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  1. How do you arrive at jool to aero brake last time I tried that I was coming in at 8kps and blew up
  2. I had done a manned mission to duna awhile ago and when I went and did EVA with Valentina I noticed my kerbal cloned it self and the clone just floated off the ship and flew away. I finished with the mission and went to the astronaut complex and noticed a problem. As you can see if the bug wasn't there I would not have 10/12 on the top. Also I cant enlist kerbals. I'm not that great at looking through 90000 lines of code for something, and I found other forum pages showing the same problem but they were in older versions so Idk. Thanks for the help.
  3. I have been trying to make an orbital station and I made a homemade inline docking port but I went into control from here on my inline and then selected target but this happened on my navball, and sas just kept it on that blank spot. Its offset somehow. Thanks for the help.
  4. Are docking port sr.'s any good because I only use the normal ones
  5. Yeah my Ike mission is down the drain now with science. I could have had 360 science.
  6. I just use drouge chutes, normal chutes and heat shields.
  7. I'm doing a probe mission and having the same problem I can't move my ship, but I can kind of move it a little by holding down keys for awhile but my ship is big so mabye that's the factor?
  8. Wow and I thought my 70 science from a Munar orbit mission was good. Nice job guys.
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