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  1. Please don't lock this thread. Some of us are still running KSP 1.2.2 because we have a massive list of missions that do not take kindly to updates! I'm running the older Bon Voyage yet, and it works great... until it doesn't. The parts are all fine, and the power check stuff is working, but my list of rovers won't populate, and nothing happens when the rover should be moving in the background. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I've had that happen a lot recently and it's driving me crazy. Mirror is the default for anything I build in the SPH, but when I mix some Radial in, everything gets fouled up. I built a Jedi Starfighter inspired interplanetary drive ring for a Spaceplane and a UFO for a Duna rescue mission. Both used parts placed in Mirror to form a subassembly, and then the subassembly was placed in Radial. Same for a barge I used to move some equipment to the Island. Simply trying to adjust placement with the Offset tool broke symmetry.
  3. Has anyone been able to collect Xenon with this thing? Argon collection works fine. I've had the various Near Future mods installed for a while now, but am just now getting around to building a ship that I would like to refill with an atmosphere skimming ramscoop. Problem is, there is ZERO Xenon in ANY atmosphere. I've tried changing the XenonGas.cfg so that it should appear EVERYWHERE all the time, but still get zero. I tried setting it to match ArgonGas.cfg first and then steadily ramped the numbers up. I restarted KSP after every tweak, but no effect. Is there something else I need to tweak, or something else that needs to be reset? I'm still using KSP 1.2.2 because I don't want to destroy my existing manned missions to Eve and Duna and Moho. GLOBAL_RESOURCE { ResourceName = XenonGas ResourceType = 2 Distribution { PresenceChance = 100 MinAbundance = 1.0 MaxAbundance = 1.0 Variance = 5 } }
  4. HalcyonSon

    36-ton Eve sea level ascent vehicle

    I'll definitely give this a try. My all - 1.25 m design is flipping and losing speed on the second stage after staging off the Vectors. It would be massively overpowered for Kerbin and probably have enough dV for a 500 km orbit, but Eve is turning out to be a different beast entirely.
  5. HalcyonSon

    36-ton Eve sea level ascent vehicle

    Eve's atmosphere goes up to 90 km in the stock game (1.2.2).
  6. HalcyonSon

    Another Flipping Problem (eve)

    I'll try to get a screenshot of my test vehicle up tonight. I'm using the inflatable heat shield at the top, one of the stock 1.25 m round to 0.625 square girders with parachutes next, 1.25 m stacks for the ascent stage and rover lander, then a 2.5 m heat shield and fairing at the bottom. It didn't matter how many 2.5 m reaction wheels I used with the 10 m shield on the bottom, the thing kept flipping. The fairing just won't take Eve reentry heat on the sides... Now I'm having trouble getting the ascent stage stable. The initial Vector boosters work great, but my second stage Aerospikes are struggling to maintain acceleration even when KER reads a TWR of 1.4. They don't have gimbal, so I've tried Swivels... which is a terrible idea. Swivel max thrust is about 20 kN even starting 2 km above Eve sea level. Aerospikes start around 60 kN, and I haven't looked at the Vector numbers. The only nice thing on Eve is that you don't need many parachutes for a safe landing. A 60 ton vehicle only needs something like four radial parachutes. The high gravity even makes wheels go crazy.
  7. Interesting design. I'm curious how you managed to keep everything aligned. I've tried several different bearing designs and rover wheels. Mostly the shaft jitters itself out of the motor and blows up on the runway. When it does stay together, I can't get enough traction from the rover wheels to spin the shaft at more than a crawl.
  8. Has anyone built a rover wheel powered stock electric prop? I believe I've seen a tank turret built on this concept, but I can't get the rpm I need for a prop.
  9. HalcyonSon

    Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

    Not terribly polished, but I wanted a basic flag for my sandbox / simulator save.
  10. An all-antennae bearing? Yeah, I can see how that would work a lot better for fore-aft movement. The hit box is at least twice as deep as the RCS ball hit box. Probably easier to visualize the placement too compared to the thermometer with it's funny little legs. I really need to fire up KSP again and play with this some more. Trying to finish the Baldur's Gate series first!
  11. Makes sense... Are the antenna/ RCS ball bearing stronger than all RCS ball bearings? My all- RCS ball bearing can get temperamental when things wiggle, probably because there's not much overlap in the hit boxes.. It seems that the type you've used might have an advantage because of the longer hit box of the antenna. Low and slow prop planes are a lot of fun to fly, provided they are maneuverable and sturdy. Much more forgiving trainers too.
  12. Clever prop design, I like it. Really like the low part count. What's the top speed? 150 m/s? A question - does that horizontal stabilizer need to be that big for balance? It's seems over-large. I bet if you throw a nose cone on the end of that reaction wheel (and offset it to clear the bearing) you could reduce the drag a bit more. Throw the 'chutes in a Service Bay just aft of the COM for even more drag reduction.
  13. HalcyonSon

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I need this in my life. Have they fixed the "ten million notifications" bug yet in 1.4?
  14. HalcyonSon

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    I really like that recoverable engine pod, though I'm not sure where I would use it... I just SSTO everything. I am starting design work on a xenon drive, roughly 50 Kerbal, Joolian station, so I may use these pods to give it a kick out of LKO.
  15. HalcyonSon

    Your Unusual Tricks of the Trade

    This is brilliant... though it assumes both ships have fairly advanced probes or pilots that are at least level three.