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  1. Radio Free Kerbin v1.2.0 works in KSP 1.3 with no problems. I have updated RFK to v1.2.1 to include the most recent version of MM and to update the version metadata included for mods such as AVC. None of the actual .cfg files have been changed. I appreciate the offer, but I just now updated it. I apologize for leaving it like that for so long; I honestly thought that I had done this months ago! I've been pretty busy with real life over the last several months. I hadn't noticed that it wasn't updated on CKAN because I have my Compatible Versions set to include KSP 1.2 (I use several mod
  2. Do we know how much of the codebase includes contributions from contributors other than @ferram4? The 'clean room' approach might be feasible in practice if the contributions of others are not a huge portion. I think that there are likely enough people who would be both capable of and interested in this undertaking. As for myself, I do not currently have the required skills or knowledge to contribute to it, but I am actively trying to learn C# and how the KSP API works (I can do basic Java, so I'm not completely starting from scratch ). The biggest problem would be that there are far fewer of
  3. You're welcome; I'm glad you enjoy it! This was not intentional and I'd like to apologize to you and my other users for letting this go on so long; I was preoccupied with developing another mod I plan to release an early version of soon. I think what caused this problem is that I erroneously tagged the latest release on GitHub as "1.1.2" rather than "v1.1.2", so the URL I provided in the .ckan file didn't actually link to it. I fixed that a few minutes ago, so hopefully this issue will be resolved with the next CKAN-meta update. Here's the issue on GitHub in case you want to take a look. I'll
  4. Wow, ouch. Fixed and creating new release. Thanks... The Kerbalism patch was provided by the mod's creator, so I figured there was a good reason for that and I didn't modify it. If enough people would rather have the scope changed, I can definitely change it.
  5. Whoops, I forgot to update it after making the changes. I just released v1.1.1 which corrects this and adds Kerbalism support. Sorry about that.
  6. Yep, looks like MaxQ was in the RT config you provided, glad you caught that! Yeah, that syntax is wrong; don't know what I was thinking. I've never seen a double :NEEDS and I don't know how MM would deal with that, so I'm steering clear of that. I also didn't see anything relevant in the documentation. The comma does indeed need to be inside of the brackets, given that the brackets are delimiters containing the arguments of :NEEDS and not part of the identifiers. I've made those commits to the dev branch and will probably pull them to main and do another release in the next day or so.
  7. If you really want to keep the same names for Error and Bug, I suppose that you could alter the spelling. Examples: Error: Erar, Ehrar, Eirrar, Erahrr Bug: Bhug, Bugh, Buhg I would not, however, recommend giving them the coloration from your concept drawing; I think that would be a bit excessive and corny. Maybe make the similarity more subtle. For example, you could have one with very pale yellow terrain and set of two large craters that resemble an exclamation mark.
  8. Thanks! I've added your changes (with a few tweaks, check GitHub if you're curious) to the latest release!
  9. I'll address your bullet points respectively: The MIT license and the Module Manager license are both already included in the download. I will add a section to the post, though, considering that that little icon could indeed easily be missed. Wow, first, I've got to say thank you for taking the time to do that! Actually, if you have a GitHub account (I'm guessing you probably do), could you fork the repository (dev branch, please), add your changes, and submit a pull request? That way, your contribution is noted more "officially". Good point, I didn't consider that; definitel
  10. It does not yet work with Remote Tech or AntennaRange, but I will add it since you requested it! Expect support for both mods to be included in the next update. Well, when you put it that way, it seems clear that I should have put that in the description; it isn't clear that that's exactly what it does! I'll edit it. Yeah, that's definitely the best way to go about doing it; no sense in re-inventing the wheel. I don't often see others from Minnesota out on teh interwebz, so that's pretty cool. Or, at least I don't see many people that advertise that fact... Thanks, it's
  11. Radio Free Kerbin Most Recent Version: v1.2.1 (released 07 Aug 2017) Introduction Are you tired of trying to mount a clunky, old antenna onto your sleek, new spacecraft? Have you been wondering how your intrepid team of kerbonauts is able radio Kouston without one? Are you afraid that the transmitter will be torn off of your plane's fuselage by atmospheric drag? Kerbin's prestigious Avalon Research Instutute has teamed up with Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics to bring your space program a solution! Thanks to recent advances in the science of cramming-big-things-
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