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  1. Well, glad to hear work continues. I will pitch in if I can, since I don't know why the colony growth piece isn't working, I have little to offer. Also that is the primary feature I want the mod for.
  2. About 8 of my favorite mods aren't up for this, so I am shot in the foot. probably for weeks.
  3. I am not getting the base counter recipe to populate. wondering if a base converter reccipe is missng from the part configs? If so, I have an idea borrowing from USI to set a requirement of civilians (which since I use USI a lot, and USI took over the recruit screen so there are never the default civilians, I rewrote on my copy only to look for Kolonist instead) be present in the part for the counter to function. I am thinking you have done something different than this, but could use some discussion on your preferred direcction, both to help you, and also have my use case match your directions the mod will evolve to. I am going to look at how some of the mining recipes are affect by engineers, and make it so these reccipes 0 out with my chosen person type present at the moment.
  4. For ckan publishing, I am including a sample netkan file, which you will need to makke one for this mod for the netkan github project. sample: when the file is present and populated and updated, ckan does the rest. as far as stable, any comment on the rates of growth away from Kerbin, or concepts to wok with other custom kerbil mods (like USI)?
  5. Probably a few back on version. With no one talking here, and not a ckan link, I hadn't noticed an update. Hmm. I will see about the difference made, as originally it looped thru the resource list to find the right resource, so I found something that grabbed the right resource directly, tho at the part level. Looks much more direct approach in the api usage I see in the code mentioned. Any discussion on the setting that has this to have no growth away from Kerbin SOI? For my personal effect and testing I made the lowest recruitement value .1 instead of zero, sinced it multiplies the recruitement value times the civilian value, there currently can be no growth on say Duna.
  6. Ok, so in the calculators, there is a verwsion fall off for resource calculations. Sample of original follows: Original CivilianPopulationRegulator.cs segment. public double getResourceBudget (string name) { if (this.vessel != null) { var resources = vessel.GetActiveResources (); for (int i = 0; i < resources.Count; i++) { if (resources == name) { return (double)resources .amount; } } } return 0; } The vessel.getActiveResources call no longer exists, so I replaced it with this: public double getResourceBudget (string name) { if (this.vessel != null) { double resourcesum= 0; foreach (Part tpart in vessel.Parts) { resourcesum = resourcesum + tpart.Resources[name].amount; } return resourcesum; } return 0; } aside from base reference updates, this was the only required change. To make it work with my other mods is another story, and I am still testing.
  7. Noticed this. Have beenn working on my own fix which I am about to test. I also scaled the growth instead of 0 outside kerbin system, to .1 systeme multiplier for now. I won't push my changes in unless requested, as I do not plan to take over this mod at this time. Ialso made 1.2.2 compatible.
  8. Ok, as this area is really beginning to grow, and I am looking to help, but not necessarily do this for you (at last not yet). One of the primary mod groups I use in coordination with this is USI (roverdude). These mods are really well detailed, and much more. Now, yes the USI-LS works with this mod, but the much needed (IMO) MKS system does not due to the Kolonist mod effects. These change the Astronaut complex such that civilians are not recruitable. I am looking to address this, and found a key piece. Unfortunately, you have the "civilian" value hard wired in the code, so I can't rewire it to detect a Kolonist instead easily. I was looking to add an experience effect to the kolonist that would trigger the code, and that doesn't look like it will work. So, if I can get an agreement that we can have a config value for the string name (currently statically using "civilian"), such that is can be wired up to Kolonist, or if I invented an Elephant kerbal and wanted it to grow on a Savannah Ship Part, it could just re point with a config change. (Write the dll to load the name to look for from the config on mod load). Otherwise, we need to add a civilian ExperienceEffect, and then we can attach it to trait types of whatever desired, and those with this effect(which will have to be looked up differrently on the kerbals, probably thru retinal scans) thru a slightly rewritten lookup. This will cause civilians to "occur" after a few Kolonists with the proper trait get it on in deep space. Or, you can help me figure out how to add a new Experience trait tye to Roverdude's already well rewritten Astronaut Complex UI, which tho useful, sounds like stomping toes in cleats, by a guess.
