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  1. Scott Manley's Galileo Modlist

    Can anyone tell me what mod adds the "disassemble part" button when he removed the solar panel?
  2. I concur! one of the best library of parts out there.
  3. Morning all. I have a couple questions. 1. I think the grip-o-tron Large Docking Connector is part of this mod, am I correct? 2. If so, which way should be pointed out. I noticed the flanges are a little more flush on one side, is that side that docks? 3. Are they compatible with the regular docking ports?
  4. [1.2.*] NEBULA EVA Handrails Continued

    Has anyone thought of making some of them procedural or like a strut where you specify the start and end points? Apologies if this has already been discussed, I looked though this thread, but not the original.
  5. [1.3.0] ResearchBodies V1.9.5 (14th August 2017)

    Still having issues with the search the skies with a telescope contract. It says complete for the altitude portion, but says unmet for With Module: Track Bodies and Count: at least 1. In the VAB, the telescope says it has the Track Bodies and I verified the ModuleTrackBodies is in the telescope.cfg. I even have the Tarsier Space telescope(the James Webb style one) up and it appears to have the Track Bodies modules as well, but for the life of me I can't find the cfg file that adds it, as it's not in the original part. Any ideas? Sorry forgot player.log
  6. Oh. did not know that was an issue. Thanks!
  7. Similar problem with me. All of a sudden all my scientists on my station died from Oxygen toxicity, even though there was plenty of oxygen and plenty of room for CO2 to be stored. The pilot in the copula was ok, but the scientists in the TH-NKR research lab kicked the bucket. Player Log ->
  8. Didn't help. Been that way for a week or so now. It's stuck that way so I'm not sure if I can reproduce it. That fixed it! thank you never even thought of that.
  9. So the other day X and C keys stopped working in the VAB. I noticed when I was naming and saving a ship. I noticed that when I was typing the name and description into the window it was still taking what I typed as commands in the VAB as I could the yellow resultant text popping up on the screen behind it. This has never happened before, and only happened after I had installed this mod. I've tried all kinds of keys to see if I can turn it back on but can't seem to find which one did it. Has any one else seen this or can offer any help?
  10. [1.3.0] ResearchBodies V1.9.5 (14th August 2017)

    Having the exact same problem. No buttons to research in the observatory and stalls at 10% Can do the two contracts to research a celestial body and search the skies. the research one just fails after a while. Using the orbital telescope I have discovered a few planets like Dres and Duna, but still haven't found Minmus. I did a manual install as I'm on a Mac and CKAN isn't an option. I also don't get the telescope contracts as it thinks my tracking station is not level 2, when it is level 3. Edit: Play.log ->
  11. I know 3 degrees, but depending on air speed (time to threshold), altitude, you're gonna have to have a specific vertical speed. I know I could probably figure it out with pen and paper, but I can't do it on the fly while I'm trying to land. I'll have to look at the rules of thumb, but was hoping for something more accurate to get me right onto the runway. My actual flying skills are pretty bad.
  12. I have a couple questions/feature requests. display what my vertical speed should be to maintain glide slope. I know a lot of people don't like autopilots, but is there any way to either have it maintain glide slope for you or integrate with another mod to do so?
  13. [1.3.0] AutomatedScienceSampler - V1.3.3 - 04.06.2017

    Same thing here. works fine with experiments that don't need to be reset by a scientists like the thermometer or presmat sensor. Science junior or mystery goo won't run, transfer or reset. Doesn't matter if they are the universal storage or stock. I have the player.log with debug on if anyone is interested in looking at it. Too big to put on past bin.
  14. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  15. It has evolved somewhat since then.......