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  1. Hello folks, every time I load the game everything is fine, but once I enter VAB then exit this happens: Not sure if a scatterer issue, but the ocean is gone as well...
  2. Maybe I'm too dumb, but I can't seem to find the "Configure Container" option in order to add RocketParts. Currently playing 1.2.2. RSS...
  3. Oh, I see. I don't have RO, because it's not listed in CKAN. But there's a "Getting There Edition" that seems to support 1.2.2 even if still in development. I'll give that a try... Thanks!
  4. Got'em on CKAN. I'm currently playing 1.2.2 RSS So, there is no way to make RSB work with RF?
  5. Don't know if I am doing something wrong, but all my upper stages seem to have little fuel capacity...
  6. Did everything as said, installed EVE then merged RSSVE-Lite "GameData" with the KSP "GameData", still, no clouds. From orbit I can see the city lights, but no clouds.
  7. The Deep Space Ship ISABEL arrived on Mars for its first interplanetary visit and first aerobraking! Retracted panels... Entering atmo! Brace yourselves! YEEEHAW!! Closed orbit achieved! ISABEL went out *almost* unscathed from the Martian atmosphere. Lost 2 airbrakes. ...and we still have 72k Lithium left! Onwards!!!
  8. Hello guys! It's very common for people to set relays orbiting Mun and Minmus, but have you set any relays at other planets' orbits or any of their moons (or even Kerbol)? Or you really don't need'em? This is my Joolian relay, helped me a lot in many missions to Jool's moons and in my Eeloo mission.
  9. Sent off two satellites to Pol to fulfill contracts. The smaller one possibly the cutest satellite I've ever made
  10. Things can get funny inside the Joolian "Moonosphere" Deep Space Probe 1 while in fly by over Vall.
  11. The Deep Space Probe 1 on its way to a Jool encounter. Used another stage to push it out of Kerbin's orbit. Around 6700 dV remain... Don't know if these two HG-55s are enough tho
  12. The Minmus Orbital Station Assembled in Minmus orbit, all parts sent during the same Asc. Node window. At the bottom you can see the 4 probes that are to be sent to Minmus's surface.
  13. Also, good to resupply LKO stations if you use any life support mods.
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