life support materials from this base Now send the material kits exported from that second biome depot to the life support depot It's also worth noting that deploying a WOLF Depot Module will bootstrap you with 5 Power for that biome depot. You can run a single WOLF Bulk Harvester 500 on that, and use those resources elsewhere using WOLF Routes. So if your original biome can support Material Kits, Fertiliser and Food production but needs water imports, you can set up some remote depots with Water or Hydrates resources and import those to the main depot to be processed into water and oxygen. Some times it's easier to import the life support resources and export a refined resource like metals or food. I've built a WOLF Depot Ready Reckoner spreadsheet (Libre Office ODS file) which might help: https://github.com/MaraRinn/WOLF-Walkthrough/tree/development/Walkthrough. Once it's a bit more polished I'll make sure to export it to an Excel format. With that ready reckoner you can type in the resource abundance of a biome and the spreadsheet will tell you what you can build there, and you can look at what you might import a little bit of in order to allow production of other materials locally.
  3. One option is to design a spacecraft that has the parts you want and then build that using the KonStructor. That spacecraft will spawn into existence somewhere near your space station (doesn't work for vehicles on the ground). Then you can pull the parts off that new spacecraft as you need them. To get Alloys you need to check out the MKS Resource Chart and look at which extractors, refineries and fabricators you need. First you need a source of Metallic Ore, then a refinery to produce Metals from that Metallic Ore. Then you need a source of Rare Metals. Then you need an assembly bay or workshop to combine Rare Metals and Metals into Alloys.
  4. The hoppers are used to turn WOLF abundance into MKS resources. WOLF abundance are the numbers in the "Depot" pane of the WOLF Dashboard, MKS resources are the things that fill up cargo containers. If you haven't deployed any WOLF harvesters, there will be no WOLF abundance to extract using the hopper. What you'll need to do is ensure that the depot is established by dropping a WOLF Depot Module there and selecting "Establish Depot" from the Part Action Window (right-click menu) once the depot is established, land a spacecraft you have designed earlier (we'll get to earlier later) onto that biome and select "Connect to Depot" from the PAW once that depot is established to extract the raw materials and turn them into what you wanted, only then can you connect the Hopper to the depot to convert WOLF abundance into MKS resources. To design the spacecraft you'll need to open up the SPH or VAB, select the WOLF dashboard and switch to the "Planner" view. Select the depot of interest from the drop-down list at the top, and start building. If you only want to extract a small amount of Ore, you can just use a WOLF Bulk Harvester module, which doesn't need any other support due to the WOLF Depot module providing 5 power required to run the Bulk Harvester. Also Ore is consumed as-is in MKS, it doesn't need to be refined. If you want to extract more Ore, you're going to suddenly find that you need more power, which means you need a Kolonist to run that power plant, which means you need life support and habitation, which means you need a source of food, water and oxygen, and then you need 'maintenance' which then means you need MaterialKits, which means … it's almost a never-ending story. Check out the walkthrough WIP (I will be working through this over the next few days to have something published in the USI wiki Real Soon Now™): https://github.com/MaraRinn/WOLF-Walkthrough/blob/development/Walkthrough/wiki_page.md WOLF is quite complicated the first time you get into it. After the first couple of depots you'll find it's easier to manage than MKS is.
  5. My (WIP) WOLF walkthrough. I'll be tidying this up over the next week, which will partly involve splitting the walkthrough document itself into pieces. I'm thinking intro/housekeeping/Kerbin stuff, minmus & mun expansion, Duna/wrap-up. Once I have it better organised I'll update the walkthrough in the USI/WOLF Wiki. And then I'll go look at what other people have done in the meantime and make sure to include those in the "also see" bit that I haven't written yet. Further updates about the walkthrough will be via the GitHub site.
