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  1. I have risen from the dead

  2. It basically means I am not testing the guide for new versions of the game. Also I most likely wont reply to and question in weeks.
  3. It looks like you haven't played older KSP versions they sucked in that aspect the newer ones are very optimized. Also its mostly only relevant with large crafts.
  4. Same with me. I can't be bothered to upgrade from my 1.2.2 setup. I had a 1.3.1 setup, but some important mods weren't working for it so I stayed on 1.2.2. BTW: 1.2.2 runs even better than 1.3.1.
  5. Yea... they are pretty cool, but you could just get KWRocketry for free and have basically the same stuff (parts wise).
  6. Title says it, am I really the only one who dislikes the newer versions of KSP (above 1.3.1)? I have had trouble befriending myself with 1.4 and anything above. I feel like integrating mods in the stock game messed it up for me.
  7. Mostly it is the programming of the game, but also the CPU/RAM/Storage.
  8. Hmmm, you could buy that. But remember you won't be able be overclock that. I would recommend a 8700k or a 9700k if you want to go Intel. Or a AMD R7-3700X with a Gigabyte x570 elite (if you want PCIe 4.0), or a mid-high end x470 board. (gotta see what you can find) If you want crossfire, you can buy 2 RX 580s. A single GPU alternative is a Vega 64/56 or a 5700xt.
  9. Very respectable part picks. But I would highly discourage the crossfire setup. For 2 reasons: 1) Crossfire game/software support is basically dead. 2) Why AMD PRO? Unless you are doing workstation stuff its useless. If you go for a crossfire setup you can go RX 580 (much better).
  10. There are many different i5s. Can you give more information on the CPU model. Yo can find the information in the "System" control panel.
  11. See that? 4.2GHz Ryzen beats the 9900k 5GHz. Doing some quick math you would get: 3116 for the 4.4GHz 3700X, 3187 for the 4.5GHz 3800X, 3258 for the 4.6GHz 3900X and 3329 3950X.
  12. Interestingly my FX can hit 4.5GHz all 6 cores with 1.35-1.37V and its stable doing so. But since you have a great IPC, 100MHz more is still a good improvement.
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