  9. Similar to some, since now some other mods are trying to tie into this, cann we get a confirmed version update so Ckan can coordinate? would be nice.
  10. I like a lot of this, and think I know what I need to do for what I am about to ask, but if you could clarify what you think. I want to get the gold scanning into the global scanners, like scansat or the stock ore scanner. I believe I can do this with the configs, but any help would be appreciated. Not up to rebbuilding a mod atm.
  11. Not sure if this is a known issue, or I got the wrong build, but for 1.2.2, neither stock or blizzy button show, no other signs for the control interface. Also, because of some of the other mods I am using, if the above could be of course addressed, I am looking for ultra fine control positioning to aim another mod's telescopes. Looking at a order of magnitude smaller than when I had this mod (IR) working, so I am thinking 1/10000 of a degree or better on hinge and same on rotatron. Suggestions?
  12. I love these mods dude. Made an SSTO delivering 120t to 80k orbit. Would like to ask about a couple things tho. That scramjet seems tto be out of balance on heat. By tthe time I am up to speed to start it and it starts, its almost completely overheated. Also, I would love a mk3 version I think. Plus maybe a bumped up nose. The mk3 shuttle look a like cockpit is close to good, but since it takes some peak re-entry heat and superr sonic heat, I think I need an upgrade. Maybe with a good nose point, as that flat spot I put a 1.25 basic cone on, and looks a little off. Also, I wouln't mind mk2/mk3 mono engines for final work/re-entry efficiency. I am not expecting any of these, they would be just be nice. Like a couple cargo bays that instead of swing open doors have retracting/roll in doors. Also, on thing I liked from B9 was the cargo bay had radiator features. If not that, an inside solar panel would really rock,if it has to fold out. I would also love for someone to make a ship coolant distributer system, for heat distrubtion.
  13. I would like to say that I appreciate the spirit that info was given, even if it was not in a very useful direction. Yes, there was some (minor) balancing. I have reserved the craft file, as it is functional. I am trying to figure how to attach it to this, but that is not working so far. Basically, I needed to center the weight of the cargo bay on the balance zone, being a delta wing that is back, yes. This delta wing works because the engines are rear weights. aside from the cargo bay, I needed a bit MORE forward canard, and tho close to loosing control, which I perrsonally attribute to bad piloting, I was all but the final approach, which again bad piloting. tried to hard to land AT ksp center right off, and just about dived into the ground. Aside from the part shift, which is all the same parts but in slightly different spots, ditching the nuclear for an end cap, and makiing the forward liquid tank a last reserve to help with late term balancing. Infact if noses forward a little hard. during re-entry, you have to try real hard to keep the nose up enough to prevent burnup. The radiators help, but control is critical. It glides so well, that you actually have will go very far past if you usee the youtube method I was given of set peri at 50k over landing target. I overshot KSP by a lot, but had fuel to turn around. turns kinda slow, but what do you want for a cargo craft? Final details. * Orbital delivery: 120t to 80km altitude. Flaps and brakes do help, and with attention you can handle decent and if you are decent pilot, land prretty well. I was diving almost vvertical down on KSC and pulled out at 3k (no power to engines) and aside from some landing ggear deploment issues, was real close to landing anyway. Kinda bounced and broke. Other import thing I learned. Rigid attachment for engines can cause them to snap off easier for some reason. Autostrut to grandfather works some. Probably needs more yaw control, maybe. Gonna change a bank of RTGs to a couple Gigantors (out of a service bay). I wish the CLEAVER had an alternator. btw, to drop the cargo, i decoupled the senior port, and RCS away from cargo. 120t of Uranite (USI resource used pure for weight testing).
  14. Ok, so I am working on a lenticular arrangement, and one of the other adjustments I am tryng is to move the engines out. I was evidently right on to low for the wing quantity, as I am not getting take off yet. I am guessing that the weight class I am in doesn't have a whole lot of specific plans yet that people have achieved, so I am in kinda pioneer space for this version. So, trying to figure where the imaginary pull to the side on the runway is coming from, and more about how to improove the envelope so control stays from loaded to near empty.
  15. Well, from your statement, you would see why I headed to this design. the delta dart is the primary re entry shape of landable glide craft.I have seen some lenticular designs on youtube, so I may go with that next.