  6. If I never have a nuclear powered rover exploding after switching to it at the end of a long route building trip, I'll be a happy Kerbal Space Commander. My latest week of proof-playing my tutorial: Nuclear powered rover exploding for no reason. I'm sure there's a reason, it's nuclear powered and has heaps of parts clipped into each other, it's being moved around by Bon Voyage, and it's huge (three x 5m WOLF Cargo Kontainers taped together) so somewhere in there is basically an open house invitation for the kraken to come play. I've handled it by switching on "unbreakable joints", "pause on unpack" and a couple of other cheats. Sometimes it loads just fine, other times I have to futz around for ages changing spawn-in height, turning rotation on or off (Bon Voyage will usually try to rotate the rover to the right angle for the terrain, turning that off means that a trip a quarter of the way around the globe will have your rover spawning in on its butt) WOLF doesn't seem to properly track which hoppers are connected to the depot so I've ended up having to backtrack multiple times to correct parts of my walkthrough when I checked the planner to find that I'm running 5 x 3.75m Material Kits hoppers with only 15 Material Kits abundance in the depot WOLF Passenger Routes are a pain. Building them is easy, but if I do something silly like build a 15-passenger capacity route between terminals with only 6 seats, I end up with "ghost crew" stuck in the route When I dock my "Reactor Maintenance" vessel (carries enriched uranium and an engineer to go power up the various nuclear-powered craft I've built) to my shipyard the entire assembly starts shaking itself to pieces. I don't know if this is due to the enriched and depleted uranium containers being super heavy or something else about that vessel but whatever I dock that craft to ends up having major issues Does anyone know how to predict in advance which part is going to be the controller of a new vessel produced by docking two others together? The number of times I've realised half way through a maneuver node that my rocket engines are pointing the wrong way! Sigh. Overall a simple thing like building a depot expansion lander, putting crew in it and landing that on the Mun or Duna is an operation I'd expect to take about 20 minutes ends up being two hours as I debug all the parts of KSP, MKS and WOLF that have to work together (along with my janky ship designs). Once it's completed I think the walkthrough will be a great integration test for the USI suite since it touches just about every feature. Once I finish this "go big" walkthrough I'll do a career mode game just to see how much easier it is when you're building 5 cargo capacity routes instead of 50 capacity routes, and skipping passenger routes altogether. But before I do that I'll be trying to build minimal save games to reproduce the bugs I've encountered. Remember, to beat the Kraken, save often!
  7. Hrm. I tried adding some attributes and modules to the KonStructor 250 part file but that didn't help with letting crew transfer into the module. Perhaps ask on the Konstruction add-on thread about how that's supposed to work. Perhaps it's a bug (either having the non-functional crew slot, or requiring the engineer to be in that specific part, or something else). Edit: solved - you need to deploy the KonStructor ("deposit resources" -- you will need 4000 Material Kits for the 250) and then it becomes a crewed component that you can transfer crew to/from. You'll also need to change scenes so that the spacecraft gets unpacked with the KonStructor deployed, so that the game knows you are supposed to be able to transfer crew in/out of the part.
  8. The KonStructor which builds ships doesn't need any crew at all. The KonFabricator which manufactures individual parts does require an engineer, but I've managed to produce items while only having an engineer in the same vessel. In my test case the engineer was in another vessel which was docked with the vessel that had the KonStructor 250 (and that larger vessel was made up of multiple vessels docked together). What are you doing that requires an Engineer in the KonStructor itself?
  9. As far as I can see, the "seat" in the KonStructors is an accident. Kerbals will not show up as portraits if you assign them to that seat. There's no IVA seat so no portrait of the Kerbal in that module. Thankfully you can transfer them out of the part, just not into it. update: this is wrong. The Konstructor actually does have a crew seat but you need to deploy the Konstructor (deposit the requisite materials) to make the seat available. So the best way to handle KonStructors is to provide proper crew quarters elsewhere (eg: Hitchhiker Storage) and ignore that broken seat in the VAB. Sorry this isn't the solution you're looking for. I have a hard enough time voluntarily transferring kerbals to any of the MKS modules because none of them have windows or IVA scenes. My poor Kerbals! The least I can do for them when sending them on decades-long missions is give them a window so they can see outside, and a hatch so they can go on EVA when they want to (none of the MKS modules have hatches either).
