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  1. It's too bad the two couldn't interact and cause you to actually have to pay to have more launch pads.
  2. I've done quite a bit a searching and can't find much if anything to do with this. Do this mod and Kerbalism cause problems for each other? Should i disable reliability in Kerbalism to use OhScrap?
  3. I apologize if this has been discussed here already but I can't seem to find anything particular about it. I'm looking for some guidance regarding the interaction with KCT. In specific, how it interacts with the point upgrade system that shortens construction time and increases scientific production and research. Do I still use those features of KCT as normal? Is the only part that needs to be disabled the portion that control upgrades to the buildings? Thanks in advance!
  4. Is 3.0.3 gonna show up on CKAN? I still see 3.0.2 only.
  5. Thanks very much for all your hard work on your mods. They make the game much more enjoyable even though I just discovered them this year when I got back into playing I really do understand your decision as I’ve had to make a similar one with something I’ve been very deeply involved in for years and it’s now work rather than being enjoyable. Good of luck with your project, it sounds like a great cause.
  6. So this has happened a couple of times now. Fairing separation and BPB says detected explosion.... aborting.
  7. Sorry for the false alarm. Things have calmed down after I tossed those SRBs. They had had about 4 or 5 uses and their safety rating had started to fall. Must have just been a confluence of bad events. This brings up my next question. How many uses does a part get before the failure probability starts to rise to an unacceptable level? What is an acceptable safety rating for a part?
  8. Upgraded to 1.6 (The mod, not the game) this morning and now I'm getting lots of failures. First and O2 leak on my command pod during launch so had to abort. Next launch both SRBs failed on ignition of then liquid engine. Managed to kill MJ before before the engine spooled up and ignited the SRBs. Tried to roll it back in to fix and the game crashed. Both parts were used and both SRBs had a safety rating of 8 and were something like generation 2 or 3. Seems like a lot of failures all of a sudden. The log is at the link below just in case you want to look at it. https://1drv.ms/u
  9. No but I am using [x] Science Continued 5.19. It was manually installed and, but I noticed it's in CKAN now so I'm going to 5.20
  10. I've noticed the other day that even though I have the "auto apply" turned on and also try the apply to entire ship button and I have command pods in inventory, it will try to use a new one unless I go to the pod specifically and tell it to a apply a used one.
  11. Trying to launch something and when I hit stage for to kick in the the SRBs and release the launch clamps, the whole thing just flips and and explodes. Not your usual in flight flip more of an instantaneous thing right on the launch clamps. Poking through the log file I find OhScrap throwing a divide by zero exception. The only thing I changed today is updating KCT to 1.4.6. Not sure if it's a OhScrap or KCT problem or either? Log file can be grabbed at: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgRoSICLtAZ6gYBZWbgnUkrmLPbKQA Tried downgrading to of KCT and it works like a charm. Not sure w
  12. Next, they're gonna unionize and want overtime pay. Could work that into the costs in the budgeting mod.
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