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  1. is there a way to get more data storage space? i appear to lack the space to do a simple test on a satellite because i have no space when its still at 100% availability and ive already upgraded my science center once
  2. Hi, I run ksp with a bunch of mods and I've noticed that whenever I do a science experiment, whether it be mystery goo or temp check, I get a countdown to when the project is complete, usualy 3 to 4 real minuets to an hour or more, some of these can be sped up with time warp while some stop until I restart them after time warp. I like it as it is fairly realistic that expiriments take a long time sometimes but I feel like I'm getting less science points because of it, Especially when doing expiriments on the move, I only get the compleated expiriments in the biom or altitude I end at; on a normal mission in where ive gotten 20 points from running a few goo missions I now only get probably 5 because I cant run more than one goo mission on the same flight. Now heres the problem, I cant remember if this is a stock feature that was recently added this year or if this is because of a mod, I would very much like to know as its driving me nuts sometimes, not realy that I'm not getting much science but more that I can figure out if this is modded or not (and yes I do know I could just remove all of my mods and find out for my self but that still wont answer the question as to which mod is causing it. If you want a mod list screenshot I can give one later when I boot the game back up agian)
  3. so im trying to use this mod i the new version 1.7 and it does not appear to be working as the game will stop loading once it gets to the NAS parts as seen below. is there a way to fix this or does it just not work at all in 1.7
  4. is the dlc required? ive tried playing with this and when i launch my ship i get put into the empty void of space and cant do anything. i and using this with KK and MM
  5. is there a way to make multiple gun variants fire at the same time? like a m230 chain gun turret shooting at the same time as a vulcan turret on the same craft.
  6. is the tb-60 tow bar implemented in the current version of KAS? i saw it on youtube and i would like to use it for aircraft carrier operations but i cant seem to find it.
  7. hi, so im trying to build some large space ships like the ones seen in movies and i was wondering if there was a mod out there that would help getting them off the ground without the use of cheats.
  8. hiyo, so im playing a modded ksp game and im using the large boats parts pack by Laythe2, ive built an aircraft carrier and i want to leave out at sea while still running so that i can switch to an aircraft to land on it but the game wont let me because its under acceleration in the atmosphere, is there a mod out there that will let me leave a moving build to go to another one?
  9. HIYO! so quick question. everytime i make a plane and start to take off my plane starts to turn to the left and ends up crashing on the side of the runway. im not sure how to fix it so it runs strait, the weight and lift are in the same spot with the thrust behind it all, the wheels are in even places, and my lifting area are all symmetric, so im not sure why it keeps flying off to the left before takeoff. so how do i fix this?