  10. It seems like it. I tried out a quick and dirty space station and the habitation option seemed to work just fine, though it didn't allow selection of hab-quarters versus hab-common like the USI parts do. The non-lithium containers allow selection based on Community Resource Pack. The fission reactors just work out of the box using the CRP Enriched Uranium, Depleted Uranium and Xenon Gas resources. I did not test whether a Future Electrical reactor built from a Konstructor needed an Engineer on EVA to start it up though. I couldn't find any way to extract or process Lithium/Spodumene. So if you use the Near Future lithium-based engines you won't be able to resupply other than shipping the lithium from Kerbin.
  11. Here's a quick visual proof of concept of my matching colours idea. In the next release of the walkthrough I'll go and colour-code the landers (so eg: Minmus 02 Greater Flats Specialized Parts will become 02 Greater Flats Specialized Parts (violet) so regardless of whether I'm in map view or looking at a bunch of crew pods docked to a shipyard, I'll be able to match crew pods to landers based on colour. Now I need to go read up on colour-blindness and no doubt I'll find that orange, violet and teal are exactly the wrong colours to use for accessibility . Rather than stealing the WOLF flag I should make some of my own, probably circle/diamond/triangle just to be visually distinctive. If only I could include flags into my save game instead of having to get the player to specially modify their KSP GameData. But I'm already distracting myself from getting the walkthrough published in the first place before I start improving it. One of the reasons it's taken this long is that I've tried building WOLF infrastructure on EVE to get access to karborundum. That was a lot of time experimenting with EDL, vehicle design, toying around with ascent vehicles powered by electric ducted fans, etc. And then there was my failed experiments at getting my 2000m/s delta-v shipyard from Kerbin to Moho using a Kerbin-Eve-Eve-Moho gravity assist.
  12. What's killing me with this walkthrough is having to get Kerbals from KSC to the place I need them. My current solution is: Launch the kerbals I need in a transfer vessel -- basically just a can full of seats with docking ports, such as a few hitchiker storages, or a lander can mk2 with a hitchhiker storage attached Undock from the launch vehicle, dock with the transfer vehicle - launch vehicle is SSTO, transfer vehicle has Wolfhound engines for efficient transfers and MKS Kerbitat, Nom-O-Matics to keep Kerbals happy during the voyage (essentially the kind of craft you'd use for an Aldrin Cycler) At the destination (eg: the depot lander I just built to expand infrastructure on Minmus) undock the crew pod from the transfer vehicle and dock it to the lander Later I introduce passenger routes, at which point the crew transfers are a bit easier: drive a bus to the KSC terminal, transfer from there via Kerbin Station to Mun Station, create the lander and transfer crew at that station. This eliminates the futzing around with launch vehicle and transfer vehicle. Along the way I make simple mistakes like forgetting that I've already got the crew for a particular expansion in flight, and they arrive at Minmus only to find that the lander they were sent for was already connected to the depot a week ago. So I have to load a save game and repeat the bits I needed to do while skipping the bits I messed up! It gets worse though: I added dome lights to the crew pods so I could colour code them, because more than once I've had multiple crew pods in flight and even though the ship is named according to what lander the crew belong to, I would forget which vessel I'm looking at. So I'd set the dome lights on that crew pod to different colours and write down the colour on my checklist (eg: "Minmus 13 - Flats Chemicals and Silicon (orange)"). It turns out that keeping track of multiple crews in transit is not something I'm good at. Don't ask me to help organise your holiday travel. Anyway that's my whinge for today. I'm almost finished walking through the Minmus expansion and the Mun expansion is simpler so here's hoping I can finish it this weekend. edit: and now that I wrote that down it occurs to me I could also colour-code the lander so there's an extra visual confirmation that I'm mating the crew pod to the correct lander. I'll make that change once I've finished this iteration. edit: And I'll probably put the WOLF modules inside a Mk3 cargo bay so I have a pale-coloured thing that I can light with spotlights. The dark grey of the WOLF modules doesn't lend itself to pretty lighting. Or I could put them inside an interstage fairing! Thanks for helping me out here folks
  13. And here I am struggling to finish this walkthrough because I'm doing the "go big everywhere" plan (producing Mk/Sp/A/E/R/S at Minmus and Mun to power further expansion elsewhere). I could probably finish this to have it available as a cautionary tale, then add on a new beginning chapter showing the "just depots and 5 power worth of extraction" method. Or is that just subscribing to the sunk cost fallacy?
