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  1. Wildcat111

    The Truth Can Now Be Told - Blind Panic

    I'm picturing the scene right now... and I can't stop laughing. Keep up the good work @purpleivan!
  2. Wildcat111

    The Truth Can Now Be Told - Blind Panic

    This. Is. Amazing. Keep up the good work, hope to see some more of these in the future!
  3. Wildcat111

    The user below me...

    Yes, how did you know? The user below me has failed to put a parachute on a manned (or should I say, kerbaled) mission more than once.
  4. You know it will be a great year when it kicks off with New Horizons' flyby of Ultima Thule!

    Image result for ultima thule flyby
  5. First Delta II launch, 14 February 1989, NAVSTAR II-1

    Image result for NAVSTAR II-1 launch

  6. RIP Delta II 1989-2018. We will miss you.

    1. dundun92


      Yes IK. ive literally done the same thing as you lol. Was it ur favorite too?

    2. Wildcat111


      Yes. It was the first rocket that I learned about. I remember I was watching a Delta II launch on Youtube (I think it was the Spirit launch, and I remember I was like, WHOA, THAT THING ACCELERATED SO FAST, because you could literally see it shooting up into the sky. That was one of my earliest memories of my love for astronomy.

  7. That reminds me of a certain movie...
  8. The only launch vehicle that can take a Soyuz to Duna...
  9. Wildcat111

    [1.6.x] CSA Contares 'KHI' 2.0.6

    @hraban is there any RSS/RO configs to this mod. I'm trying to find a Chinese rocket mod , but there are none at the moment.
  10. Sorry about reviving this, but @Wavechaser is this mod going to be updated anytime sometime soon?
  11. Wildcat111

    Stephen Hawking has passed away

    As an additional sentence, may rocket science never fail you.
  12. Wildcat111

    Stephen Hawking has passed away

    It's amazing that he explored the universe in a wheelchair RIP Stephen Hawking. May he live in the minds of all humankind.
  13. Wildcat111

    [1.6.1] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    @EmbersArc I love how almost all my SpaceX style landings depend on 4 waffle irons.
  14. Wildcat111

    [1.6.x] CSA Contares 'KHI' 2.0.6

    Ok, thanks!