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  1. I have done the KSP vanilla career many times and am tiring of it, especially that planes are really unnecessary because rockets can do almost any of the missions better and you don't get space plane parts until end tier anyways. So are there any mods to make career mode more focused on airplanes? or perhaps a mode to change the tech tree to force an airplane focused play through?
  2. My free time is infinite thankfully! So we should be able to talk some time at night or during the weekends. I'll send you a PM with like my gmail and you can contact me on hangouts is that OK? Yeah I struggle with the feeling of being overwhelmed a lot, but I'm learning to ask others for help! I'm making it in Unity with C#.
  3. Hey thanks for all these quality posts! I especially appreciate yours Cunjo! I am struggling to understand it all. I am also making a 2D orbit game and I want to code some of this math into the game so that the player can get information on his orbit. I find all of this shockingly complex sometimes and rather overwhelming. So far I have the eccentricity down as well as the angular momentum. I'd like to code an entire orbital read out with prediction like you get in KSP or in Kerbal Engineer. I've just gotten over the cold. I have to devote some quality time to understanding these concepts. I almost need someone to explain it over a discord or IRC for me because I am derp.
  4. I got this equation from that method . I can find the length of the semi major axis through this and then the distances for the periapsis and apoapsis. Is there any way I can determine the coordinates of where the semi major axis, periapsis, and apoasis will be?
  5. I understand how to get the velocity of a spacecraft using the range and semi major axis. These are just for the magnitude of velocity and distance though and I want to figure out how to get the semi major axis using velocity and distance vector. I am having a hell of a time finding any information about this on the internet oddly enough. I would think it would be one of the most important concepts. I should have payed more attention in school!
  6. I'm trying to get more into the math of orbiting Kerbin. One concept I am struggling with is how to come up with all the orbital information when you don't know the periapsis or apoapsis or semi major axis or anything. I want to know how to calculate the periapsis, apoapsis ( and all that the game always gives you) using only the velocity vector, distance from center of planet, and the planets mass. (AKA using only your position, your velocity vector and the planets gravitational force). Please help me And thank you.
  7. So Here is the config options that the mod author for the semi-saturatable reaction wheels mod gives. " License is GPLv3 So my question is pretty derpy. I don't know anything about the codes and hacks and computer languages like a lot of you folks out there and I don't understand how to change these configs. I changed the bleed rate, I think, (I changed 0.025 to 0.001 on the keys) How do you change the Torque percentage and I don't understand saturation scale. Does anyone else tweak these settings? If so what is the way to get the most realisticish results?
  8. Yeah I used to be the same for awhile. I think that Realism Overhaul was the mod that got me into visual mods because I had to have that 8k texture. Also I have a pretty nice videocard and I've been wasting it on ASCII roguelikes I figure I should use it a little bit blow the cob webs out.
  9. Yes. So much yes. It seems so simple but it would add so much, just to detract some funds every week or so. Would make a lot of sense with Konstruction Time. Would really make that mod come alive.
  10. I'm getting the spam. My lag spikes are rhythmic. Every five or four seconds on the dot. Also during the spike the spams "gush" out sort to speak. Thanks Ald. That's very helpful I'll try it. Thanks Steve
  11. Always. Before I even started I watched a million lets plays on KSP. I started with mods and now I can't go back. Time control, precise maneuver, and KER, and nav ball adjuster I can't even enjoy the game without. The visual mods are amazing. Even if you just want to do stock. You should do visual mods. Mods make this game so much better IMO (Just got the IRC mod liking it. )
  12. I also have this same problem. I am glad I searched instead of making a new thread. So will deleting Cacteye hook dll affect my game or break it in any way?
  13. We'll get there in time. Patience used to be a virtue.
  14. I love this mod! Just got done launching the Kubble MK.1 and taking some snap shots of the neighborhood. It was great. Thanks for all your hard work on this mod everyone! You've made my day a great one
  15. I dont like the NERV either. I feel it is too good for how early you get it in the tech tree. It basically allows you to go anywhere in the system with plenty of room for error. (especially if you use drop tanks). The thud is pretty cool. I like that it is different and unusual and a little quirky. You can use them as low tech lander legs. Reliant is the worst. If you are going to have an uncontrollable first stage engine then why not have an SRB instead?