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  1. Is there a way to download all mods in your kerbalx hangars as a giant .zip file? Thanks, dmav522
  2. modulemanager gives me 11 warnings running latest version
  3. addy industries Adjustable Landing Gear AIES Aerospace Aircraft Carrier Accessories AirPark Continued Airplane Plus AoA Technologies Automated Aerial Refueling System AviationCockpits Aviation Lights AviatorArsenal B9 Aerospace Parts Pack B9 Aerospace - Legacy Parts Pack B9 Procedural Structural B9 Procedural Wings Modified Bahamuto Dynamics (Parts pack) BDArmory BD Armory Continued BDArmory FPS BDArmory Weapons Extension BDynamics Mk22 Cockpits Bluedog DB Blue Hawk Industries Buffalo [1.3] Capsule Corporation Endeavour (Mars Base Camp) CoffeeIndustries coldwaraerospace C.A.L++ (Community Ammunition Library for BDArmory) conformaldecals Carrier Vessel eXpansion (CVX) dck Decal Stickers Discontinued Parts EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats FantomWorks Feline Utility Rovers Ferram Aerospace Research Firespitter Fox Defense Contracts - Tank turrets Generic Inline Cockpits remade hind Hullcam VDS IndicatorLights Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - Legacy Parts Infernal Robotics - Next Infernal Robotics Model Rework - Core Pack JD Liquid Fuel Cell Kerbal Attachment System Kerbal Aircraft Expansion Kerbal Electric KerbalEngineer kerbalfield Kerbal Foundries Wheels and Repulsors ALPHA Kerbal Foundries2 Kerbal Historical Institute presents Original KSP Parts Kerbonov Kn-2 Cockpit Module Kerbal Inventory System konnel K.R.X. Kerbal Rotor Expansion KW Rocketry KWS : Kerbal Weapons System Large Boat Parts Pack - Common MalFunc Industries Mark IV Spaceplane System Master Tech Weapons MechJeb 2 MIAD AoA Technologies - Aviation Parts Mk2 Stockalike Expansion Mk3 Stockalike Expansion [MNWS]Modern Naval Weapon System MI - Fuel Tank Expansion Modular Rocket Systems Ministry of Space Aeronautic Department NAS - Naval Artillery System nearfutureaeronautics Near Future Electrical Near Future Spacecraft NEBULA Decals Continued NEBULA EVA handrails pack. NeistAir Nice MKseries Body NKD - North Kerbin Dynamics for BDArmory North Kerbin Weaponry NovaPunch opt OPT Legacy Orbit Portal Technology [OPT] Spaceplane Parts (Legacy) PartOverhauls P.E.W (Promethium Experimental Weaponry) Procedural Wings Procedural Parts QuantumStrutsContinued QuizTechAeroPackContinued Mk2.5 Spaceplane Parts RasterPropMonitor realisticweapons-master Real Scale Boosters Red versus Blue! A BDArmory expansion pack ReStock+ Retrofuture Space Plane Parts Modernized Search And Rescue SETI-ProbeParts skyer's part pack SM AFVs SM Armory SMI MissilesLaunchers SM Marine sm stryker Kerbal Reusability Expansion Structural Tubing Restructured Stryker's Aerospace and IVA's Stock Extension SXTContinued TAC Life Support (TACLS) Spherical and Toroidal Tank Pack Tracking Lights TweakableEverything TweakScale - Rescale Everything! USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) Ven's Stock Part Revamp Wraithforge ZZZ Flags
  4. Every time I load KSP It loads fine intially and t hen freezes and stops loading with the following error message : Specs: HP pavillion x360 16 gig RAM Intel i7
  5. Vessels spawns at 1000m altitud instead of on ground and starts dropping from the sky.
  6. Is there a mod that adds life rafts and other survival gear? If not, any modders out there up to the challenge? Dmav522
  7. I have the latest version of B9 procedural wings for 1.91 but it gives me an error message during loading "the following plugin is incompatible with this version of KSP :"B9_Aerospace_WingStuff.dll" What do I do?
  8. it is above the file marked installed-Kerbal Space Program.ckan, is that correct because none of my mods show up thx FIXED!!!!!!!
  9. is this correct? put into CKAN directory of KSP folder
  10. how do i select multiple mods? because it takes forever to install one by one
  11. i meant for my mods see my kerbalx profile for used mods https://kerbalx.com/mod_pack/for/hangar/12540 I am using MS windows 10
  12. Is there a way to select all mods in CKAN (batch operate) and install them simultaneously (like CTRL+A) Thx, dmav522
  13. I didn't even update to 1.3.1 yet, every time open the install to patch (from website (1.3 to 1.31) and follow the steps to install it keeps giving me ''please select valid KSP folder'' even when I'm in the root directory
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