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  1. Good to know, I think it would be RPM causing problems for me then, thanks for the help.
  2. I had the same problem where the crew were visible through the vehicle, but unlike Daniel, I do not have that mod.
  3. I have stayed in 1.9.1 for now because of bugs in newer versions of the planet pack I have been using, and I have the "transparent cockpit" problem as well and as can be seen in Daniel's screenshots its not just the cockpit you can see the kerbals through, its any part of the plane, other than that everything seems to work well enough.
  4. Suggestion for 2 parts, an A-10 style APU, and General Electric TF34-GE-100A turbofan engines
  5. Are there plans for an update either meant for 1.9.1 or that at least works in 1.9.1 without needing to be modified?
  6. How exactly does the advanced particle scoop work?
  7. That doesnt really make sense since I can find other resources from the same mod such as mopedantte.
  8. I cant find uraninite on Rhode or Lua, is that intended?
  9. This still seems to work in 1.9.1, would be nice if it got an update though.
  10. Oh, and when I installed it I had an old save I decided to load just to see what happened, I got to see Fate and Destiny up close.
  11. I havent gotten to the point of leaving Rhode's SoI yet but I really like this planet pack so far.
  12. I have been using Kopernicus 1.9.1-3 with the Beyond Home mod so far I havent had any major problems, just random floating rocks and trees.
  13. Every time I download Feline Utility Rovers v1.2.11 from SpaceDock I get an invalid .zip file.
  14. I think the mod could benefit from having some WW2 and Vietnam war jet cockpits. For example the Me. 262 from WW2 and the F4 Phantom from the Vietnam war.
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