  14. Look for a "SCENARIO" block with the name "WOLF_ScenarioModule". This holds all the persistent data for WOLF. As an example you might see: SCENARIO { name = WOLF_ScenarioModule scene = 6, 7, 5, 8 CREWROUTES { } DEPOTS { DEPOT { Body = Minmus Biome = Midlands IsEstablished = True IsSurveyed = True RESOURCE { ResourceName = OxygenVein Incoming = 0 Outgoing = 0 } ... (more RESOURCE blocks) } } } } Each resource is named "ResourceVein" because what's in the WOLF depot is an abundance (an abstraction of concentration) not an actual resource production level. These DEPOT sections are added as you survey a biome or establish a depot in a biome. Until you perform a survey the resource availability is not shown in the "Harvestable Resources" pane of the WOLF Dashboard.
  15. Yup. There's a bit of flakiness in the system. I'm not sure what the secret sauce is to get things working as expected, but one thing I've found is that if you have multiple hoppers in operation and that "reset" happens you need to disconnect all the hoppers before reconnecting them again.
  16. The entire system has changed a lot since that walkthrough was written. I'll have a new tutorial complete with sample craft released this weekend I hope.
  17. Mark Thrimm's YT tutorials are just great: I'm trying to update the WOLF tutorial with the latest stable version but following a script is just not something I'm good at. When it takes five minutes to launch an SSTO spaceplane and I make a little mistake in not following the script, the fun disappears very quickly. I hope to have it published this weekend but there's about 20 hours of gameplay to get through before considering bloopers.
  18. You can use the Brute Force and Ignorance approach — my favourite approach, due to my complete lack of sophistication and tact. Look for a SCENARIO block with the attribute "name = WOLF_ScenarioModule". Under that will be a DEPOTS block containing DEPOT blocks describing all the explored depots/biomes. You can either delete a DEPOT block to return that biome to unexplored status, or edit the RESOURCE blocks it contains to set those resources to what you want them to be. Specifically for water, you'll be looking to update RESOURCE blocks containing "ResourceName = WaterVein" (this sample edited for brevity): SCENARIO { name = WOLF_ScenarioModule … DEPOTS { DEPOT { Body = Kerbin Biome = KSC IsEstablished = True IsSurveyed = True RESOURCE { ResourceName = OxygenVein Incoming = 1000 Outgoing = 5 } RESOURCE { ResourceName = WaterVein Incoming = 750 Outgoing = 15 } For unimproved biome depots the "Incoming" value is just the resources that are "naturally" present in that biome. For improved depots, those numbers are altered by imports, exports, harvesters, refineries, extractors, etc. All those modules boil down to simply modifiers to these numbers. Once the expansion is connected to the depot, these numbers are changed and all the objects cease to exist (the entire point of WOLF is to reduce the part count, this is how it's accomplished). For biomes that you haven't explored yet, these DEPOT blocks don't exist. You can return a depot to unexplored condition by deleting the block (I haven't tried changing IsSurveyed to False yet, I suspect that simply stops the biome showing up under Harvestable Resources, without changing the abundance of resources in that biome).
