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  1. @WaywardScythe The guns are easy to fix, you just need to replace in their cfgs: name = BahaTurret To: name = ModuleWeapon Hope this helps
  2. Try using decimals. If I remember correctly the numbers below "Unit Ratio" must amount to 1. For example, if you want 50% Liquid Fuel and 50% Ore, you put 0.5 unit ratio for liquid fuel and 0.5 unit ratio for ore
  3. Now that you mention it, could be. Not only a huge loss of FPS but RAM also, and I mean a disproportionate loss, happen to me a few days ago when I installed this mod along some others. The thing is that deleting them all doesnt seem to fix the issue.
  4. Sorry for my late response, I was totally sure I replied to you (Attention is not my strongest trait). I already make versions of the radial tanks with LFO myself. The only thing I can think right now that you can improve, IMHO, is the radial tanks (Longer and slender versions for the larger tanks), and, perhaps, adapters with hydrolox.
  5. Awesome mod! Just what I was looking for.