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  1. Odd, I've been able to get funds from recovering resources from MKS/USI in 1.11 and 1.12, the mod I've had problems with is WBI, specifically it's containers.
  2. Perhaps having the visible resources be configurable in the space center view through a tool bar button would be helpful? That way you can set things to not show up if you aren't using mods that use them, and set other things to show up if you want them for something you're throwing together yourself or a mod you're using needs them but the resource wouldn't show up otherwise because configurable containers hasn't been updated to support it.
  3. I'd first suggest making sure the airbrakes aren't working for certain since it's possible they are working and just ineffective due to what they are being used to slow down, aside from that I dont know what could be causing your problem.
  4. 1: Have kerbal close enough to scatter, right click kerbal 2: explore until you find the rare scatters, I found one of Lua's rare scatters while an unmanned plane was entering it's atmosphere
  5. Which is part of why I suggested you try it with a test save, the other reason is that it's faster to test yourself than to wait for someone that knows for a fact how it will work
  6. I would assume so as long as you install the Principia patch, try it in a test save so you know for sure.
  7. I was going to use Kerbalism primarily for the addition of radiation and change to how science works, but with the partial and complete incompatibilities it doesnt really seem worth it.
  8. Anything beyond making a clone of a relatively simple part using or producing a different resource(eg. an LH2 fueled clone of a stock jet engine) is beyond my abilities.
  9. Could we get an option for configuring what resources are needed for making parts/ships(a difficulty option kinda like what USI-LS has)? While I can't speak for anyone else, to me at least when you have material kits and specialized parts, needing 5 other resources that seem like they would be included at part of the first 2 just ends up feeling like unnecessary added complexity.
  10. I noticed before the PD launcher was added I couldnt launch KSP normally through steam, so by adding "KSP_x64.exe" as a non-steam game to my steam library I was able to get around that problem, it also works for getting around the PD launcher.
  11. For scaled up to 3.7x(with Sigma Dimensions) what is the correct day length multiplier? IIRC Lua is supposed to remain in the same place in the sky but I haven't figured out the right day length multiplier for that yet.
  12. Not well, especially not with vanilla rotors and hinges, I tried making a plane with variable sweep wings and the moving parts of the wings produced more drag and angled back than when sticking straight out.
  13. I tried landing a plane near the Lua space center, the plane clipped through the ground and exploded.
  14. Ignore the version FS was made for and actually test if it works, not all mods break from being outdated.
  15. Not only do I have them but I deleted the old versions before installing the versions packaged with the most recent version of MKS Cause of problem found, Windows failed to copy all of FireSpitter's files when installing it.
  16. I've encountered a strange problem, some containers aren't working for me, so far everything I've researched that shows up in the "logistics" tab not only can't hold any resources for me, but can't have it's configuration changed, this is of course excluding the single container that holds part using vanilla's inventory system, the cargo containers under the "payload" tab work as expected as well as some parts from other mods and single configuration containers(eg. the 1.25m life support tank from USI-LS) though. I'd include screenshots and a log if I had a good way to do so. Edit: Forgot to mention I'm using KSP 1.11.2 and tried updating to the latest version of the mod to fix the problem but it didn't work
  17. It's been a while since I've built a base using MKS, are ground anchors safe to use in 1.11.2? I vaguely recall watching a YT video where someone was having problems because of them but could be wrong about that or the problems could have been fixed.
  18. That's reasonable, I just figured it would be a good idea to suggest them while the idea was on my mind since I've been using a few of my own that are little more than modified clones of stock engines. Sounds like I missed something while installing them because as far as I have noticed they only have LF options aside from IIRC a nuclear thermal engine or two in NF Aero
  19. Yup, I have the latest version of B9 IIRC and it works fine, this tends to be true of relatively simple part pack type mods so long as nothing too big changes in the base game.
  20. ETT was my favorite tech tree mod back in 1.9.1, I would love to be able to use it in 1.11.2 or 1.12.3 if I ever bother updating to it.
  21. Do people find Procedural wings hard to use? The only problems I've had with them have been bugs. Unrelated, Im not aware of any mods that add hydrogen fueled jet engines, would be cool if a few were added in an optional file for those who use mods that add liquid hydrogen.
  22. Either would work for me, could include an extras folder in KAX with "procedural aviation engines" versions of KAX's engines if "procedural aviation engines" does become a mod on it's own.
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