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  1. Well, here's my kart entry. I hope that kerbals can easily take 16 G's without passing out. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/oREQR Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q4kdegdfkzldyo3/Teh_Zoom.craft EDIT: It takes a lot of practice to use this because it goes extremely fast and has very sensitive turns but at least it doesn't have a drifting problem
  2. I'm interested since I'm developing a sports car myself but do fuel cell racers count as electric? EDIT: I didn't read the posts above this one
  3. Part clipping never was a problem when I use KJR. The only time spazzing out happens for me is on rare occasion when wings clip with structural pieces sometimes.
  4. I'll just use up all my oxidizer... there's no evidence that I ever had any...
  5. How come the name of every part installed as "autolock...."
  6. I wonder how many people are irritated by the fact that it's called radar and not sonar.
  7. So far I haven't made a working helicopter and you'll see why in the following pictures The propeller blades always break and fly off creating what looks to be a horrifying tornado When I tried it with the relay inside, the kraken attacked and the shaft of the helicopter glitched out of its holder.(no pictures for this) Here's a look inside the propeller (and whats inside the fairing)
  8. My relay can fit inside a mk 3 container but do I have to use one?
  9. Can someone give me the link to the version of SM Marine that works in 1.3? (if some other person made a working version)
  10. I wish all of you with luck and hopes that the kraken leaves you alone.
  11. Go to the github for it. There is a patch for 1.3.
  12. Maybe I should throw a 10 degree ramp at the end of the runway to help out my brother even more than the slope
  13. I guess I'll just have to throw a missile guidance unit on a small rocket with rcs or reaction wheels or thrust vectoring
  14. I'm wondering what your GameData folder looks like. For those without mods, all there will be is a "squad" folder. I'm curious about how many mods you guys use. Here's mine: EDIT: does this go in the modded discussion, or is it good here?
  15. can you add handheld lasers that use KIS or something along the lines of a photon torpedo from star wars
  16. I found out that you can fit a piece of cash inside a popsocket if you fold it up enough. The back plate of the popsocket comes off. I have a 20 dollar bill in there right now.
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