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  1. Hi, I didnt turn on Terrrain Scatter to 100% when i first started Beyond Home, and im wondering if I can still get the details to appear somehow. It wouldnt be good playing without all of those incredible surface objects!
  2. How long? was looking forward to trying your mod out
  3. when will andromeda daydream be back i want it back please i want it back its a really cool mod 

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    2. Abpilot


      could u make another?

      awsome mod


    3. Matchlight


      Whilst I could make another, I'm not exactly in an ideal situation to make another mod. School's seasons starting up, tryna get a head start. if you have version 0.3.6 or 0.3.5 of AVD already make sure to update KVE and go into its config and where it says 12000, change that number to like 100000000000000000. That should help with the blocky clouds situation.

    4. RocketChimp


      Not sure if this is the problem, considering your thread was locked by a mod.

  4. eyyy good to see it still lives on despite my absence. If I can get a hold of someone who's good with this stuff then the mod can easily be revived since I have the next 2 months free and I'm getting a kick-ass PC so it may return!
  5. Love AVD! best graphics mod out there

    1. proto85


      I left around .25 when astronomers pack was the main visual upgrade and just recently came back. Any recommendations for better graphics mods I am always looking for them. 

    2. Vanamonde


      Some aggressive personal remarks and their replies have been removed. Please don't attack each other. 

    3. Matchlight


      @Vanamonde I appreciate dude, I'd hate to see this well-behaved forum go.

  6. I have the after kerbin planet pack with a diffrent SVE Could the andromeda work with after kerbin?

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    2. Matchlight



      That's totally understandable. I'm well aware you're not a fan of AVD and it takes a tonne of time to support packs visual packs. Sorry, @ksplover !

    3. Gameslinx



      Don't take it personally, we all have our own tastes :)


    4. Matchlight
  7. http://bsnt.com.au/InfernalRobotics(1.3.1).zip its recompiled by Matchlight  for ksp 1.3.1.

    uploaded to nerdy-tech servers.

    it works on ksp.1.3.1. we tested it on 64bit version.. we do not have auth from the mod creators nor did we asked for permission.

    use it at your own risk..

  8. Thank you, and I do appreciate the help since I am fairly new to this. On top of that update [0.3.5] eliminates most bundling to terminate some licensing issues.
  9. That's why it doesn't I only recommended this because somebody said their skybox was too dim, I appreciate feedback yet changing the mod just to suit one's complaints is meaningless. There is always going to be an issue for someone that there isn't for others. With all due respect, no body is ever going to be perfectly happy no matter what the situation is. I'm sure you've had similar comments on SVE before. Something as minor as this really isn't a big deal, and I'm pretty sure the reason you're so fidgety when it comes to this mod because it is mostly just a revamped AVP. I have said numerous times that this is temporary and that the mod is only in the early stages of development, hence [0.3]. The next major update as I have mentioned will get rid of almost all of Astronomer's textures.
  10. Sorry there is really not much I can do in terms of brightening the skybox, If it bothers you that much I suggest switching skybox.
  11. As in the skybox? If so, in that case, all I can really do is ask you to turn up the colors and edit it in photoshop or something. Although if you do so there is no guarantee the images will still work. The skybox used was an old universe-replacer one that I revived.
  12. Um, turn up the brightness? Since I record based on whats on my screen yours is probably the same, you might just have a dim monitor.
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