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  1. Because potato. How many SRBs can I put on my rocket?
  2. Ethan Kerman was playing Pokemon in orbit in his Mk1 command pod. For reasons unknown, he started raging and shattered the window of the command pod, leading to a rapid unscheduled depressurization. Obi-Wan Kerman-lost the high ground P.S. I'm sorry for doing this
  3. *1578 decibels*How dare you you! @HansonKerman and I's crumbles
  4. I propose to share the remains of the wall
  5. The wall crumbles. My hill
  6. Gerald had been playing the game for a while so he wondered if something happened to Fruvit. The Kraken had two meals that day Bartbald Kerman - left behind on Duna
  7. 95 tanks of LOX on the wall, 95 tanks of LOX, Take one down, fly around Minmus, 94 bottles of beer LOX on the wall
  8. Here's mine, the Kestrel: I use this for literally everything, and I've flown it in multiple configurations. In the original I've put on 9 SRBs and a 2.5m upper stage but it can put on 4 liquid fuel boosters and either a 1.875m upper stage like the one in the picture, or a 2.5m dual engine version of the 1.875m stage. the first stage of course was inspired by the Falcon 9 and is reusable. The second stage also has a docking port on it for another spacecraft to bring it back down
  9. Hi @sarbian, I am having a problem with Module Manager where at the end of the loading screen, it says " Verifying making history." In addition to the making history expansion, I also have RasterPropMonitor and Docking Port Alignment, both mods that are updated to 1.8, and I am running the latest version of module manager, so I don't know what is causing the problem. Additionally, it appears that if I delete all the mods, it loads perfectly fine. Do you know what is happening here? Thanks, Wildcat111
  10. ? If you meant the Discord server link, it's 3 posts above this post. EDIT: Wait, are you Elluvon?
  11. @Lo Var Lachland If you want to help me set up the WoWs and WoT sections in the Discord, you are more than welcome to!
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