  19. Here's how I do it: Create a cargo route to the new biome from a place that has surplus resources (eg: I export water, oxygen, food from Kerbin biomes to KSC, then to Kerbin Orbit, then to the new world's Orbit, then to a "hub" biome on the new world, then to the new biome I'm developing) Transfer basic resources: Food, Water, Oxygen, Material Kits Create the basic infrastructure with Habitation and Life Support (Life Support requires Food, Water, Oxygen) Start adding new infrastructure to eg: process Hydrates to get water, process water to get oxygen As you develop resources locally, cancel the routes bringing that resource into this biome This can cut down from one monolithic 400t depot expansion to a few dozen 10t expansions. Somewhere in the middle is a nice balance between wrangling multiple missions versus building giant spacecraft and dealing with wobblies/kraken. And then I give up on wrangling a dozen small launches and end up with giant monoliths like the one in the image I posted earlier — an expansion destined for the Farside Basin on Mun.
  20. Here's an example of a medium-sized depot expansion from the tutorial I've been working on for [checks watch] two years lol. Just a few MHU-500 in that monolith. Now if only I could land it without ripping off all the landing legs and engine nacelles.
  21. Which version of the mod did you install, from where? My version has the WOLF MHU-500 Bulk Harvester and WOLF MHU-100 Bulk Harvester. I think the numbers in the cft relate to the original size of the module in a very old version.
  22. No, transport credits are there to pay for transporting other things. They're similar in non-transportability to habitation, life support, power and maintenance. Those numbers relate to running that specific depot. If you made a mistake in producing transport credits (hint: with a few exceptions, you should never need transport credits) the options are basically to live with it, or to restore from a save that was made before you made the mistake. I've been making extensive use of the Bon Voyage mod to handle rovers, mostly because the USI rover wheels are all broken and partly because giant rovers I've been making using the largest stock rover "wheels" are annoying to steer and drive. Bon Voyage teleports your rover into position so you don't have to deal with wonky steering.
  23. In the "Konstruction" grouping in the VAB or SPH (crossed hammer and wrench icon) you'll find the "KS-250-O KonStructor - Orbital Shipyard" and the "KS-500-O KonStructor - Orbital Shipyard". The KS-250-O is a 2.5m part, the KS-500-O is a 5m part. At present the description suggests that the KS-250-O has restrictions on the size of craft you can construct but I've yet to build something that the KS-250-O can't handle -- though the biggest things I've built to date are ~600t with ~200 parts.
  24. The Bleeding Edge version has orbital ship yards which gives you the ability to build ships in orbit, though the mechanism is different to the old DIY pack + workshop approach. You just provide the materials and the ship pops into existence near the shipyard. Building things on the ground is gone for now.
  25. @Chilkoot also in a career game you should be able to make money by bringing the stuff you're building back to KSC and recovering the vehicle. Per unit mass or even per unit, Robotics are the most valuable short of Prototypes (but Prototypes are the end-game of this entire production chain). You can directly make money by plonking down a tiny first depot that just produces alloys, export those all the way back to Kerbin KSC, then recover that vessel. For example if you route the resources back to Kerbin orbital shipyard you can bring the harvested resources back to KSC using the SSTO that you launched the bootstrap resources with. Another option is to set up a route from Kerbin Orbit to KSC, then at KSC you'd have a WOLF Harvesting Hopper connected to a Kontainer configured for Alloys (in the first instance), then "launch" a new Kontainer, transfer the Alloys to this new Kontainer, then recover that "vessel". That import process will eventually provide the funds to buy the next round of resources required to expand infrastructure on Minmus. So start off with producing 1 alloys, raise funds for expansion with those alloys, then advance the infrastructure to produce robotics, then import those instead of alloys. I'll see if I can modify the Minmus portion of my walkthrough to at least include the necessary infrastructure in a sidebar to help people think about financing an industrial expansion in career mode.
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