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    1. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Are you trying to communicate with me?

  2. 0x0002340030403903590549393494i129023921349-048389192349188913891898888814903845869904-323908564848850738563-83786575783778989343

  3. how funny is this
  4. after 1.2 update i will have to relearn ksp

    1. igor290506


      beacause i dont know how to use these new features and old features

  5. i am waiting too
  6. like kerbal space program LAN world
  7. i am paying snapshots of 1.11
  8. HA HA HA my profile has regeration,imunity to warnings,poison and infinity VI

  9. i have on my computer kerbal space program full version on steam and a demo from ksp website
  10. i never introduse myself on ksp forums,i just post random threads once i created my account
  11. <UmbralRaptor> i sign in to ksp wiki so can edit as i want
  12. i have on vm 2gb of ram and on ksp demo startup i crashes