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  1. I've tried the mod a few days ago in my heavy modded 1.12 install and it worked fine (Used Laythe as my homeworld), maybe is just a problem with Minmus. There is another mod for what your looking for but I never tried it
  2. I remember something like that happening to me as well, IIRC it was the airships mod or hooligan labs airships
  3. I know you specifically wanted to reduce the mass/density of the wings but as a sort of a workaround for your case you can try modifying the "deflectionLiftCoeff" parameter. The wings wont weight less but they will generate more lift to compensate. IIRC thats what I did ages ago when I was playing without FAR and encountered the same problem as you
  4. Have you tried modifying the mass parameter in the cfgs located in GameData\B9_Aerospace_ProceduralWings\Parts\Aero_Wing_Procedural\?
  5. Try changing the capital "P" in all "AirPlanePlus" lines (Use something like Notepad++ to make it easier), it should be "AirplanePlus" not "AirPlanePlus". Hope this helps
  6. Hi @Cyrus Playz I have a few questions: -Where are the new planets located? -Is this compatible with OPM? -The download size for version 0.9 in Spacedock is 2.14 GiB, is that correct?
  7. The mod is just one folder, and the only dependency I think is Module Manager, so if you have the mod folder and the Module Manager dll inside Game Data folder and still doesnt work I have no idea whats wrong. Just to be extremely clear: If you have no other mods installed, inside Game Data you only should have 2 folders ("Squad" and "B9_Aerospace_ProceduralWings") and the Module Manager dll ("ModuleManager.4.2.1.dll")
  8. Did you press J while hovering the mouse pointer above the procedural wing?
  9. I just tried it. Awesome mod, the rings look beautiful.
  10. @Coyote21 You probably already figure it out but I'm posting anyway just if someone has the same problem. The hud in carreer mode is technology bound, I dind't found the exact technology but after some short testing its one in the column where "Nuclear propulsion" and "electronics" are (Using CTT).
  11. @WaywardScythe The guns are easy to fix, you just need to replace in their cfgs: name = BahaTurret To: name = ModuleWeapon Hope this helps
  12. Try using decimals. If I remember correctly the numbers below "Unit Ratio" must amount to 1. For example, if you want 50% Liquid Fuel and 50% Ore, you put 0.5 unit ratio for liquid fuel and 0.5 unit ratio for ore
  13. Now that you mention it, could be. Not only a huge loss of FPS but RAM also, and I mean a disproportionate loss, happen to me a few days ago when I installed this mod along some others. The thing is that deleting them all doesnt seem to fix the issue.
  14. Sorry for my late response, I was totally sure I replied to you (Attention is not my strongest trait). I already make versions of the radial tanks with LFO myself. The only thing I can think right now that you can improve, IMHO, is the radial tanks (Longer and slender versions for the larger tanks), and, perhaps, adapters with hydrolox.
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