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  1. Im deathly afraid to play the game mode with funds because i will run out of funds and be unable to continue and lose days or even weeks of game progress. My point is there is this mod maker that has created the mod kerbal kommander and his mod i feel is a step in the right direction adding economy, a little bit of story or well story isnt exactly the word... It feels likeits more lived in. And the mod gives alittle more purpose to the shenanigans that players are always up to that have made this game so great to play with seemingly endless things to do. So i guess what im asking is later on could you consider A adding his mod in-game and flushing it out a bit more B asking him to join as a dev considdering he seems to have agood idea what players are looking for alongwith the awesome additions you guys are making. C start taking mods that have the most popularity and adding it to stock... As long as it doesnt completely ruin where the game is heading. D take his mod as a contribution to the game and he gets to either get recognition or helps out being a developer on that mod continuing work on it would be added Please take this into consideration and i would like to remind you how much your game means to me and i have spent many a night giving up sleep in trade for coffee and whatever i could get my hands on to keep me awake to keep playing your game as long as possible every day. Its probably not healthyfor me but its worth every second and modders have great ideas.goodnight if you so happen to be oneofthe people who sleep at night as for me its 7:55 pmso i figure i can fit another 6 hours in...bye Sincerly Judd Johnson -ksp addict