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  1. Hi @sarbian, I am having a problem with Module Manager where at the end of the loading screen, it says " Verifying making history." In addition to the making history expansion, I also have RasterPropMonitor and Docking Port Alignment, both mods that are updated to 1.8, and I am running the latest version of module manager, so I don't know what is causing the problem. Additionally, it appears that if I delete all the mods, it loads perfectly fine. Do you know what is happening here? Thanks, Wildcat111
  2. ? If you meant the Discord server link, it's 3 posts above this post. EDIT: Wait, are you Elluvon?
  3. @Lo Var Lachland If you want to help me set up the WoWs and WoT sections in the Discord, you are more than welcome to!