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  1. Sadly, as far as I know there is no way to do that. I may be wrong though. I would recommend looking it up on Google (always a good choice )
  2. This is very simple. Go into tracking station (It's the little circular-ish building with all the radar panels), and you should then be able to click on your craft and find out who's on there. I don't know if it allows you to see who's in different capsules, but it definitely works.
  3. Well if you want to get to Jool then I would put yourself into orbit around kerbin, get a large craft with a lot of fuel, refuel it and do all that, exit kerbin, yadayadayada, and then just get into jool orbit. I would recommend finding a video, it's easier.
  4. mk3 command pod with a lot of rockomax, orbit where my periapsis won't go up, and then use a maneuver node to get an encounter, run out of fuel on descent, scream at myself, promise that won't happen again, repeat. Pretty standard.
  5. You can just spawn the craft. Congratulations, you've landed! But in all seriousness, get your capsule only and just put a parachute on the top. That normally works. If you break it with too much thrust, you're doing something wrong.
  6. There's two easy things to do here (They were already mentioned but I'm going to say it anyway): 1 - Get KAS and KIS. This allows an Engineer to attach and detach objects on a ship from ANYWHERE. It will help you along the way. 2 - If you're uncomfortable with modding (which isn't uncommon), you can try to use a claw. Idk if you can transfer resources (I've never used them, I like docking ports more) but it's the only stock option I can think of.
  7. Sounds like the Kraken was hungry for Dandun It seems like a normal glitch to me. Do you need Dandun for a mission? If so, you may have to let the mission fail. That seems like the only thing to do. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  8. Well this seems like pretty simple math to me. You need to find the optimum and maximum temperatures of every heat-generating object in your base. You're going to want to subtract the optimum temperature from the maximum, and then you'll add those all together and get the amount required for heat. Then you'll divide this number by the radiator heat expelling amount, and then you should get the amount of required radiators. In Mathematical Terms: (Maximum - Optimum) / Radiator_Amount = Radiator Amount
  9. This all depends on what you're lifting up there. I'm assuming that since you need 350K dollar units to get up there... sheesh that thing must be heavy, or else you're just being excessive. I approve of excessive but that takes it to a new level. I normally use a small, simple lander with four thud engines and a small rockomax engine, gets 3 people on the mun and can get them back if you do it right. second stage is a medium rockomax engine, used to supplement orbit and for munar injection. First/Orbital stage is an orange tank with a medium rockomax beneath it, and 3-4 LVT 3-tank rocket boosters. This works every time for me. Good Luck!
  10. Well that craft itself is never going to get off the surface. And tourists can't EVA I think... so... this is a problem. If you have enough resources and time to do this, I would launch a large craft up onto the mun and then try to grab them? It's very difficult but if you can actually grab both of those ships then you'll just need to get back. If required, get it into a munar orbit and then refuel it for the return journey. Probably they're all dead but it's worth a shot. EDIT: I feel really stupid, I just realized you can try to use a Klaw to refuel the ship (if that works anyway). But my way's more fun in my opinion
  11. If you're willing to use mods, I would suggest Simple Construction or (if you're really wanting to get complicated) Extra-Planetary Launch Pads. These allow you to build ships anywhere in the solar system as long as you have the resources to do it. I think this link says more. However, if you want to do this the old fashioned and undoubtedly more fun/challenging way, I have a few suggestions: Keep it simple: there's nothing worse than creating a super-complicated structure just to find out there's a part confliction. Standardize your height: What I normally do is use a fuel tank (normally an orange rockomax) and put the wheels for all my structures at half the height of an orange tank. That normally helps pretty good. Excessive Is Always Better: I will probably be yelled at for this, but it's definitely what I do. If it seems like too much fuel, but it works, keep it! You never know what might happen that requires that fuel Hope this helped!
  12. This Is What I Did Today: Crashed 53 times (NO JOKE) Created a new plane that actually worked okay. Crashed 16 times. Had so much fun while I was killing kerbals
  13. I always make my lights the strangest color possible and then crash, so I've never seen it in use
  15. I keep moving forward .8m/s on a landing pad which has 0 degree slope, so...
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