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  1. Whilst I havent exhaustively tested its just the cassini parts, the others i've used seem fine, on versions 1.7.1 and 1.7.3 output_log is here
  2. I downloaded from the github, I can see the mariner parts, but still have the bad plumes
  3. I've found a small problem with the RCS plumes on the Cassini body, they are very large and point the direct wrong way I will note the actual thrust works correctly, its just the plume that is off
  4. Yep, it's running perfectly fine now, thanks for sorting this out
  5. thanks for all this help by the way
  6. I changed the @dayLengthMultiplier in 2.5xKSP.cfg from 1.25 to 1.333.. and the Kronometer useHomeDay was set to false since I downloaded it
  7. I havent used a MM patch, the day length was set to 8hrs through 2.5x RESCALE! mod and I used kronometer to set the clock to show the 8hr days. The only change I have done personally is change the day length from the 7.5hr it comes with to 8 and that was in the rescale .cfg file stacking 8 mk1 command pods for me gives 20days 4hrs of food, I also have no ability to switch to either 6hr/24hr readouts
  8. ive installed v0.13.13 and it seems to be working correctly except the displays list a Kerbin day as 7hrs long when I have my day length set to 8hrs through kronometer. I dont seem to have any errors in the console or KSP.log file
  9. been loving the mod so far, are there any recommendations to stop the canadarm waving about during launch and maneuvers?
  10. I gotta say as soon as I saw you were working on a C-130 cockpit, i was checking this topic all the time to see how it was going I couldn't be happier with the result, I had a C-130 built that was just waiting for the right cockpit to come along
  11. Have I installed the new version wrong or is there only one part of the new Kvant module? I still have the old lab in the part list and the new section with the fairing base
  12. So I have this mod along with the requirements and it seems to be working fine, but I can't get the experiments to 'run' in the Lab whilst orbiting, is there a tutorial on how to use the labs properly?
  13. The CA parts are perfectly fine for re-entry without ablator, if you are having overheating problems I recommend a less aggressive re-entry profile for myself this means from a 180km circular orbit I set my Pe to 36km above the island runways, and it brings me down fine every time with a couple of S-turns