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  1. 【Kerbal Protection Association,you say? We have alraedy blew it up just now!】 Venus has a excting atmosphere, airship is pretty perfect for base,We plan to have 2 main ship,several littie ship,1 mining ship, (infect if your kerbal EVA at noon……it's too hot……)
  2. http://www.bilibili.com/video/av2070039/ my idea from is KSPfilm,it‘s made by my friend,now i'm planning to make a film like is with C4D in fact i cant remember all of them…… i never mind that
  3. Ah……I‘m new here,This is my frist topic on forum,l ‘m used to stay in tieba here is some craft…… l ‘m used to play with RSS,TACLS,RFand a lots of real mods for space plans but……Kerbal War Program is better,isn't is?(even FAR is easlier……)