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  1. It was quite an adventure, sadly at around 10 fps because there is too many parts involved, ITX by itself has no problem fps wise
  2. Tried combining the uncombinable , massive space station around saturn, with a SpaceX ITX floating around it just for good measure . Massive steel/metal machinery orbiting at 30km/s , RSS
  3. Oh if anything i think its absolutely amazing, i was playing ksp for the past couple of days in a row, and as soon as i got in at about 4am my time on april 1st , it happened top kek meme magic is real
  4. This could be a Aprils fools joke but this is the first time i noticed it, i thought something was inside the water i was drinking for a second.
  5. Nevermind i finally got them to work, apparently i had KSP Reneissance installed at the same time, although Northern lights do not work for me, it would be a plus if they did but it's ok. Thanks for this amazing mod!
  6. I must say this is a beautiful mod, one of the rare ones that got everything i needed right on first install...except clouds on Earth and Mars - :'( I know i know, tough luck, but if you could help Private Joker and me on this issue i think we'd be very grateful! Insane work! Some screenshots i've made. Some of these screenshots have overlapping issues that make no sense. PS. I hate you, because of your name i have Phineas and Ferb theme song playing in my head in loop! >:O
  7. The textures in my folder are all 1024x1024, the SteepTexEnd value on kerbin is already at 100000 Alt+f12 is the cheat menu, i didn't find anything there regarding "layer volume" sadly, any other idea? Thanks for responding guys
  8. Hi, i downloaded this mod, and use it on 1.2.2 with the instructions provided by THX-1138, it works, and it improves the graphics and some textures considerably. However, my fps dropped to nearly 10-15 on ground level on Kerbin with crafts of any size, this should not be happening on an i7 4770k, 8gb ram, and a gtx970. Please tell me how to fix this if possible besides deleting the mod? Thank you
  9. Hi, downloaded this mod and whenever it tries to load the mod files , loading stops, but the game doesn't crash, just stops loading anything once it gets to any file related to this mod. Using 1.1.3
  10. I am currently playing with RSS , any edits i can make to use the clouds on real planet earth? It would mean everything to me!